Former president of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic -- accused of atrocities committed
in Kosovo -- has been transferred to the custody of the International Criminal
Tribunal at The Hague in the Netherlands.

Amnesty International welcomes this development as a significant step towards ending
the impunity of those suspected of committing massive violations of international
law. Milosevic's transfer to The Hague sets an important precedent that no one --
regardless of their position -- is above the law.

Amnesty International fought hard to break down the barriers of impunity that
Milosevic was attempting to hide behind. Amnesty International members and staff
petitioned governments and heads of state, met with members of Congress and State
Department officials, and held vigils demanding justice.

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We need the committed support of friends like you to help bring others like Milosevic
to justice. Please join us in our efforts to help make this historic victory a
turning point in the struggle for human rights.

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Help prevent further torture of student Erdal Bulut at Bogazici University in Turkey

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FAST suffered a computer crash while this alert was being sent out, and
there was no way to know which alerts were sent before the crash. ]

Student Erdal Bulut is being followed and threatened, apparently by
plainclothes police. He has been tortured by police before, and Amnesty
International believes he is in grave danger. He has gone into hiding, in
fear for his life.

When police reportedly detained and tortured Erdal Bulut in November 2000,
they pressured him to inform on political organizations at Bogazici
University in Istanbul, Turkey, where he is a student. Since then he has
received threats and has been followed and harassed by police in an
apparent effort to get him to act as an informer.

Erdal Bulut filed a complaint with Human Rights Association (IHD),alleging
that he had been tortured. He believes that he could be arrested and
tortured again in retaliation for filing the complaint. In written
testimony to the IHD, Erdal Bulut stated that in November 2000, three
plainclothes police boarded the minibus he was riding in the Mecideyekoy
district of Istanbul. They blindfolded him and started to beat him. They
then threatened to kill him. The police forced the minibus to drive around
for some time. Because he was blindfolded, he did not know where he was
when the police took him out of the bus. They kept him for two days in a
room like 'the inside of a septic tank,' handcuffed and blindfolded at all
times. Erdal Bulut states that electric shocks were applied to his hands
and feet, and he was severely beaten when he was taken out for
interrogation. His interrogators wanted him to inform on political groups
at his university. They apparently told him, '...from now on you will tell
us all that happens at your school.'

Visit http://amnestyusa.policy.net/torture

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