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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Cleanup plans proposed for Left Hand Canyon abandoned mines (6/30/08)
Increasing releases from Barker Reservoir will boost Boulder Creek flow (6/29/08)
Two cases of West Nile Virus confirmed in Colorado; one in eastern Boulder County (6/27/08)
Conservation urged as Nederland recovers from substantial water tank leak (6/27/08)
Power failure at rural wastewater lift station results in sewage discharge into Lake Estes (6/25/08)
CODNR calls Boulder on lack of augmentation plan for Ararphoe gravel pit (6/25/08)
Longmont city council to debate use of insecticide to control adult mosquitos (6/24/08)
NPCA national park system report card gives RMNP management a grade of fair (6/24/08)
Questions raised about the efficacy of stream restoration projects (6/24/08)
Give-away of mosquito eating fish in Loveland encounters breakdown (6/22/08)
Sediment loaded Mississippi River flood expected to further increase size of Gulf dead zone (6/22/08)
New FEMA flood risk analysis classifies 7 Front Range counties, including Boulder, as high risk flood zones (6/20/08)
New climate change report anticipates more frequent and extreme severe weather events (6/20/08)
Boulder utilities concludes NIST plutonium discharge to wastewater system presents little risk (6/19/08)
City of Boulder focuses on local flood hazard in response to midwest flooding (6/18/08)
CDPHE files new air quality violations against Lyon's CEMEX cement kiln (6/18/08)
New report details climate change impacts anticipated for RMNP (6/18/08)
Second NISP public hearing in Ft. Collins remains divided (6/18/08)
Round 2 of the SWSI anticipates water demand will take farmland out of production (6/15/08)
Mosquito season raises West Nile Virus risks (6/14/08)
Exposure to plutonium spill at Boulder NIST facilities contained to 22 employees (6/11/08)
Increased agricultural activity blamed for Gulf of Mexico anoxic "Dead Zone", expected to expand to 10,000 square miles. (6/11/08)
Denver Water proceeding with Gross Reservoir expansion planning (6/10/08)
CDPHE begins to test mosquito pools for West Nile Virus (6/10/08)
Boulder Reservoir reopened to swimming after bacteria count falls to acceptable levels (6/07/08)
Commercial rafting ban considered for runoff swollen Eagle River (6/06/08)
Boulder Reservoir closed to swimming due to bacteria contamination (6/07/08)
Heavy rains lead to rock fall and mud slides in western Boulder County foothills (6/06/08)
City of Boulder continues to modify new water billing system (6/05/08)
Longmont emergency siren test encounters multiple problems (6/04/08)
Boulder city council to consider revisions to ordinance regulating land use near wetlands (6/02/08)
Recreation on swollen Colorado rivers claims three lives over the weekend (6/01/08)
Development of over 50 housing units now required to prove adequate water supplies with the signing of HR 1141 (6/01/08)
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