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Planning your Web site

Before jumping into HTML coding, you need to plan your Web site. Start by answering these questions:

If it's a large site, you'll want to create a storyboard that shows how all the pages will be linked together. You'll also want to establish a filename structure and heirarchy.

But planning is just Step 1. Obviously, to create web pages, you need to code them in HTML. That's Step 2, and that's what we'll start to learn today.

But that's not all! After you code the pages, you still have:

Step 3: upload to server (ftp or other tools)- not covered in this class
Step 4: test with various types of users- not covered in this class
Step 5: gather data about how well your site is meeting users' needs- not covered in this class
Step 6: repeat Steps 1 through 5!



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