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This Site Last Updated: June 9, 2000.

BCN/Y2K Community Preparedness
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Introduction to the BCN/Y2K Web Site

As of June 9, 2000, the BCN Y2K site is being reviewed. Immediate plans are to leave most of the Y2K pages at the same URL locations, but develop some of the general support information, such as consumer support and Internet support into separate pages which will eventually be moved to separate Consumer Support and Internet Tools areas. Please let us know of any concerns.

This web site is normally in non-frames mode for accessibility considerations. Select Frames for a detailed on-screen site map in frames format.

There are a lot of local, national, and global activities underway to address the many facets of the "Y2K Problem." This site is tailored to supporting non-profit organizations in the Boulder, Colorado area by providing links to resources for upgrading your computer hardware , its BIOS package, various operating systems and software packages for each operating system. There are also links to obtain support for Global Postioning System (GPS) receivers some of which may have recently had a "Y2K event."

This site also has information about some of the legal considerations around Y2K, a section on community preparedness and personal preparedness; it provides a listing of critical dates in the months and years to come, a brief history of our calendar, and Y2K travel advisories and how to deal with Y2K scams, computer viruses, and identity theft, plus world wide web links to many other sites (there are more than 600 links in this web site) that will hopefully give you much more technical background and details about how you can become more knowledgeable and comfortable with the entire Y2K situation.

And last, but not least, We Survived!

Index to the BCN/Y2K Web Site

Other Local and Regional Y2K Web Sites

A word of caution to the reader - this site uses direct addresses to within some web sites. As such, depending upon any changes within those sites, some links may no longer be available. Please fill out the Reader Response Form and let BCN know about such problems so we can keep this site up to date and useful to you.

(A technical detail - note that the full URL is often given in web addresses; if you cannot access the specified page, sometimes you can access the site by removing one or more directory fields at the end of the URL and still get to the information of interest via either a direct link or using the site's search command.)

Thank you for visiting the Boulder Community Network Y2K Community Preparedness and Activities Center. This site is being continually reviewed and updated. Do check back again periodically for the latest information.

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