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January Theme

A Scout is Trustworthy

"Now a promise made is a debt unpaid . . . ."

from The Cremation of Sam McGee, Robert Service

"A promise made is a debt unpaid, and the trail has its own stern code." Likewise, the Scout Laws, as written by Baden-Powell, are stern. A promise is a point of trust, the root of Trustworthy. As Scouts, we are expected to be worthy of trust. Our word, our promise is our bond. In every aspect of our Scouting life, we should ask ourselves, "Is the trust our fellow Scouts have placed in us justified? Can we be depended upon to pull our weight, to do our part, even when others may not appear to be doing so?" Trust comes in two parts. First, there is the trust others place in us. The trust Sam McGee placed in his companion to cremate him, regardless of the trouble and the danger. Second, there is the trust we place in ourselves. Would we have the resolve to carry out such a mission? As Scouts, we have no option. We can't say, "Well, you can trust us only in certain circumstances." We have pledged to live by the Scout Law. By becoming a Boy Scout, and by repeating the Scout Law at our meetings, we have pledged our trustworthiness. The fact that "Trustworthy" is at the top of the Scout Laws is no accident. Without trust, none of the other Scout Laws have any consequence.

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