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BCN is a nonprofit organization separate from the university. But the university continues to provide us with invaluable support -- not the least of which is office space and use of these state-of-the-art classrooms maintained by continuing education. Boulder Community Network has been serving Boulder County since 1994. We have been funded by Federal grants and matching funds from the university and area organizations, as well as generous donations from people in the community like you.

BCN is a community network and one of several hundred community networks around the world -- most of them are in the United States. Community Networks are concerned with

For BCN public access translates to Internet public access computers at libraries, recreation centers, and municipal buildings in the county and public education about the Internet through classes like this one. BCN provides, through our volunteer matching program, computer-related consulting to nonprofits and schools for a nominal fee. So if you have ties to an organization that could use some help -- let us know.


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