Code of Conduct


1.                  Using deodorant and brushing teeth are not optional; hygiene is a necessity.Shower regularly.

2.                  USE COMMON SENSE!!!Donít do anything stupid.

3.                  Respect other customs and ideas.

4.                  Limit the amount of butter in meals.

5.                  Remember you are representing the BSA.Act accordingly.

6.                  Avoid the beaches at night.

7.                  No inappropriate horseplay.

8.                  Live by the Venturing Oath, Scout Oath, and Scout Law.

9.                  Use the buddy system.

10.             Respect the advisors, all Jamboree participants, and each other.

11.             Respect yourself.

12.             Donít be an ugly American.

13.             Have pride in being American.

14.             DO NOT lose or abuse the credit card.