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BCN Technical Volunteer Matching

About the Service

The BCN Technical Volunteer Matching service provides technical assistance, through volunteers, to Boulder County non-profit organizations and educational institutions. We assess a client organization's resources and computing and/or information processing needs. Then we match those needs to the skills of those in our computer professional volunteer pool. Our volunteers are trained to make recommendations and provide assistance that is affordable and sustainable for a given organization.

How the Process Works

  1. Volunteers register with BCN, providing as much information as possible about skills, interests, and availability using our questionnaire form.
  2. The BCN Volunteer Coordinator follows up with a call to the new volunteer.
  3. The non-profit agency makes a request for assistance and the Volunteer Coordinator does an initial assessment of the scope of the project and the fee, and gets basic contact information.
  4. The BCN Volunteer Coordinator matches a volunteer with the agency.
  5. The volunteer gathers more information on the agency's environment and needs and provides assistance. The information collected on the agency is returned to BCN (fax 303-492-4198).
  6. The volunteer reports back to BCN when the project is complete, with the number of hours spent on the project (using the online volunteer hours form.
  7. The agency is billed appropriately.

Tips for Success

Agencies can help BCN volunteers work more efficiently by:

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the BCN Volunteer Center

Last Update: , by the Volunteer Coordinator
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