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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Denver city expenditures on bottled water and filtration systems significant (11/29/06)
New BLM report finds >85% of Rocky Mountain federal oil & gas lands accessible, with some new restrictions (11/29/06)
EPA sets deadline for Colorado to meet ozone standards along Northern Front Range (11/28/06)
Weld County and its western towns continue to seek consensus on development (11/27/06)
NOAA predicts continuing El Niño conditions suggesting a wet spring in 2007 (11/25/06)
Colorado agricultural land sales to developers slowing down as housing market softens (11/24/06)
Denver Water still struggling with sediment and debris runoff from Hayman Fire area (11/23/06)
Boulder County Commissioners approve plan for Eldorado Springs wastewater treatment plant construction (11/22/06)
Longmont advised of sigificant obstacles to hydroelectric plant on Button Rock Dam (11/22/06)
Western Slope protests new reservoir proposed for NCWCD's Windy Gap firming project (11/21/06)
Longmont profits from sale of wastewater effluent to fuel Evan's ethanol plant (11/17/06)
Drinking water at 3 more CU Health Science Center buildings found to exceed allowable lead levels (11/17/06)
Loveland increases water treatment capacity by 25% to accomodate future growth (11/16/06)
CO Appeals court hears arguments regarding county regulation of cyanide gold mining operations (11/15/06)
BLM criticized for accelerated drilling permit approvals without adequate inspections (11/15/06)
State to propose new air quality regulations on oil & gas operations (11/15/06)
BLM conclusion regarding oil shale research not supported by other regulatory agencies (11/15/06)
Longmont wastewater utility hopes to finally complete UV disinfection system (11/14/06)
Fort Collins confident about spring water supply despite below average plains storage (11/14/06)
Oil and gas operations push metro area towards federal clean-air violations (11/12/06)
Funding running out for Durango area rain gages monitoring unstable fire damaged slopes (11/12/06)
Elevated lead and copper levels found in CU Fitzsimons campus building plumbing (11/11/06)
CSU climatologist predicts wet spring for Northern Colorado at NCWCD meeting (11/10/06)
Denver Water to raise tap fee for new homes approximately 10% (11/09/06)
CO DOW investigating illegal Elk shooting on Sugarloaf (11/09/06)
Preliminary Boulder County elect results indicate Ballot issues 2A (subjecting some annexations to vote) and 2B (drinking water additive restriction) both failing while climate action plan (202) passes (11/08/06)
New drilling rig operating 24/7 in downtown Erie unwelcome surprise to neighbors (11/07/06)
Boulder County considering restrictions on new home size or energy consumption (11/06/06)
HOA sues Lafayette over irrigation costs for inaccessible public park (11/02/06)
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