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Camp Alexander Retrospective



For those of you who might be wondering how your Scouts did at summer camp... They did just fine, thank you very much. And, for those of you who might be wondering how the Leaders did at summer camp... They did just fine, and thank you very much for the opportunity of spending a week with your Scouts. They are a great bunch of young men.

Members of Troop 61, Scorpion Patrol, Lyons, Colorado, Longs Peak Council, Arapahoe District; The Newest, The Youngest, The Smallest (in number only), THE DIRTY HALF - DOZEN have returned from the Camp Alexander Wars. Salute them as their names are called, (alphabetically, according to their new monikers). Just some of their accomplishments include:

So, what does all of this mean? Lets start with the Activity Badges. Each of these little badges which encircle the Camp Alexander Badge, constitutes a considerable effort of each Scout's part. What are they?

Three of our Adult Leaders are now "official" members of the "Old Goat Patrol." Enough said on that too. The Scoutmaster is older than Camp Alexander, you know. When the Adult Leaders were not running Scouts to the infirmary, fixing fishing rods, attending Leaders meetings, taking photographs, and walking up and down Cardiac Hill to their campsite, they managed to earn some Activity Patches ourselves. The Scoutmaster and the Program Chair. shot in the 6:00 A.M. Leaders Shoot-out, and worked with the Scouts on the Conservation Project. Additionally, the Scoutmaster earned his hiking, POLAR BEAR, and fishing patches. One of the Adult Leaders, Dastardly Dan, did the POLAR BEAR bit, and the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster qualified as Blue Swimmers. But, we have been trying to find an additional patch for the Program Chair. - one with a $ sign. You should see the accounting system she maintained to handle the Scout's accounts, but I'd better not kid her about it, she shot a bullseye at the shoot- out with the target turned backwards!

Thanks to all of you for letting all of us have a great camping experience. Plans are already underway for next summer.

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Revised December 2, 1996
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