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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Salazar questions RMNP protections in alternative Allard/Musgrave bill (09/30/06)
Colorado's far northwest corner eyed in Front Range water supply scheme (09/29/06)
Interior Sectretary signs off on tri-state Platte River water management plan (09/29/06)
Politics appears to derail popular RMNP wilderness bill (09/29/06)
Udall Bill to protect Front Range mountain backdrop advances (09/29/06)
Weld County growth summit illustrates tensions between municipal and county planning (09/28/06)
New study finds wetlands role in controlling atmospheric methane levels (09/28/06)
West Nile claims first 2006 Boulder County fatality (09/28/06)
Boulder County renews mosquito control contract with CMS (09/27/06)
Denver Water adopts new rate structure (09/27/06)
Boulder County Health recommends sticking with past mosquito control contractor despite cost (09/26/06)
Weld County Irrigation district argues some agricultuual wells should be allowable because aquifer is independent of the South Platte (09/26/06)
Erie sewer plant site annexation raises concern for Frederick town board (09/27/06)
NCWCD's long term water supply plans includes 5 new reservoirs (09/18/06)
Colorado agriculture warns water scarcity leading to further farm loss (09/16/06)
CIRES researchers find link between El Nino placement and failure of south asian monsoons (09/15/06)
City of Boulder schedules 3 public meetings to refine new water billing rate structure (09/15/06)
NCAR researcher proposes high altitude sulfate aerosol dispersals to forstall global warming (09/15/06)
Boulder County leads state in West Nile cases after recent surge (09/13/06)
Court voids Federal abandonment of Gunnison's River Black Canyon senior water rights (09/13/06)
Denver Water refine potential rate change options (09/13/06)
Erie annexes site for a new wastewater treatment plant despite opposition (09/13/06)
Metro area wastewater ban on molybdenum protested by area businesses (09/13/06)
Proposed mine cleanup law protects Good Samaritians but allows substandard results (09/13/06)
Roadless task force approves recommendations to Gov. Owens stressing preservation (09/12/06)
Wyoming sues the EPA to force rejection of a Montana Water Quality standard targeting CBM effluent (09/12/06)
New NCAR study links anthropogenic greenhouse gases to increased hurricane intensity (09/12/06)
Colorado Supreme Court rejects Arapahoe County's attempt to appropriate Gunnison River water (09/12/06)
NCWCD proposes piping water 200 miles from the Yampa River to the Front Range (09/09/06)
BLM releases new plan to open Roan Plateau to oil and gas development (09/08/06)
BLM drilling plans prompts Grand Junction to adopt watershed protection measure (09/08/06)
CU study confirms effect of wastewater effluent on fish gender development (follow up on previous research ) (09/07/06)
Residents raise pesticide safty concerns at discussion of mosquito control options (09/07/06)
Grand County ranchers raise concern over reduced flow in the Colorado River (09/07/06)
South Platte farmers begin harvest after dry season and new irrigation restrictions (09/05/06)
Despite near record low precipitation, Fort Collins mosquito population still climbing (09/05/06)
CSU testing new in pipe sensors to safeguard water distribution systems (09/04/06)
Boulder considers applying water bill surplus to xeriscape grants (09/03/06)
Proposed drinking water additive restriction would suspend fluoridation (09/03/06)
Boulder County mosquito control contract renewal raises questions of strategy and data ownership (09/02/06)
Horsetooth Reservoir controversy indicative of changing water project priorities (09/02/06)
Essentual life water often assigned a spiritual dimension (09/02/06)
Park Service sues over erosion damage caused by failure of Grand River Ditch irrigation canal (09/01/06)
U.S. Park Service reaffirms policy committment of conservation over recreation (09/01/06)
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