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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Census shows Front Range growth shifting north to neighboring Weld County (6/30/05)
The first Colorado cases of the 2005 West Nile Virus season reported in neighboring Weld and Larimer counties. (6/30/05)
Concern over pharmaceuticals and other synthetic compounds in waste water effluent growing nationwide (see also local concerns on this issue) (6/26/05)
Boulder County to demonstrate advanced GIS applications to the public on Tuesday, June 24th. (6/26/05)
Boulder City Council to review policy on Silver Lake Ditch water rights (6/25/05)
Boulder water supply pipeline project strives to minimize environmental impact (6/22/05)
Volunteers plant grasses and sedges to help restore Rock Creek (6/16/05)
State declines to implement water temperature regulation (6/14/05)
INSTARR's final (melt-out) snowpack report from Niwot Ridge is now available (6/9/05)
Denver Water survey finds customers committed to conservation; confirmed by 24% decrease in spring usage (6/9/05)
Bill to create state water roundtables becomes law (6/8/05)
County contributions to state fire fighting fund double (6/8/05)
Northern river basin snowpack quickly eroded by warm spring (6/5/05)
Denver Water and Western Slope districts pursue water deals behind closed doors (6/4/05)
Recreational restrictions lifted from Boulder Creek (6/4/05)
Kayaker drowns in South Boulder Creek below Gross Reservoir (6/3/05)
Boulder City Council raises several concerns over Valmont Butte development proposal (6/1/05)
Govenor Owens vetos water conservation bill (6/1/05)
Traditional water districts leading opposition to recreational water right claims (5/31/05)
New studies reveal paralysis risk from West Nile Virus (5/31/05)
Western Slope water coalition propose water development negotiation farmework to Denver Water (5/27/05)
Federal forecasters warn of potential for serious wildfire season (5/27/05)
Boulder Creek remains closed to tubing and rafting as high flows continue (5/25/05)
Routt County renews commercial rafting license despite landowner protests over river access (5/25/05)
High water closes Boulder Creek to inner tubes and rafts (5/24/05)
River access controversy resurfaces at Routt County permit renewal hearing (5/24/05)
Arkansas River recreational water right claim prompts opposition (5/24/05)
Western Slope water forum calls for new Colorado water storage projects (5/24/05)
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