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Rock Art Symbols
of the Greater Southwest

Rock Art Symbols
of the Greater Southwest
By Alex Patterson
Johnson Books
1880 South 57th Street
Boulder, Colorado
Web: http://www.jpcolorado.com/
ISBN: 1-55566-091-6
Copyright 1992

This book is an encyclopedic compilation of many of the symbols seen on Native American rock art throughout the American Southwest. It begins with a general introduction to the subject, what is know, what is not known, a brief discussion of current state of the art in attempting to date some of the drawings. An especially commendable section is "Rock Art Site Manners" which explains many of the perhaps not-so-obvious to the layman do's and don't's for visiting and viewing these sites.

The book goes on with a brief finders sections devoted to abstractions of the general categories of rock art; humanlike, animallike, and abstract forms.

The book then lists an index of "Ascribed" meanings and their corresponding "Symbol" description. Where "ascribed" refers back to the abstractions in the prior section.

The book then presents an extensive - 173 pages - catalog of actual pictures of actual rock art drawings, along with a brief interpretation as well as the general location.

There is a section that presents the general location of a few rock art sites throughout the western states, and wraps up with detailed directions to 18 Rock Art sites in various National and State parks as well as some areas set aside especially for public viewing.

The author wraps up the book with mentions of several organizations for you to join and/or they sponsor public events about rock art concerns -

Reviewed by E. Stiltner, Copyright © 2001.

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