World Jamboree 2003: Crew 15/45



What is World Jamboree?

            The 20th World Scout Jamboree is an event occurring every four years that brings together scouts from all over the world. There will be approximately 20,000 participants representing over 400 countries. The Jamboree will be held from 28th December 2002 to 7th January 2003 at Sattahip, Thailand and will be hosted by the National Scout Organization of Thailand. The theme for the 20th World Scout Jamboree is "Share Our World, Share Our Cultures" so scouts from all different countries will have an opportunity to share this world camping experience with people of different backgrounds, including race, language, culture, climate, and religion. Activities relating to Global Development Village, Crossroads of Cultures, City of Science, Face the Waves!, Tournaments, Our Heritage, Community Action Day, and Exploring Nature will be available to the participants. For more information visit the official 20th World Jamboree website.




November 29, 2002

            I just added in the Designs page. I hope to put up the Meet the Crew page soon. I need everyone’s bios and pictures so please send them to me if you haven’t already. Otherwise I will have to put in pictures of my choosing and write your bios for you. Hmm…I might just do that for fun. ^_^ I hope everyone likes how the site is coming along.


December 14, 2002

            The “Meet the Crew” page is up and running, although I do still need photos and bios for a number of people. I just added the “Jambo Information” page. It has updates for the trip, information about how the Jamboree is going to work and stuff about the Thai language. A little while ago, Philip Schuchardt made a Message Board for the crew to get to know each other without clogging up e-mail, so I also put a new link to that. I just love doing web pages at 2 am, don’t you?






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