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Troop 61 is chartered by the Lyons Lion's Club. After a nearly sixteen year hiatus, Troop 61 was rechartered in March of 1996 with seven scouts.

In our first year, 1996, we attended the 50th anniversary session of Camp Alexander where our scouts participated in rock climbing, horseback riding, wood carving, fishing, basketry, oceanography, space exploration, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and black powder shooting. All of our scouts completed the Blue Mountain hike, and several participated in the famous Polar Bear Swim. Three out of our six scouts were recognized for their shooting abilities, out of five scouts recognized for the entire camp!

Thanks to our many supporters we were able to purchase a used Wells Cargo trailer to haul our camping gear! We hold yearly garage sales in May or June in Lyons to raise money and sell popcorn in the fall - please look for us and help support the troop. We are also soliciting contributions from local businesses to build our camping equipment supply. To all of you who have contributed, a big THANK YOU from Troop 61.

On Spring Break 1997 we toured Anasazi ruins, rock art sites, and pueblitos in the Farmington, NM area and camped out at and toured Chaco Canyon. We saw the Hale Bopp Comet, and the lunar eclipse on the tour.

In 1997, we attended Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR) in Northern Colorado, with twelve scouts this time!

On Spring Break 1998 we took a camping trip to Wray Colorado, where we watched the local explorer post milk Walleyes to increase the fish population - a fascinating process.

In 1998, we returned to Camp Alexander, two of our scouts became Order of the Arrow and three of our scouts attended week-long junior leader training.

In 1999, we once again attended Camp A with eleven scouts who participated in moutain biking, the Blue Mountain Hike, and the polar bear swim. Thanks to Randy and Vicky for participating as adult volunteers.

We returned to Ben de la Tour Scout Ranch in July of 2000 (see photo above).

In the summer of 2001, we went on a week-long camping, HIKING, and fishing trip to Wyoming. We also completed a 20-mile hike, finishing off a summer of hiking, working towards our hiking merit badges.

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