Hispanic Education Foundation Scholarship Banquet

         May 7, 2009
Silver Creek High School
4901 Nelson Rd
Longmont, CO 80503
2009 Hispanic Education Foundation Golf Tournament
August 23, 2009
Ute Creek Golf Course
2009 Coming Events

Hispanic Education Foundation

Application How to apply
The Hispanic Education Foundation, Inc. understands the importance of education and as an organization, we are committed to encouraging our citizens to reach their dreams through the pursuit of Post Secondary Education. A major part of this encouragment is the annual awarding of scholarships to assist deserving individuals who choose to continue their education.
 Eligibility: To be eligible for a HEF scholarship an applicant must:

Selection: Evaluation of the applicants is based on the following criteria:           

Requirements: Each applicant must submit a completed application packet including:



Deadline: All application material must be submitted by March each year.

               Submit completed application to:
                   Hispanic Education Foundation, Inc
                    P.O Box 2102
                    Longmont CO  80502
Request an application from any High School Counselor in the St Vrain School District or by calling 303-682-7241   
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