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Scout Meeting Minutes (9/06/01)
 A combined scout and parent meeting was held with the following issues
 discussed.  (Randy compiles the minutes)

 A big thank you to all who helped out with, and participated
 in, our 20 Mile Hike.  Special thanks to:

 Randy           - for planning the hike and hiking the whole distance.
 BJ and Bill     - for lunch sandwiches (you can't beat a good PB & J),
                   and hiking along.
 Terry and Karen - for supplying and cooking burgers for the tired hikers.
 Mary            - for supplying juicy watermellon & other sustenance & hiking.
 Leo & Theresa   - for each hiking part way.
 Gary and Carla  - for shuttling cars and delivering food to lunch and dinner,
                   and for supplying lunch drinks and snacks.

 At last count, if you total each scout's individual miles, our troop
 hiked over 550 miles this summer!!!

 Mary met with each scout to review requirements needed for the next
 advancement level as well as merit badge requirements in progress
 and/or completed.

 The next Court of honor is being planned for the 2nd meeting in
 October (see the tentative calender for proposed date). Jared
 will organize this event.

 Terry has volunteered to call Southdown about possible use of their
 property by the scouts.  (note: Gary has tried several times, but been 
 unable to catch the contact in his office, he is grateful to Terry
 for volunteering to follow up)

 Jeff Archbold has a contact who may be willing to allow scouts to camp
 on his land.  It is across 36 from Southdown and up the hill a long
 ways.  Jeff will contact the contact and arrange a time when some of the
 scouts can drive up and see the area.

 Last year there was interest in hosting a haunted house.  If someone
 would like to spearhead this effort, we could look into doing it this
 year (the Campbells were interested in this last year).   No one at
 the meeting was willing to be the driving force for this effort.

 The Senior Patrol met and is planning to do a laser storm all nighter
 November 23rd to 24th.  The Senior patrol will organize this event.

 Terry Swink has a place in Boulder where the scouts could go to shoot.
 Let Terry know if you are interested in this activity and then we can
 schedule it.  Scouts would need to bring their own gun (or share) and
 amo and a minimal charge of $3.50/session is required.

 program chair addition to notes:
 (Note the Tri-Services Sportsmans Club in Denver is also still available
 as previously announced for scout shooting.  They have a regular Thursday
 afternoon scout shooting session, $2.50 per round, shotguns supplied,
 call Gary for details, scouts must be accompanied by Gary)

 This event is not till the first of the year.  However, if we want to
 compete we should begin "training" in order to do our best.  Jeff Archbold
 will get more details and propose a course of action.

 Theresa will check on popcorn and get us forms to sell to all our

 Terry will create a Map and Compass course of at least a mile to
 satisfy the 1st class requirement.  See calendar below for Dates
 of course travel.

 Bill Campbell (although not present at the meeting) replied by e-mail
 that he will check the first aid info and determine what still needs
 doing to satisfy the 1st aid merit badge for those without it.
 Perhaps we could do some of this on the meeting of the 19th.

 It was decided that we should split up this effort in order for
 everyone to gain this experience.  Round Tables are the 3rd Thursday
 of each month.  Randy volunteered to attend the one in September.

Previous Meeting held 5/02/01

The parents held their monthly parents meeting:

Randy went through the minutes of last month's meeting.
Some errors were pointed out and the corrections are reflected
in the new calendar below.

The following scout activities occurred during the prior month:
--> MBU
--> Highway cleanup

The following parents reported on numerous issues:
--> Gary
    - Gary has not had time to contact Southdown as yet but hopes to in
      the next month as he has been teaching a lot.
    - Sun Construction does not have a trailer available at this time
      to donate to the troop (See Todd below).
    - Gary has firmed up our commitment to the Lyons Good Old Days and
      River Run event. We will clean up both Saturday and Sunday AM just
      as in past years.  In addition, we will help set up the River Run
      Course on Sunday morning.  Cleanup starts at 5:30 AM each morning.

--> Todd
    - Todd reported seeing a used semi trailer at a sale for $50. The group
      agreed this was a good deal and in the future, he should purchase
      the trailer as people have volunteered to help us transport it.
    - Becky has put an add in the paper advertising for our annual garage
      sale. It was decided that the Sale will be held Saturday June 9th.
      Everyone should start accumulating their items for the sale.
      Gary will reserve the Park for the sale.

--> Jeff
- The camping trip for May 20th looks good.  Our destination will be
  the Pawnee Grasslands east of Greeley. Jeff will see if we need
  reservations etc.  (Jeff, Mary just happened to get the phone number
  for the visitor center 970.353.5004).

--> Randy
- We have 4 backcountry permits for the Tetons during the week we will
            be there.  We will keep 1 or 2 and return the rest after we decide
            on our schedule.
    - The first hike of the summer will be June 3rd (note that after the
      meeting we were planning on June 2nd.  Then due to the High school
      graduation and many scouts playing in the band, the date was moved
      from Saturday to Sunday).
    - Randy went over the requirements for the First Aid Merit Badge with
the scouts and filled in a chart of who has completed what.  The scouts also did
a review of many first aid situations.

 --> Mary
     - The Merit Badge Counselor forms have been turned into the scout
       Office and should now be on file.
     - Mary will organize a session to assist the Scouts in completing
       Their "prereqs" from MBU.

 --> BJ
- BJ is still trying to get a "wildlife guy" to come address us on
             Bear safety and general wildlife safety topics.  She will try for
             May 16th or 30th.

    - Bill has agreed to take over the follow up for the First Aid Merit
      Badge.  Some of this could be done during the May meetings when the
        "wildlife guy" is not present.

   BJ:   Arrange for "Wildlife guy"
   Bill: Organize completion of First Aid Merit Badge.
   Jeff: Reserve campsite for May Trip.
   Mary: Organize completion of MBU prereqs.
   Gary: Check on Southdown property use.
         Reserve Sandstone Park for Garage Sale.
   Todd: Organize Garage Sale
   Becky:Advertise Garage Sale.
         Trip permit for May Trip.
   Randy:Organize burgers for after first hike.

Previous meeting:

Scout Meeting held 4/4/2001


The following items were discussed at the parent meeting:

1. Southdown property use:
        - It was felt that the offer from Southdown for the use of their
          property is an offer too good to let slip thru our fingers.
        - Terry S offered to help develop the spot.
        - Items that need to be addressed for the use of this property
          were discussed.  These included:
            1. How will southdown security known who can anc cannot
               use the area.
            2. Who must be notified so we are not mistaken for
            3. What sort of Boulder County Fire Permits are needed for
               having camp fires.
        - Gary Moore volunteered to take the first step and contact
          Southdown and determine what steps need to be taken for use to
          use the Southdown land.

2. Storage Trailer:
        - Gary is in cantact with Sun construction about donation of a
          used Semi Trailer for storage of Troop "stuff".

3. Teton Trip:
        - The group decided that that any week except the 1st week in July
          would be good.
        - Jeff A volunteered to reserve a camp site for one of these
        - Randy F Volunteered to plan a number of Hikes during this trip.
          At least one to over 10 miles so that it can count towards the
          Hiking merit badge.
        - Randy also volunteered to attempt to secure a backcountry permit
          for one night for an overnight trip while we are there.
        - The group discussed working on merit badges while there and doing
          lots of fishing.  Merit badges listed were:
            1. Cooking
            2. Hiking
            3. Fishing
            4. Wilderness Survival
            5. ???

4. Parent Meetings:
        - It was decided by the group that parent meetings will be held the
          first Wednesday of each month and will run concurrently with the
          scout meeting.  The parent meeting will start 1/2 hour later at

5. Round Tables:
        - Gary gave a brief description of the district round table meetings
          and indicated that they are very valuable and informative.  The
          suggestion was made to spead attendance among the various parents
          to avoid burnout.  No one volunteered to attent the next meeting.

Since the Scorpion patrol had not yet elected a scribe at the time of this
meeting, I have included the notes from their meeting as related to my by
their patrol leader, Matt Swink.

The following positions were decided upon:

        Patrol Leader       - Matt S
        Asst Patrol Leader  - Chris C
        Scribe              - Mike C
        Treasurer           - Alex F
        Quarter Master      - Ethan T
        Grub Master         - Jared A

Dues will be required at every regular meeting in the amount of $1.00.
The money will be used for Patrol Activities.

The Patrol will lookinto buying a large tent for use by the Troop.

The Senior Patrol decided to work with the Scorpion Patrol next meeting
on advancement activities.  In addition, they put together a "wish" list
of activities to do.  Skydiving was not on the list.  However, many other
fun and adventurous things were.

        - Reserve a camp site for the Tetons trip
        - Please call me (Randy) as soon as you have the dates so I can
          attempt to get a back country permit.

        - Contact Southdown regarding the use of some of their land.
        - Contact Sun Construction about the donation of a Semi Trailer.

Mary and BJ:
        - Attend MBU onthe 7th

        - Organize a series of hikes for the summer to work towards the
          hiking merit badge.
        - Bring yellow vests to highway cleanup.

If I have forgotten anything or misunderstood at the meeting so as to make
these notes inacurate, please let me know ASAP.

New Scoutmaster, Leo T
& Committee Chair, B.J. C
effective February, 2001

More new announcements on Adult volunteers! Randy is the new secretary, Mary is advancement chair, Becky is now handling tour permits, Gary is commissioner, Bill is a new Assistant Scoutmaster, and Terry Swink has officially stepped down from his former role as Assistant Scoutmaster. (for previous new announcements, see below, Leo is the new Scoutmaster and B.J. is the new committee chair).

(from a recent letter to the editor of the Old Lyons Recorder)

To the Lyons Community

After almost six years of rewarding service in the leadership of Lyons' Boy Scout Troop 61, we are stepping down to less demanding jobs with the troop. We have both enjoyed our associations with these fine young men, and will continue to do so over the coming years. Equally important, is the support we have received from the Lyons community. We hope you will all give our new leadership the help and encouragement you have shown us.

Scoutmaster Leo T has assumed the direct leadership of the troop, and B.J. C has taken over as Troop 61's Committee Chair. As part of the reorganization, Troop 61's meeting times have changed to the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, at Oddfellows' Hall, 7:00 - 8:30 PM. Committee meeting schedules and places will be announced at a later time.

We know that the new leadership will revitalize and redefine the mission of our local Boy Scouting program. It is an important one to the young men involved, and equally important to the Lyons community. These youth citizens will be the leadership of tomorrow; with your help.

Thank You,

Gary, Assistant Scoutmaster (former Scoutmaster)
Becky, Committee Member (former Committee Chair)

Troop 61 Court of Honor - October 2000

Senior Patrol Leader and Life Scout Chris J received his Cooking, Art, Emergency Preparedness, Archaeology, and Salesmanship Merit Badges. Chris now holds twenty-four Merit Badges and is two Merit Badges and a project away from earning his Eagle rank. Chris J is an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Life Scout Cully M received his Archaeology, Art, and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badges. Cully now holds thirty-three Merit Badges and is two Merit Badges and a project away from earning his Eagle rank. Cully Moore is an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Life Scout Chris S received his Astronomy, Geology, and Archaeology Merit Badges. Chris now holds thirty Merit Badges and is three Merit Badges and a project away from earning his Eagle rank. Chris is an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow.

Patrol Leader and Tenderfoot Scout Alex F received his Archaeology, Communications, Leatherworking, Basketry, and Canoeing Merit Badges, and his Second Class rank.

Tenderfoot Scout Matt S received his Computers, Swimming, Archaeology, Woodcarving, Pets, Family Life, Rifle Shooting, Space Exploration, and Fishing Merit Badges, and his Second Class rank.

Tenderfoot Scout Chris C received his Archaeology and Computers Merit Badges, and his Second Class rank.

Scout Jared A received his Cooking, Camping, Archaeology, and Basketry Merit Badges, and his Tenderfoot rank badge.

Scout Ethan T received his Leatherwork Merit Badge, and his Tenderfoot rank badge.

Scout Mike C received his Tenderfoot rank badge.

All Scouts earned the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR) Conservation Pride Award for service during their summer camp in 1999 at BDSR. All Scouts also earned a Quality Unit Award for the Troop during their 1999-2000 Charter year.

Tour Permits

We need updated vehicle information for everyone! Each time we hold a Troop activity involving transporting Scouts, we have to file a Tour Permit Application with the District Office. Part of the application is make/model, license, and insurance information on all vehicles transporting Scouts. The information must be current for scouting insurance to be valid. It is a lot of trouble, but it is necessary! Also, just a reminder: seat belts are mandatory for all scouts on all trips.

Adult Leadership

We never have enough adult leaders. In fact, it would be ideal if our adult leadership were made up of all of our Scout's parents, as well as other adults from the Lyons community. We have both standing positions (Troop Committee members) and temporary positions (such as those for fund raising or special activities). We encourage each and all of you to participate in the Troops' activities. Each of you have skills which would prove valuable to the success of our Troop.

All volunteers need to fill out a form - even those who previously volunteered (the scout office lost many of our old forms - augghhh!). If you are interested in becoming one of the Troop Committee members, you will also need to fill out a form and pay about $7.00. And, yes, we know it is strange to have to pay to volunteer, but that's the way it is.

Adult Leaders are encouraged to take some of the training available through the monthly Boy Scout Roundtables held at the Rocky Mountain Christian Church, and also through Merit Badge University in the fall and spring.

Troop Needs

Troop 61 is always looking for contributions of equipment and funds to support its outdoor program, accepts donations for its Garage sale, and seeks money earning and public service projects. This year, Troop 61 is looking for a secure storage facility (semi-trailer, commercial storage unit, warehouse/storage room. etc.) to safely store camping and Garage sale items. Please contact our new Scoutmaster or Committee Chair if you can help out.

Adult Leadership

The Newsletter headings are arranged alphabetically, but this one just naturally falls in place at the top of the list. We never have enough adult leaders. In fact, it would be ideal if our adult leadership were made up of all of our Scout's parents, as well as other adults from the Lyons community. We have both standing positions (Troop Committee members) and temporary positions (such as those for fund raising or special activities). We encourage each and all of you to participate in the Troops' activities. It cannot be repeated too many times. B.S.A. stands for Boy Scouts of America, not Baby Sitters Anonymous. I'm sure each of you have skills which would prove valuable to the success of our Troop. If you are interested in becoming one of the Troop Committee members, you will need to fill out a form and pay about $7.00. And, yes, we know it is strange to have to pay to volunteer, but that's the way it is. Additionally, Adult Leaders are encouraged to take some of the training available through the monthly Boy Scout Roundtables held at the Rocky Mountain Christian Church.


To date, our Troop has earned a number of national and local level awards. In 1996, our Scouts earned the Conservation Good Turn Award for a trail conservation project at Camp Alexander. Our first annual Troop recharter will come with a Quality Unit citation, and our Scouts became a Baden-Powell Patrol, and will continue to meet those standards for year around qualification. Our original Troop members have qualified the Troop for a National Camping Award, and all of the Troop will meet those standards following our spring hike. Additionally, a two of our Scouts (Naildriver and Grizzly Adams) have earned their 100 Degrees of Frost badges. Of particular note was the recognition given one of our Assistant Scoutmasters as an Outstanding Unit Volunteer at the District Recognition Dinner on February. Good job, T.S.

Baden-Powell Patrol

One of the goals of any Scout Patrol is the earning of Baden-Powell Patrol patches. Baden-Powell was the founder of the Boy Scouts of America, and he pioneered the Patrol organization. The Baden-Powell Patrol awards are based on Patrol activities over three months periods. Up to 4 Baden-Powell Patrol stars may be worn below the Patrol emblem, and the award of these is based on Patrol excellence in the areas of Spirit, Patrol Meetings, Activities and Events, Good Turns or Service Projects, Advancement, Membership, Uniform, and Patrol Leaders Councils, and individual efforts such as Promptness, Good Turns, Advancement, Uniform, and Dues. This is a sought after prize, and depends upon cooperative efforts between Patrol members. Parents can be of a great help in helping your Scouts do their individual parts.

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch

Reservations have been made for Troop 61 for summer camp at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR) for the summer of 1997. Our camping session will be June 15 - 21, 1997. BDSR is located north of Fort Collins near Red Feathers Lake. We will be camping in the Camp Jeffrey section at the Spence Camp Site.

If we pay our fees in full prior to May 1, 1997, the cost per Scout is $125.00. That figure covers all camping and meal costs. There are some specific events costs and each Scout is expected to bring spending money for Trading Post items, etc. The fee schedule for BDSR payments is as follows: $45 due February 1, $40 due March 1, and the balance due May 1. It is important to realize that if we do not make our installment payments, we could lose our camp reservation.

More information will be forthcoming in the near future.

Camping Trips

Keep an eye on your Program Calendar for dates of up-coming camping trips. Again, we always encourage parents to come along with their Scouts, but discourage siblings. Also, we ask that each adult - including all adult leaders - going along on a camping trip contribute $5.00 per day to help defray the costs of food.

By now, the story of the Great Camp Dick storm may have reached epic proportions. Suffice it to say that awaking to, and breaking camp in minus 50 degree wind chill factor weather was an adventure.

The Lost in the Frost, 1997 Freezoree at the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs should have been called the "Lost the Frost" outing. Even with the pleasant weather, a good time was had by all.

Charter Information

Troop 61 is chartered through the Lyons Lions Club (Chartering Organization). Our present charter expires the end of February, and we will be starting a new Scout year at that time. We use our charter date as an election marker, and this is when Troop Committee positions are worked out, and when the Scouts vote on their Patrol officers.

Community Service

As a Troop, we try to undertake a number of community service projects. Last year, we cleaned up after Good Old Days (and made $100 in the process). We have arranged to do the same thing this coming year. This is a Scout & parent activity. All it requires is that the Sandstone Park/Library areas are cleaned early on Saturday and Sunday mornings during Lyons Good Old Days. Additionally, we have volunteered the Troop to help our Chartering Organization (the Lyons Lions Club) with their Food Share program. Recently, members of Troop 61 helped out with serving and clean-up of an Odd Fellows community supper. Participating in that activity was Naildriver, Buffalo Bill, Grizzly Adams, S.F, D.W., R.F, R.Z., and A.C. We want the Odd Fellows to know how much we appreciate all they have done for the Scouts over the years.

Court of Honor

We recently held a Court of Honor where a number of our Scouts were honored for their rank advancements. It is important that all of our Scouts and their parents attend these events, even if all of the Scouts are not being recognized. Eventually, all of the Scouts will be advancing, and everyone should have a good audience at their Court of Honor. At this Court of Honor, Naildriver, Buffalo Bill, and Grizzly Adams were recognized for their advancement to Second Class, and S.F. and B.H. were recognized for their advancement to Tenderfoot.


Most of our fund raising is through donations. We have had some success with our fund-raiser for the trailer, but we could use all the help you can give us. Please look over the list of solicitations I have sent out and try to influence those who have been asked, and have yet to respond. And, be sure an extend thanks to those who have contributed. The following individuals and companies have supported our Troop in various ways. Hopefully, they are being presented in alphabetical order.

Fifty Mile Hike

As you read this, plans are underway for a fifty-mile hike over the 1997 Spring Break. If all the details can be taken care of, we will be hiking along the old Anasazi Indian Great North Road running from Chaco Canyon to Aztec, New Mexico. This will be a tough hike, and there will be upcoming and additional details regarding training and needed equipment. Thank you for attending our Chaco presentation at our recent meeting. Please check the calendar for the correct dates.

First Aid

As soon as the details are available, the Scoutmaster will be taking a Mountaineering First Aid course from the American Red Cross. In addition to the standard first aid course offered by the Red Cross, there will be instruction in CPR, and special field problems common in our geographic area. This is a 10 1/2 hour course, and when finished, he should be sufficiently trained to address most of our Troop concerns.

Fund Raising

Last spring the Troop undertook an auction/garage sale/whatever with goods donated by some of our local citizens. Although it did not work our anything like we had planned, we did manage to raise a fair amount of money, and we want to try it again in 1997, with a few minor adjustments. Our plan, at present, is to hold a large yard sale about the middle of May, in Sandstone Park in downtown Lyons. The Scoutmaster recently appeared before the Town Council and was granted permission for the sale to be held there on Saturday, May 17th. We will be calling on all of you to pitch in and help out. In addition to that, we need to plan a fund-raiser meeting among the parents and try to come up with a few more ideas for ways to financially support ot troop.

Health Records

If your Scout is going to be seeing a Doctor anytime between now and summer, please take along one of the BDSR Personal Health & Medical Record Form your Scout - hopefully - brought home. This will be needed for all Scouts attending summer camp, and will serve as a good medical form for other activities.


Our Troop carries a small insurance policy in addition to the blanket policy carried by the Council. However, the effectiveness of our coverage depends upon how closely we adhere to the rules of the Boy Scouts - such as providing the Scoutmaster with your vehicle insurance information. He will be happy to get an insurance form to you. This is more impostant than it would seem at first glance. Without your vehicle insurance information, we can't submit Travel Permit Requests to the Scout office, and without those permits, we can't take the Scouts anywhere.


If you have noticed, we now have a weekly announcement in the Lyons Recorder about our Troop meetings. For the time being, we will continue to meet at Rogers Hall, but soon we hope to be able to move to one of our Assistant Scoutmaster's shop (R.H.) for some of our meeting activities. He has very kindly offered to let the Scouts meet there as soon as he has it ready.

All parents are always welcome at Troop meetings. In fact, we are likely to put you to work once we have you through the doors. Do bear in mind, though, that these are the Scouts meetings. Please abide by all of their rules. In particular, when the Scout sign goes up, it means for everybody to be quiet - including adults.

Merit Badge University

Merit Badge University went well. Nine of our Scouts completed their Leatherworking Merit Badge requirements, and completed a significant number of the requirements for their Crime Prevention Merit Badge. Another Merit Badge University is scheduled for April 12th.

Order of the Arrow

The Scoutmaster recently attended a weekend fall fellowship of the Order of the Arrow at BDSR. This event has two purposes: 1) to close down BDSR for the winter and to make facilities repairs and additions. In January he attended the Order of the Arrow Winter Festival in Fort Collins for training and fellowship. There will be another fellowship in the spring at BDSR to prepare the camp for the summer campers. 2) to induct Scouts and Scouters into the Order of the Arrow. For those of you who don't know, the Order of the Arrow is a service organization made up of Scouts and Scouters, based on camping excellence. The organization is unique in that only non-members may elect fellow Scouts and Scouters to membership. One of our Assistant Scoutmasters (R.H.) is also an Order of the Arrow member. Hopefully, we will soon have our other Assistant Scoutmaster (T.S.) and some of our Scouts in the Order of the Arrow.

Patrol Activity

Scorpions' singular rule is now in question. We now have a second patrol - The Golden Eagles, and we are entering a new phase of Troop competition; that of one patrol trying to outdo the other. Since all of the Scouts were responsible for earning the Baden-Powell patch, it will be worn by members of both patrols, but each patrol will now be responsible for keeping that award alive.

We thank Buffalo Bill for his job as our first Scorpion Patrol Leader. His Assistant Patrol Leader, Naildriver, has now taken the leadership position of the Scorpion Patrol, and Grizzly Adams is now the new Assistant Patrol Leader. Other Scorpion Patrol positions of responsibility will be decided upon during the March 3, 1997 meeting. Assistant Scoutmaster T.S. will be helping with the operations of the Scorpion Patrol. The Scorpion Patrol is now made up of Naildriver, Buffalo Bill, Bandaid Man, Deadeye (on leave), and R.Z. We bid a sad farewell to our Scorpion Patrol Cheermaster A.C., and wish him well with his new Scouting activities in Kona, Hawaii.

The Golden Eagles are be led by Patrol Leader B.H. and the Assistant Patrol Leader is held by R.F. Other Golden Eagle Patrol members are D.W., J.A., B.K., and S.F. Assistant Scoutmaster R.H. is assisting with the Golden Eagle Patrol. Other Golden Eagle positions of responsibility will be decided upon during the March 3, 1997 meeting.

Popcorn Sales

The 1996 popcorn sales went well. Our Troop took orders for $3204 worth of popcorn. Of that the Troop gets about 28% profit.. From the 28%, each Scout's account is credited with 25% of the profit realized from his individual sales. The top three popcorn salesmen sold $1025, $383, and $310. Hopefully, next year the Scouts will be able to keep all of the commissions from their respective sales for their individual Scout accounts.

Program Notes

The Program Chair. tries to update the Web Page and the Program Calendar on a regular basis. We will be attaching a Program Calendar to each newsletter. Please call the Program Chair. if you have any questions or additions to the calendar.


Please try to funnel all publicity efforts through the Scoutmaster - just so we don't duplicate anything.

Quality Unit

It looks like we will be able to receive our National Quality Unit Award by about March 1, 1997. The details of this will be given in future Newsletters, but it is quite an accomplishment for a new Troop.

Scout Show

Each spring, the Arapahoe District of the Longs Peak Council hosts a Scout Show (Boy and Cub Scouts) at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. This year (1997), Troop 61 is going to operate an Scout equipment exchange clearinghouse. This is a service project designed to give area Scouts an opportunity to exchange camping and outdoor equipment. If this is successful, we will continue the clearinghouse through our Web Page, in the form of a bulletin board. More details of this will follow as we approach the Scout Show.

Tour Permits

Each time we hold a Troop activity which involves transporting Scouts, we have to file a Tour Permit Application with the District Office. Part of the application is the insurance information on the vehicles which will be transporting the Scouts. If you ever anticipate transporting Scouts, we have to have the information requested on the attached sheet - for each perspective driver and vehicle. It is a lot of trouble, but it is necessary!


We have now purchased a used trailer for Troop use. Over the next few months, we will be concentrating on getting it road-worthy, and getting some sign painted to show off our troop and our contributors. We are still a bit short of our fund-raising goal, so help us out where you can. Talk to those businesses which have not yet contributed and convince them of what we already know - that an investment in the Scouts is a good investment in the future of Lyons.


R.H. recently completed his Scoutmaster Training. C.M, G.M andR.H. completed a Merit Badge Counselor course, C.M. and R.H. completed a Scouting on the Inter-net course, and G.M. and R.H. completed the Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense courses; non-swimming courses we will insist on for all of our adult leaders. We would like for all Adult Volunteers to take the Youth Protection and Quick Start training. As was mentioned before, the Scoutmaster will be taking First Aid training soon. Last fall, Grizzly Adams, Naildriver, Buffalo Bill, and B.H. completed their Junior Leadership Training. Presently, Grizzly Adams, Buffalo Bill, B.H., S.F., and B.K. are taking their Hunter's Safety courses, and Naildriver and R.F. have already received that certification.


We are making excellent progress on proper uniform presentation. Keep it up. Remember, wear your uniform with pride, and continue to wear it to school each meeting day.

Web Site

Our Program Chair./Webmaster has established our Troops WWW site. If you have access to a computer, take a look at it.

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