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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Environmentalists agree to subordinate Black Canyon of the Gunninson National Monument water rights in a step towards resolving conflict with state. (7/31/07)
NCAR study supports contention anthropomorphic climate change boosting hurricane frequency (7/30/07)
Task Force considers a groundwater storage role in solving South Platte irrigation well issue (7/28/07)
Teen work programs focus on invasive species in Roger's Grove Park in Longmont (7/28/07)
NOAA unveils 1000 foot emission monitoring tower in Erie to support Carbontracker program (7/26/07)
Northeastern Colorado Wildfire danger prompts widespread restrictions (7/26/07)
West Nile virus carrying mosquito trapped within Boulder city limits (7/26/07)
Senator Salazar blocks BLM director nominee over Roan Plateau review (7/26/07)
Colorado West Nile mosquito monitoring reduced due to cut in federal funding (7/26/07)
Aurora breaks ground on Prairie Waters Project water treatment plant to yeild a 20% boost in municipal supplies (7/26/07)
EPA criminal investigator ranks allowed to fall below congressionally mandated levels (7/26/07)
Boulder and Larimer Counties inact outdoor fire ban in foothills areas (7/25/07)
Mesa and Adams counties West Nile Virus cases raise Colorado's current total to 7 (7/25/07)
Boulder Public Works proposes pipeline to supply raw water from Carter Lake (7/24/07)
Diverse groups seek participation in study to quantify Colorado River water yeild (7/24/07)
Unidentified reptile in Loveland lake continues to elude capture (7/24/07)
Outdoor watering restrictions remain as officials assess Carter Lake filter plant damage (7/24/07)
Recent improvements to Erie's Thompson Reservoir designed to encourage recreation (7/23/07)
Fort Collin's 1997 Spring Creek flood spawned weather watch network The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow network (CoCoRaHs) (7/23/07)
Outdoor watering restrictions extended for some northern Longmont and western Weld county clients due to disabled Carter Lake water treatment plant (7/22/07)
Recreational instream water rigths gradually gaining legitimacy with traditional water districts (7/22/07)
Mountain thunderstorms lead to severe mudslides prompting evacuations in Chaffee County (7/22/07)
Colorado likely to regain dirty air status due to persistent high ozone levels (7/22/07)
Desert dust shown to speed mountain snowpack melt off (7/22/07)
Carter Lake treatment plant fire leads to outdoor watering restictions (7/20/07)
Western slope water district asks USBR to delay Flaming Gorge water diversion proposal (7/20/07)
Fire and possible explosion reported at Carter Lake water treatment plant west of Loveland (7/20/07)
Texas driller abandons hazardeous drilling site adjacent to controverial Rulison nuclear test site (7/20/07)
Projected growth drives debate over expanding DRCOG metro area growth boundaries (7/20/07)
BLM draft EIS for commercial oil shale development delayed to accomodate state comments (7/18/07)
Proposed 1800 home development in Weld County seeks to avoid Mead annexation (7/18/07)
Wet spring blamed for surge in Hantavirus cases, including 4 Colorado deaths (7/18/07)
BCH urges aggressive spraying in Longmont to control West Nile mosquitoes (7/17/07)
In-situ uranium mining proposal raises concerns for Weld County property owners (7/17/07)
East Boulder development proposal reveals gapes in wetlands protection (7/17/07)
Rafting fatalities increased in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (7/16/07)
NCAR researchers seek to motivate behavior change in the face of overwhelming climate change issue (7/16/07)
Two new human West Nile cases reported in Boulder and Larimer Counties (7/14/07)
Report of caimen in Loveland's Jayhawker Ponds gaining credibility (7/14/07)
E.Coli contamination rising at urban stream recreation sites (7/13/07)
Latest South Boulder Creek flood map revision allows controversial Eldorado home (7/13/07)
Erosion from wildfire damaged watersheds pose risk to Front Range water supplieswildfires (7/13/07)
NPS objects to protections for irrigation ditch in RMNP wilderness compromise (7/13/07)
Littleton-Englewood WWTP dumps 100,000 gallons of sewage into the Sonth Platte (7/13/07)
West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes in several Longmont locations (7/12/07)
Study finds trace amounts of numerous chemicals in sewage sludge used as fertilizer (7/10/07)
Boulder's CO2 emissions appear to jump 4% as CU changes of electricity supplier (7/10/07)
Eastern Colorado wheat farmers reap benefits from wet spring (7/09/07)
South Platte ag well task force faces significant political and technical challenges (7/09/07)
South Platte River agriculture served by complex water law and irrigation infrastructure (7/09/07)
Loveland finds additional mosquitos infected with West Nile virus (7/06/07)
Lobbyists and White House CEQ dilute revised wetlands rules (7/06/07)
Aspen rescue highlights the potential dangers of irrigation ditches (7/05/07)
2nd human case of West Nile virus reported in eastern Colorado (7/03/07)
Metro area ozone levels persist at dangerous levels (7/03/07)
CO Water court rules CBM water extraction subject to well permit requirements (7/03/07)
Hazardeous materials fire at electronics manufacturer prompts evacuations (7/02/07)
Army Corp of Engineers delays NCWCD NIST project Glade Reservoir EIS (7/01/07)
Crude oil spill into Verdigris River exacerbates Kansas flooding difficulties (7/02/07)
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