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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Heavy rain renews localized flooding and mud flows in Jamestown (7/24/04)
The City of Boulder and Boulder County seek public comment regarding development of a 11 mile recreational trail along the Boulder Feeder Canal (7/22/04)
State Water Supply Initiative predicts population increase of 2.3 million leading to a 10% water supply shortfall by 2030 (7/22/04)
Falling mosquito populations may indicate reduced West Nile risk (7/21/04)
Boulder County Commissioners postpone approval of Pine Brooks Hills reservoir proposal pending consultant report (7/21/04)
Boulder County Commissioners to review Pine Brook Hills reservoir proposal (7/20/04)
Boulder's municipal water meets all standards according to the 2004 Water Quality Report (7/12/04)
Is the severity of Boulder's drought overstated ? (7/11/04)
Domestic water shortages shifting supplies away from agriculture (7/11/04)
City of Boulder reviews Lakewood Pipeline replacement problems (7/08/04)
Heil Ranch helicopter mulching operation seeks to protect Overland fire damaged open space (7/08/04)
The city of Boulder will hold a public meeting on Water Utility Rate Structure changes on July 19 at 7:00 pm at the City Service Center. (7/08/04)
Louisville declares moritorium on rezoning and special devlopment reviews pending comprehensive plan revisions (7/07/04)
The City of Boulder considers a new approach to domestic water billing (7/05/04)
First case of West Nile Virus in Boulder County confirmed (7/02/04)
Boulder County Commissioners postpone vote on proposed 5 acre Pine Brook Hills Reservoir (6/30/04)
Heavy rain brings flooding along the Front Range (6/28/04)
Wet weather may boost populations of West Nile carrying Culex mosquito (6/22/04)
Western Governors' Association endorses call for National Drought Information System (6/21/04)
Domestic water wells may be next for state regulation (6/21/04)
USGS confirms the Colorado River basin has suffered more from the current drought than during the 1930's Dust Bowl (6/18/04)
Front Range water districts continued to issue new taps while imposing restrictions (6/17/04)
One meteorologist theorizes recent weather trends may signal the return of El Nino and relief from Colorado's 6 year drought (6/16/04)
Forest Service imposes fire restictions on Colorado national forests and grasslands (6/15/04)
Boulder County initiates "One-Bite" West Nile Awareness Campaign (5/27/04)
The Left Hand Watershed Task force report urges both immediate cleanup action and further study of risks posed by past mining activities (5/24/04)
Controversy surrounds City of Boulder mosquito control policy for Open Space neighbors. (5/24/04)
Ongoing drought denies channel flushing reservoir releases for endangered Colorado River fish for a fifth year. (5/24/04)
Aurora holds key position in complex Colorado Springs water supply project on the Arkansas River (5/24/04)
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