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Adult Volunteers; Position Descriptions

Introduction: It is incumbent upon all Adult Volunteers, Committee Members or not, to make sure they have a current Adult Volunteer Registration on file with the Troop, that their annual dues are paid, and they have provided the requisite vehicle insurance information to the Scoutmaster. We would also encourage all Adult Volunteers to complete training appropriate to their duties, and we require that all adults who work with the Scouts to complete the Youth Protection course. Although we cannot require all of our Adult Volunteers to purchase and properly wear uniforms, we believe that our Scouts are best led by example.

Scoutmaster: The Scoutmaster's primary mission is to do everything necessary to bring quality Scouting to our boys. Where adult volunteers are lacking, the Scoutmaster will assume the responsibilities of assuring that all of the Troop programs are conducted in a manner which reflect in a positive manner upon the Troop. Where possible, the Scoutmaster will coordinate with the Troop Committee, the Assistant Scoutmasters, and - most importantly - with the Scouts of the Troop. The Scoutmaster is the primary contact between the Council and District offices, and should be kept abreast of all matters concerning the Troop. The Scoutmaster is required to have completed Scoutmaster Fundamental Training, and is encouraged to seek Scouter training at every opportunity.

Assistant Scoutmasters: The Assistant Scoutmasters aid and advise the Scoutmaster with the Troop programs. Each Assistant Scoutmaster is assigned to either a Patrol, or to Troop activity programs. Assistant Scoutmasters are the direct link between the Scouts and the Scoutmaster. Assistant Scoutmasters are required to complete Scoutmaster Fundamental Training within one year of assuming the post of Assistant Scoutmaster.

Troop Committee Chairperson:



Troop Program Coordinator:

Equipment and Transportation Committee: Given our small size, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters will assume all of the duties in this area.

Certification Review Committee: In general terms, this committee sits in review of the Scouts who are presenting themselves for rank advancement. In most cases, Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters do not sit on the Certification Review Committee, but until such a time as an independent Certification Review Committee is possible, the Scoutmaster, the Assistant Scoutmasters and other volunteers will assume that duty.

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