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Last Modified On: Friday, April 5, 2002

The Vision

Remember when in neighborhoods and in small towns everyone knew everyone else and helped each other when the need arose? The Service Exchange brings this kind of camaraderie back to our hurried, disconnected society. The exchange of services among members and organizations promotes membership and a sense of connection.

A willingness to teach and share knowledge, skills and hobbies is balanced by those who want to learn. The chance to socialize with others in a relaxed and comfortable setting of acceptance is invaluable.

Members exchange help and support, accomplishing the chores and enjoying the pleasures of everyday living. Everyone has value and something to contribute. A sense of balonging and usefulness is regained while balancing talent and need within the community.

For example, members who need a ride to the doctor's or shopping have that need met by another member/friend. Home-boundmembers enjoy friendly visitors and provide services, such as phone support to others. Tutoring is available for a teenager who in turn takes care of another member's pet. If a member supplies help with a leaky faucet, they can trade credits for a service, such as sewing or baking.

The Mission

The mission of The Service Exchange is:

Who We Are
Help and Be Helped
Find Out More
Organizational Members and Sponsors

Who We Are

The Service Exchange is an intergenerational program. The Service Exchange is primarily designed to meet the needs of people over 18. We also welcome family memberships, youth organizations and school programs. This allows participation of all ages under the guidance of adult leaders. Presently 85% of our membership is over the age of 55.

The involvement of members of all ages enhances our ability to be of service to the older, rural, frail, disabled citizens of Boulder County. Younger volunteers are able to provide services that are difficult for this population to exchnage among themselves.

Advantages of memebership in such an exchange program include but are not limited to:

Reciprocity - Both the provider and the recipient of a service benefit, not only in the completion of the service, but in balancing the need to give and receive. Exchanges promote a feeling of self-sufficiency and produtivity while increasing self-esteem.

Equality - The services exchanged all have the same value based solely on the time spent providing help. This integrates people of various economic, cultural and racial backgrounds without prejudice as to education, age or available skills.

For security all members go through a Colroado Bureau of Investigation background check. Each member is aksed to provide three references, who are contacted for confirmation of character. When providing transportation, members must furnish a current driver's license and proof of liability insurance. Motor vehichle records are checked for safe driving habits.

Membership is by application with an annual suggested dues/donation of $10.00 for individuals, $15.00 for couples and $25.00 for families. Scholarships are available.

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Help and Be Helped

The Service Exchange offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to share skills and needs, to help themselves while helping others. Each hour of service performed to help meet another's need is banked by the member performing it. Each hour of service received is charged against the account of the recipient. Members may appply 100% of the time they spend helping others to their own account or they may donate a portion for use in the community or by another individual. Volunteer time is essentially doubled within the community.

Currently there are branches of The Service Exchange in

the Tri-Cities of Broomfield, Lafayette, and Lousiville
IBM Coproration

Opportunities for Help and Helping:

We are currently seeking the following skills:

Handyperson/ Minor Home repair
Massage Therapists
And offer the skills below...

AccountingActivity PlanningBaking
Clerical SkillsCommitteesCompanionship
Computer SkillsDancingDrawing
FriendFund RaisingGardening
Graphic DesignHouse SittingIroning
Language SkillsLaundryLetter Writing
Light HousekeepingLight Meal PreparationMarketing
MendingMinor Car RepairMinor Car Detailing
Minor Home RepairMusicianPainting
Pet CarePublic SpeakingPublic Relations
ReadingSewingSnow Shoveling
Sorting MailSocializingStory Telling
Washing WinodwsWelcomingYard Work

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Find Out More

The Service Exchange offers monthly Introduction/Orientation Gatherings, so interested individuals can find out more, prior to becoming a member.

For Gathering Times, Contact us at: (303) 678-3228

Membership is by application:Please call or send a note to:

The Service Exchange of Boulder County 
2345 Bent Way
Longmont CO 80503
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Partner Members and Sponsors


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