Troop 61

February Theme

A Scout is Loyal

"Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self-sacrifice ."

Woodrow Wilson

Loyalty is always defined using the word "faithful." Other words which come to mind are allegiance, duty, responsibility, steadfastness, and reliability. None of these words even suggest: "if, sometimes, but, or however." Loyalty is not conditional. Loyalty does not depend upon mood, emotion, or time. It is something we promise to our God, our country, our friends, and our Troop. Regardless of petty misunderstandings and arguments, we stand by and stand up for those who have received our pledge of loyalty. We recognize the weaknesses of ourselves and our friends, but that recognition does not diminish our sense of loyalty - because when that loyalty is most needed, we or our friends may be at our most fragile point.

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