Winter 1997-98:

January 11: Meeting Time to get ready for the Freezorie down at USAFA. Also we are going to discuss the NELC and scuba trip.

January 30 - February 1: Freezorie A exciting compition testing our outdoor skills at the USAFA. We will compete against other Explorer's and Scouts and of course we'll win! Or we can help out. It is the biggest Scout winter camp this side of the Rockies. People will be coming from Wyo., Kan., Neb., and NM for this one (4000 plus!). Come on out.

February 1: Meeting 7 PM at Scout Room

February 5: Prep meeting for Klondike Everyone who wants to go to Klondike should show-up for this.  The meeting should last no longer than an hour and a half. 7 PM at the Scout Room.
February 8: Scout Sunday. We ask that everyone shows up for this. This is the one day where we are recognized by our sponsor.

February 10: Court of Honor Come for the pot-luck dinner at 6 PM and then the court at 7 PM.  Several of the Ship members will be recieving awards.  At the Scout Room.

February 11: 2nd Prep Meeting for Klondike We'll be going over the different senoires we picked at the Feb. 5 meeting.  4:30 PM at the Scout Room.

February 21: Explorer Ski Day at Loveland. $19 for lift ticket and $6.50 for a $7.50 meal.  Please return your money an APS forms by the Court of Honor. Please Turn your money in as soon as possible, we can't get tickets the day of the event. 7 AM  to 6 PM meet at the Scout Room.

February 26: Sailing Safety Orient Class 7 PM at the Scout room.

February 27-March 1: Klondike. Want to look like Freddy or Jason? Well you will if you go to Klondike. Fake blood and fake injuries done up just like in Hollywood. We run the first aid station there. The Scouts come by on sleds they made and fix us up. This is our one major community project, all are asked to come. 4:30 PM at Scout Room.  Return Sat. or Sunday.

March 1: Meeting 4-5 PM at Scout Room

March 6-7: Longs Peak Council Leadership Conference Should be a blast.  A pre-look at the NELC. Leave at 6 PM and return sometime Saturday evening.

March 8: Snow Caving Prep Meeting 4-5 PM at the Scout Room. Anyone going needs to attend this meeting.

March 10: Prep Meeting -- Spring Break Trip  Dinner will be provided.  We will plan food, travel
time, and check personal and group equipment.  This is a MANDATORY meeting for people planning to go on the trip! 6 PM at the Scout Room.

March 14-15: Snow Caving At Lake Brainard or wherever the snow is the deepest. 8 AM at Scout Room. We'll return by 10 AM Sunday.  Cost $15.

March 15: Shelves Project  We're going to collect the wood for making the new shelves in the First Aid cage.  3 PM at the Scout Room

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