LEAF was born in June 1998 out of concern about the pace of development in Louisville.
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LEAF's mission statement is still in the incubator.

Current Issues


The group usually meets on the second Thursday of each month at the old church building at the intersection of Pine St. and Grant Ave. Meetings often feature an invited speaker who serves to educated both LEAF members and the entire community of specific environmental issues. Please contact a LEAF member for more information about the next speaker.

Next meeting : Tuesday March 30th.

An important issue that needs support is the Open Space Advisory Board proposal that we will present to the City Council Work Session on Tuesday, April 13th.


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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is LEAF's governing structure. The committee has four members who serve staggered, four-month terms, with two new replacements every two months. This committee plans, runs and advertises the monthly LEAF meetings. They serve as contacts for the group and take care of the details that need attention in keeping LEAF alive and working.

Contact: Chip Heldman


Membership is open to the general public. Dues are based entirely on a voluntary annual donation of $20. LEAF currently has about 40 members. If you wish to become a member contact the Steering Committee or just come to a meeting.

Political Action Committee

The committee encourages the citizens of Louisville to become actively involved in local politics, attend city council and ward meetings. The committee also serves as a watchdog, tracking political issues that are relevant to Louisville's environment and scrutinizing development. Another part of this committee's focus is bringing up important issues that the city is ignoring or not even recognizing. We then urge city officials to take effective, positive action.

Contact: Jay Berger

Open Space Inventory Committee

The committee has begun a plant and wildlife survey of open space properties owned or co-owned by the city of Louisville. The committee is also mapping the ecosystems which occur on these lands. In addition, we are surveying wildlife which currently inhabits as-yet-undeveloped, (predeveloped?) privately owned land in town.

Contact: Jim Cummings