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under construction Welcome to the BCN Help/FAQ page. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please use the BCN comment form to inquire of the appropriate person.

May 16, 2002: This is getting lengthy enough: clicking on newest link will get you to the latest question and answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

My group wants a website on BCN. What do we do?
point Check out Publishing Your Web Pages on BCN (or adding your Site Link)


Can I get my own domain name?
point Yes. You need to register the domain yourself ( we don't do that). See the instructions on Domain name redirections for BCN sites.


Where can I find icons and gifs?
point Look in the GIF Index for BCN. The BCN Page and Center Developer Resources has other helpful links.


How about counters and forms?
point Using Counters on BCN tells you how to do counters.
point Reader Response Forms tells you how to do forms.


I would like to add a chat room or listserv. How do I do that?
point The BCN conferencing FAQ covers that topic.


What is DIPP?
point DIPP(1)is a mechanism for making the updating of your BCN website easy. The DIPP page gives you the details.


Why doesn't Front Page work with BCN?
point Because it uses local file paths. For more details, look at FrontPage and BCN .
WARNING: Newer versions of FrontPage output XML as well as HTML and are very difficult to hand-edit. Also many FrontPage extensions only work on Windows machines.


How does the university community support the broader state community through BCN?
point This is spelled out in Outreach description


What is PDF?
point This is spelled out in PDF Description


Can I access the card catalog files by your web site?
point Look in the Library center . Most of the libraries have online catalogs.


How can I do more interactive stuff on the Internet?
point Look at the BCN Conferencing FAQ.


Can we have password-protected sections of our bcn website?
point Yes, but....
BCN does not encourage this because:
  1. Community networks should avoid restricted web pages
  2. Clients should not use password-protected web pages where they need security. The passwords are sent plain-text on the internet.

If you still feel you must have it , contact your center developer (the person who runs the center your page is under).


How do I cite this site?
point is the "classical" reference. We have also reserved


(1)Distributed Information Processing Protocol (DIPPtm)

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