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     Boy Scout Troop 69 has a standard of excellence and commitment to community service.  Currently, a troop of over 35 scouts, we are chartered to Tri-City Elks in Louisville, Colorado. Active in the Boulder County area since the 1940's (chartered in 1942), many of Louisville's citizens have been members at one time or another.  We have won numerous awards over the years such as Freez-o-ree, Klondike, Scout Show, & Arapahoe Rendezvous. 

Recent Awards  & Accomplishments
Klondike 2006

Owls and the Hawks & Pirates combined placed 1st and 2nd in the
middle (2nd) Division.

78 frost points (not bad for a weekend campout). Temperature was -16F and -21F on successive nites.

Sea Base, Florida
Summer, 2006

July 2006. Several Scouts and adults are going to Sea Base for a 2 week high adventure outing

3 Eagle Ranks Awarded, 2005

3 Scouts from Troop 69 were awarded Eagle Rank in 2005

Louisville Labor Day Parade Sept/2005

Troop awarded "Best Youth Group". Sept 2005

Lewis and Clark Scout Base July/2005

Troop 69 traveled to L&C BSA Camp for a week of high adventure and fun. 25+ scouts and 8 adults attended.

Flag Crew at Mt Rushmore, SD

Unfolding and presenting a 10 ft by 15 ft flag at Mt Rushmore with several scouts under 5 ft tall is pretty hard. July 2005

Longs Peak Council 2005 Scout Show


April 2005 - Troop 69 awarded 3rd Place in "Troop Pioneering".
Philmont Scout Ranch  July/2004 Two Crews from Troop69 (16 boys & adults) each hiked 60 + miles on Philmont Scout ranch (over 7.5 inches of rain fell during the 10 day period).  Plans are being made to attend in summer, 2006
Baden Powell Award  June/2004 Ben G. was awarded the Baden-Powell Patch as 'best all around scout in his troop' at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch  June, 2004
Longs Peak Council 2004 Scout Show April 2004 - Troop 69 awarded the "Troop Spirit Trophy"- the largest and most prestigious award given.  It is awarded to the troop that exemplifies troop spirit, scout craft excellence, & leadership. 
Longs Peak Council Conservation Grant April 2004 - Grant funding awarded to troop in recognition of environmental stewardship projects.
Klondike Feb 2004  - 3 Teams: Pirates (1st), Owls (tie for 3rd) in Division 1, Eagles (3rd) in Division 3.  Troop had 0.92 in 'Scout Quality Index'-a measure of total points / scout.  This was the highest of any troop competing at the Klondike 
Wm Hornaday Award 2003-04 (Scout's Highest Environmental Award)
Arapahoe Rendezvous Winners-Scout Cooking contest, Red Ribbon Campsite Award (Oct 2003)
Boy Scout Honor Unit 2002-2005
Quality Unit Award
Camp Cedars, NEB Troop Spirit Award (June 2003)

60 Teams started, 6 finished- troop 69 had 2 of the finishing teams.
Pirate Patrol won 3rd Place in their division (March 2003)

Arapahoe Rendezvous Top Troop Overall Award (Oct 2002)
Scout Show Best Slide Show 2001, 2003
NCAR Greenie Award Finalist 2002,2003

Standard of Excellence   From 1992 to 2005, we will have had about 230 young men join Troop 69 and produced over 30 Eagle Scouts.  This means that over 15% of our troop membership reach Eagle rank, well above the 3% national average and considerably higher than the Eagle attainment rate of Scout groups in South Boulder County.   At present, the troop has scouts that range in age from ten to sixteen. Currently, we have 4 Eagle, 6 Life, 4 Star, 10 First Class, 6 Second Class , 5 Tenderfoot and 10 Scout ranks.  We are a Scout-run troop; Scouts plan our yearly calendar and most troop activities.  We also have a high  participation level of adults & parents in our troop with over 15 trained leaders, 3 climbing instructors, 3 high adventure coordinators, and many dedicated moms & dads that come along to "relive 2nd childhoods"!

Spirit of Adventure   Possessing an active outdoor program, we camp outdoors on a year-round basis.  Yes, even in the winter with 4-6 nights over the course of a typical cold season.   We completed 40 nights of camping in 2004, over 30 for 2003 and have 30+ planned for 2005.  In addition, we do several day activities during the course of the year.  We participate in the Arapahoe District Rendezvous and Klondike, many of the Cub Day Camps, summer camp and went rafting on the Colorado River.  We have been to 5 out of state camps in the last 5 years, attended Camp Cedars Aquatic Base (Neb.) in 2003, attended Peaceful Valley SR (CO) and Philmont SR (NM) in 2004,  and attended Lewis and Clark Scout Base in South Dakota in summer, 2005. Several scouts and parents are attending High Adventure Camp at Florida Sea Base in Summer, 2006. The younger guys will attend

We have an extensive High Adventure Program for older Scouts. These involve extended, challenging camps such as Canoe Base and Philmont.  We completed treks to Philmont Scout Ranch in 2000 and 2002 with another scheduled for 2004 (2 crews, 16 scouts).  Future plans include the Florida Sea Base in 2006 and another Philmont Trek.  We have 3 scout-trained climbing instructors- we climb in all types of terrain (ice to Eldorado Canyon) and have canoed into Canada (1997, 1999).

Commitment to Service   Troop 69 does varied outreach within Boulder County & Colorado.  The troop performed over 1300 hours of community service in the last year, about 40 hours per Scout and 20 per adult leader.  Several of our scouts participated in 'Kids Park Lafayette'- a nationally recognized community-centered service project.  Examples of projects included environmentally-oriented service (establishment of bird habitats in Lafayette, trail maintenance, erosion control, forestry and scout camp upkeep, Cub Scout program outreach, handicapped-accessible park building, and gardening & weeding for local groups.  Other projects are on a more 'giving back to the community basis' such as school park projects and setting flags to honor veteran and service persons in local cemeteries. In recognition of our activities, we were awarded a conservation grant by the Longs Peak Council to augment our service activities.

We welcome new members and visitors at any time. For more information, contact any of the leaders on our contact page

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