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Recipe ShakePourStirFlip Eat!
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Recipe I love blueberry pancakes.Great from the harvest restraunt in Boulder.
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Name Ken Nichols

Recipe Go to King Soopers, pick up some Aunt Jemima's OriginalRecipe, a couple of eggs, some milk, and some authenticVermont Maple Syrup. mix the egg(s), milk and batteraccording to instructions, pre-heat a frying pan or griddleto medium hot, cook up and serve promptly with lots of syrup
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Name Andy

Recipe My favorite, easy, one-step pancake recipes:A. in tokyo, order "hottocake" at a 24 hour roppongi coffeeshop.B. blueberry pancakes in sausalito at lighthouse bkfst & lunch
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Name paul sutter

Recipe P.J.'s pancake house in Princeton has very good pancakes. But my favorite are the small chain of Pancacke Kitchens in Florida. There used to be one in New Haven CT and it had the best German pancakes in the world.
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Name Rob Farrell

Recipe uh, i don't cook, err, can't cook.but i eat eat eat pancakes, even though i look like i don't.once, on a first date, i was with this girl at a diner...of course, i ordered pancakes (and i was a bit drunk, butthat's not really important here). anyway, i have, err, hadthis habit of cutting all of my pancakes before i startedeating! she laughed hysterically... said it was awfullybad manners to not just cut AS i ate... turns out we datedfor about 3 years, so it wasn't awful, or was it? butanyway, i now cut AS i eat... except when i'm TRYING to cookwhen i end up just eating them without cutting them, eatingwith my fingers, right out of the pan...um, blueberry pancakes are my favorite...special thanks to my dad for introducing me to pancakes.and thanks to whitey for storing this absurd bit of info.
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Name Dean Martin

Recipe I'm still eating pancakes every day like a good girl.
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Name Whitey

Recipe Very simple - use the regular recipe on any quick pancake mix -EXCEPT - use plain yogurt instead of milk or butter milk. DONOT USE FRUIT FLAVORED YOGURT! (it's too sweet). For an addedtreat, add some walnuts. Try it, they're great.
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Name hotcakes

Recipe there is something more important on my mind -- the subject of PANCAKES! Yes, you got it! I love them, too! Whenever there is an option in a restaraunt for PANCAKES, I always choose them over toast, the vegetable of the day, or solid gold cadillacs! Where or where are the best pancakes in Boulder? I usually have "breakfast" at around 3 P.M. at the North Broadway Coffee Shop along with their buttermilk or buckwheat pancakes, although I'll admit that the pancakes at Mother's Cafe are better. But, alas, I am a regular at NBC, and somehow don't manage to get to the crowded Mother's before 2 P.M. The absolute best pancakes I ever had were at the hotel restaraunt at Bryce Canyon in Utah. Its about a 12 hour drive. Well worth the trip! Well, please do tell me where you think the best pancakes in Boulder are, because I must go there. See ya around!
Name Chuck

Recipe I forgot to tell you how to make your own maple syrup:Bring three cups of water to a boil. Add three cups of sugarslowly, stirring as you do. Let this combo boil for a few mintesuntil its very clear. Add one cup dark Karo syrup & boil for acouple more minutes. Take off the heat & add one teaspoon ofmaple flavoring. Let cool & use. I store mine in old Grolish beerbottles & keep it in the refrig. Sure beats paying $4 for a smallbottle of the commercial brands. Enjoy!
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Name sweettooth

Recipe Rolled with cottage cheeze and sugar!Rolled with any type of jam spread.Rolled with any type of hazelnut spread!Rolled with mapple syrup. Rolled with banana slices. Rolled with any mix of the above.
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Name Etienne Ali

Recipe Ah, the Swedish Pancake, what a delight it is...Visit the Swedish Pancake page to get the recipe, includingSwedish Pancake in the oven, Go Bananas with Swedish Pancakesand more...The Swedish Pancake pagehttp://www.lookup.com/Homepages/68453/eng/pancake.html
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Name Mats Hagwall

Recipe I wasn't always a pancake eater. My husband converted me. It is a thursday night ritual to consume pancakes at our house.Sometimes he puts huckleberries in the batter, but my favorite are the ones he makes with the powdered buttermilk. They are so fluffy.Now and then he makes waffles, but I find they don't retain the heat they way pancakes do. On a final note, my parents are pancake nuts. They're retired and take most of their meals at IHOP.
Email ue777@ciao.trail.bc.ca.
Name marge

Recipe Well, just about to experience it!
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Name Vincent Monnat

Recipe Mine is for thin pancakes with nothing in them to make them fluffy. One cookbook called them "Thin Russian" pancakes.200grams of wheat flour0,7 liter milk1 or 2 egg(s)1 table spoon of maragine (or butter, but not the diet margarine)A little salt (just grab what you get with 2 fingers)1 Egg is on the hairy side. I have to use one particular frying pan that is well greased, and a special spade or else they break up in the turning process. You should start out with 2 eggs.Mix the flour, milk and egg(s) in a bowl and mix well. (I do it by hand, <1 min.)Melt the butter, let it cool a little and mix it in well.Let everything rest for 30 min.Add the salt, mix.Use a frying pan on moderate heat. Before making the first one you need to grase the pan a little, for the next ones, the butter in the mixture does the trick.Pour in the mixture 2mm thick.Once it is dried up and there is nothing fluid, turn it gently. You need a long, widespade.
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Name Ola Wiig-Hanssen

Recipe Here is my recipe for reliable pancakes:

1. Combine 2-and-a-half cups of sifted flour (subtituting a few tablespoons of corn meal for flour) with two tablespoons of baking powder. I usually combine half whole wheat and half white. The sifting is important. Also the quality of the flour. I recommend standard bread flour, not pastry flour.

2. Combine 2 egg yolks, four tablespoons of oil or melted butter, and two cups of milk. The butter gives richer pancakes. I usually add a little extra milk for good measure because you don't want a batter that is too thick.

3. Add 2 whipped egg whites. This is the key because the egg whites give you a fluffy batter.

4. That's it. The other critical item is a good griddle at the proper temperature. I have a large, black griddle that works great. Also, I'm a purist about syrup. Only 100% real maple syrup will do. And butter, no margarine. Also, I usually grease the griddle with a bit of butter.

I'm enjoying Fairbanks (moved here in August from Massachusetts), but there are no good breakfast restaurants here. I occasionally would have pancakes out but only at restaurants that do a good job with them. Most don't. I had a great breakfast in Boulder a few years ago. Don't remember the name of the restaurant but the pancakes were excellent.

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Name Rich Boone

Recipe I love pancakes. Early one morning I went to my favorite pancake restaurant. I ordered pancakes. Anyway, when the waiter came by, his head fell into my plate of pancakes.I couldn't believe it. Then he started eating the pancakes with his bodiless head. The body was dancing like a chicken with its head cut off.I poured syrup on his head and then left, and I never heard from the waiter again. That's some crazy stuff. I love pancakes.
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Name Jon Kostal

Recipe Does anyone else out there make Teddy Bear pancakes? This was a favoritechildhood memory of mine. Now, I make these for my kids whothink they taste better than "regular" ol' round ones. We also doBunny pancakes and other seasonal themes.I'm working on takingpancakes to a higher art form!
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Name Em

Recipe According to the Los Angeles Times, the best pancakes in the city areat Dupars. I worked at the one in 1000 Oaks (this was the coffee shop in Thelma &Luise) Anyhow, the recipe was off the bag of ClabberGirl Baking Powder. Do you have this recipe? I have looked forit for a long time. The best pancakes(real fluffy)
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Name Darryl Clark

Recipe I am ecstatic to find this pancake area on the web. Having lived in Austin, TX, one of America's pancake meccas, and travelled around the country sampling pancakes in 47 states, I now live in the pancake-impoverished town of Arkadelphia. Can anyone help me? (I'll be back to share a recipe another day.)
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Name Dr.Barry McVinney

Recipe I am looking for a recipe for pancakes from the Pancake Pantry restaurant in Nashville, Tennesse. Any ideas what the great secret recipe is???
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Name Betsy

Recipe PLEASE-a few years ago I enjoyed the BEST sour dough pancakes in a restaurant in Jackson Hole Wyoming. NOW I have my own sourdough, but I need a good recipe to go with it. Who can help me?
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Name Michael

Recipe While it's fun to experiment with making pancakes from scratch, none beat the mouthwatering experience of those fluffy morsels made with Robby's World Famouse Pancake Mix from http://cci-web.com/pancakes . Enjo!!!
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Name Dave Navarro

Recipe I eat pancakes every morning - you would think that I would like waffles, but pancakes are the love of my life!
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Name Kristi Waffle

Recipe Any kind of pancakes, I love it!Any time in a day, I'll eat 'emAny restaurants serve it, I don't careI just love Pancakes!!!
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Name Pauline Lumban Toruan

Recipe If your ever in New York City, try the pancakes at "A Great Place to Eat" on 85th and Amsterdam. They make the best bannan walnut pancakes.
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Name Dawn

Recipe Could anyone tell me the secret behind I-HOP's And Perkinspancakes? They are so light and airy, I've tried everythingPlease Help!!! I even worked at a Perkins when I was a kidand I still don't know. Thankyou Kurt, boomer@nac.net
Email boomer@nac.net
Name Kurt Randolph

Recipe I want an american version of swedish pancakes please?
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Name Mazie Parker

Recipe If anyone out there is familiar with the Wheatland Folk Festival inRemus, Michigan...there's a restaurant in downtown Remus called Helen's("Where Friends Meet to Eat") that serves delicious buckwheat pancakes;they're always falling-apart tender, never tough. If you ever get lostin central lower Michigan, check it out.
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Name anonymous

Recipe Yep, we're a regular pancake house, too. Everyone has theirown favorites and I've tried experimenting with a few customrecipes of my own. But believe it or not, I still like AuntJemima's buttermilk the best....not the instant "add water" mix. About 15 years ago I tried a fantastic Aunt Jemimabaked apple cinnamon pancake recipe printed on the box. I lostthis recipe and wondered if anyone knows if Aunt Jemima hason-line recipes. If so, would appreciate hearing from you.
Email wdare@execpc.com
Name Bill Dare

Recipe My favorite are apple pancakes....but I am partakingin the planning of a pancake breakfast for a fundraiserfor my local fire house....Does anyone have reliable recipe for 300 people???? Please help me if you canThank You!!!! :)
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Name Jere

Recipe Recipe: When I was little, my dad had two special recipes for pancakes. One was Swedish pancakes, which were basically crepes that we would roll with bacon, powdered sugar, and lemon juice. The other one was Apple pancake. Preheat theoven to 350, and peel and skin enough apples to cover the bottom of a casserole pan. Add walnuts if you like. Then mix melted butter and brown sugar together until it is a very thick suryp, and pour that over the apple pieces. Mix well!Mix up a batch of regular pancake mix and pour that over thesugared apples. Bake the whole thing for 45-60 minutes, oruntil the "crust" is done. Serve while hot, but watch yourtounge! Hot apples are VERY hot!
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Name Lissa

Recipe 1 egg. 4onz flour half pint milk (full cream) Melted marshmallows
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Name ozz and si

Recipe One day I was walking down the raod and I wondered "why don't I treat my self to a nice, wonderful pancake." I then proceded to stuff my self silly with pancakes covered in peaches and cream. I love them, I can't get enough of them. I live in our local pancake house. I sometimes have this wonderful dream where I dive into a huge vat of pancake mixture. Once I am in the mixture it begins to cook and solidify around me in the lovely way pancake mixture does. Any way, I'm going off on a tangent. The only way I can escape is by eating my way out. I am stuck in this vast mass of pancakes, I can't breath but I am eating pancakes so I don't care. That is the way I want to go, drowning in a huge vat of pancakes......to be continued
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Name franco

Recipe 5000 dead cats, a drop of acid ........sorry the almighty pancake demon took over . I sometimes can't control the demon inside me ,thrusting out from within,ready to take over the world and kill all the savage,blood sucking devils ....those bas....sorry,here is my mixture 1 egg of a hahuum monkey (you may have to go to the planet wilnefograndus for this) MILK,MILK,MILK,MILK.......I crave for MIIIILLLLLLKKKKK!!!!!! Got to go now,the monsters of pancake hell are upon me.....thay are closing in and will strike soon BEWARE WE ARE ALL DOOMED ,PANCAKES MUST TRIUMPH!!!!!!!
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Name Guffer the almighty pancake demon

Recipe The best pancakes I've found are in Old Colorado City at the Mountain Shadows Restaurant. They are so good you don't even need the syrup! However, if you feel the need, they also have the best homemade maple syrup!!
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Name Julie Bixby

Recipe Hey, why not make a site like this where everyone can submit their pancake pictures!Or, better still: slap them right on the flatbed scanner!The ultimate pancake archive.
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Name Jean (remove star for real e-mail adress)

Recipe This is truely the saddest collection of people I have ever come across, get out more, travel, enjoy other cultures and foods, talk to people, drink beer, get laid. Honestly guys there is a lot more to life than eating pancakes in the same restuarant every Thursday night.The maple syrup, dont waste it, take it to bed an lick it off you girlfriends tits, use your imagination it could be fun !
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Name Muffin man

Recipe Make pancakes as you usually would (I prefer the Bisquick Mix). In the batter add 2 drops of bluefood coloring. Add drops accordingly to serving size.Cook as usual. Serve with syrup or none!!! Deliciousany way you like 'em!!!!!!!!!
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Name Chelsea

Recipe I love pancakes.... I really do.... But my boyfriend has fantasies about Mrs. Butterworth and Aunt Jemima ~ so I try to stay off the pancake subject.... Hey.... any of you ladies out there have this same problem?
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Name Casey

Recipe Here in Europe we have what the Americans (and the French, and everybody else if they want to show off)call crepes - very thin, big pancakes. They're nice, even though I've kinda acquired a fancy for the North American ones. Anyway, our thin ones are at their best rolled round a block of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chopped hazel nuts and just a touch of raspberry jam. Yum yum...or you could just have them cold with butter and sugar - spread the butter on the pancake (or crepe), sprinkle with sugar and roll it up. this tasted great when I was a kid, but for some odd reason it seems to have lost its appeal...
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Name Anne

Recipe Pancakes are something a mouth can only truly understand. I was eating pancakes by the stack before I had teeth. I would make pancakes several times a week and twenty-five or more at a time. My three younger brothers love pancakes too. I happen to have a special touch in making a beautiful, golden, fluffy pancake. I am in Brazil as a foreign exchange student. It is a land where pancakes have not visited the mouths of these unfortunate people. I am so happy to find this site. I am going to introduce them to pancakes. They will love me forever and cherish the rich flavor never before recieved by their mouths.
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Name Jenny Johnson

Recipe when I was 3 years old I was kidnapped by aliens from another planet (I guess that's why they call them aliens). They took me to their big spaceship which was shaped like a pancake and flat like a pancake, actually it even tasted like a pancake. So they told me that the pancake culture on their planet was much more developed and pancakes are all they eat. So anyway they fed me a lot of pancakes and then they returned me home. and since then I've had a terrible craving for nutmeg and goat leg salad. err. ya. goodbye.
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Name Soop Soop Pancake Floppa

Recipe bisquick is not cutting it.yuk yuk.i need a pancake recipe that tastes like IHOP the international house of pancakes.or at least a pancake that tastes yummy.Got any??????
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Name jilene

Recipe bisquick is not cutting it.yuk yuk.i need a pancake recipe that tastes like IHOP the international house of pancakes.or at least a pancake that tastes yummy.Got any?????? oops typed my address wrong the first time.
Email jfram@pclink.com
Name jilene

Recipe Simple (and the BEST)Get DRUNK. Head over the the MILBRAE PANCAKE HOUSE.Order 'em up & load up your gut.Enjoy!!!
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Name Mikie (NOT Al...)

Recipe So there i was right? breakfast time, right?and I'm just eating a pancake, like you do, right?and allof a sudden - Out go the soddin' lights! CO-INCIDENCE - I think bloody not right? cause 10 secondslater (though it seemed like a bloody lifetime - i can tell yer ) , 10 seconds later right? ON they come againright? and it's MOVED ain't it ! CO - NOT - INCIDENCE darei say it ! That was on the Tuesday though right ? Then on Wednesday right, no don't go, wednesday right - This chick right? she knocks on my door right? Asking toborrow some FLOUR ! CO - NOT - INCIDENCE again - said she lives downstairs , I wonder....
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Name Way Outthere

Recipe My good friend and I have held the opinion for several years that pancakes are the cure to all physical and mental ailments.\Pancakes make everyone happy. We have spent many a morning at the booths of good old IHOP in Saugus, Ca.
Email mss56210@csun.edu
Name Molly

Recipe If you ever find your way to Minneapolis, you must get to Al's breakfast in Dinkytown. It is small (only 16 barstools), dark and home of the best buckwheat pancakes I've ever had.
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Name Joe

Recipe Once my wife and I were in a pancake house and a girl at the next table ordered a chili omlette and a short stack. When the waitress brought her order she asked for ketchup. I thought it was for the eggs but she put it on the pancakes instead of syrup. Often wondered but never had the nerve to try.
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Name Pete Garner

Recipe Pancakes ate my balls.
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Name Eilleen Dover and Phil Down

Recipe I hate pancakes. They're always crawling up my leg and into my pants and biting the inside of my ass, and I'm like "Hey, get outta my ass you stupid pancakes!"
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Name bg

Recipe Ok, so I was like, spinning at a party once before, you know,I'm this dj, and so I was totally ripped at the time... butmy friend was making pancakes at the party, so I asked himif he could make a few for me. A few "p"s, we like to callthem that. :) So he did. And he threw them over to me, soI decided it would be easy to pour the syrup on them if I just put the pancakes on my turntables! This is especiallyamazing that I came to this conclusion, because, like Iwas so ripped at that point. The pancakes were like breathingor something man. So anyways, I put them on the tables, andput it up to 45 rpm, and poured the syrup on them and itworked pretty good! Except the placemat tasted kindarubbery. So, like I put another one on the other turntable anddecided to play it! I threw it in the mix! And surprisinglyenough, it actually played! (We used our new Keoki Griller from HSN). But, like the pancake had all this strange satanic lyrics and to our amazement, it wasn'tactually satanic lyrics, but Hanson played backwards! MmmBop!
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Name Active Ingredient

Recipe Bisquick, milk, 2 eggs whites, no yolks. Lots of syrup.No onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce or ground beef. I hatecheeseburger pancakes. Unless of course you have extraketchup. OH! I thought this was the "What do you wear onthe weekends site." Sorry.
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Name Big Flopper

Pancake Trivia

Dorothy would not have wanted to leave Kansas if she had known about International Pancake Day, observed in the town of Liberal.

Held Shrove Tuesday (the 49th annual celebration is on Feb 24, 1998), the festivities begin with a pancake breakfast and culimnate in a race for women.

At the start and end of the S-shaped 415-yard course, each entrant - adorned in housedress, apron and head scarf - must flip a pancake in the skillet without using a utensil.

There are also pancake-eating and pancake-flipping contests, a talent show and a beauty pageant.

One of the race participants is always from Olney, England, where a similar event occurs on the same day and where the tradition originated: Some 550 years ago, a woman was making pancakes to use up fat before Lent. When she heard the church bell ring, she ran, skillet in hand, to get to church on time.

For details, call 316-624-6427. Excerpted from Bon Appetit 1/98.

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Name Whitey

Recipe Tangy pancakesOne cup BisquickOne cup buttermilkOne eggUse a little butter on the griddle.My original recipe & I have more.
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Name Ted Smith

Recipe I agree totally that Aunt Jamima is tops, but since I live in a very small town, I get it mailed to me via Netgrocer or equivalent.

I'm writing because I thought you might want to try one thing that I really found that makes the cakes irresistible; Add real vanilla to the mix. Always use real butter and most of all, Mix in equal parts, real maple syrup, clover honey, and molasses syrup, microwave till warm, and shake. Hard to beat that.

You will think you died and went to heaven, and besides, with all of that good nutrition, your feet won't even touch the ground for hours after breakfast.

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Name Dave

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Name Leah Ca

Recipe Help, I get so desperate for pancakes I bring boxes of mix home with me after travelling to the states. I am desperate for some basic buckwheat recipes because I am out of mix!My favorite way to eat pancakes is to go into the forrests of Finland and pick bilberries (a realtive of blueberries which grow on bushes). After cleaning the berries for debris I add gobbs to my favorite pancake mix. Since I am cooking with a wood stove at my cottage I prefer "cowboy" coffee and pure maple syrup lately I have been cooking up some bacon to add a little salt to my palate.Just like a fine wine which doesn΄t need fancy extras a simple meal of bilberry pancakes with good friends and family warms the heart as well as the fills the stomach.Now I have more energy to pick more bilberries and after that take a Sauna and swim and dream about more pancakes to start of the next morning!
Email davekirsi.james@pp.inet.fi
Name david james

Recipe I love Aunt Jemima's just-add-water recipe, slightly stirred so as to avoid toughness, and Aunt Jemima butter-lite syrup on top. Be sure to butter the grill after every pankcake!!
Email rmiller@novations.com
Name Ryan Miller

Recipe I, too, like the famous Ryan Miller love the Aunt Jemima's just-add-water recipe. There is nothing better than whipping up a quick batch of pancakes to combat those mid-afternoon hunger pangs. Also, pancakes on sunday are a special treat!
Email jstahmann@dentrix.com
Name John Stahmann

Recipe Pancake web site alert!!!www.geocities.com/athens/delphi/8338
Email greeley
Name adrian massey

Recipe I am looking for the recipe for IHOP's Harvest Grain pancakes. Does anyone have the recipe or one that is very close? Please email me. Thanks rcright5@airmail.net
Email rcright5@airmail.net
Name C Wright

Recipe Look, my wife invited me to join the 'can't cook, won't cook' club. you know enough now.Bye
Email livinus@hotmail.com
Name lieven

Recipe My best pancake experience was this page.
Email forbiddenobject@yahoo.com
Name Forbidden Object (pancakes)

Recipe i JUst LuV TosE Shake Pour Stir Flip Eat! PAnKakes. i Even COpied n PaSted A Few AnD TheN PRinTED TheM OUT !* ThEY WEre GoOD. ThOUGh They COULd use SaLT!
Email WaTT THe F**k is daT?
Name SorrY i CAn no'T TeLL U

Recipe Goat's milk is the key to a great pancake.
Email amajoori@caprine.net
Name Ahmed Majoori

Recipe The best pancakes I have ever eaten were made with cottagechesse to cut the fat. These were the lightest, delectable pancakes ever. I beleive Dixie Crystal Sugar put out the recipe and I am desperate to get my hands on it. Can you help me out?
Email yeadonh@ahqb.soc.mil
Name Hermean Yeadon

Recipe The best pancakes ever are from a recipe in "The Cake Bible" - it's athick (and expensive) book detailing how to make any kind of cake allthe way to a large tiered wedding cake and all the sculptures. It's notan easy recipe but they key is to beat the egg whites seperately with alittle cream of tartar until they form stiff peaks, then fold into theflour (use cake flour!), buttermilk, egg yolks, unsalted butter, bakingpowder, salt mixture.

I'm sure doing that to the eggs in any recipe and using cake flour wouldimprove the fluffiness - another tip was adding frozen blueberries righton the griddle - that way you could space them out and when you flippedthe cakes it is just enough time to thaw them so they are perfect.

Tip number three - only use Grade B real maple syrup from Vermont - it'sdarker and richer and has more maple flavor than any other syrup...

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Name Whitney

Recipe One needs only to look outside his or her window to see the effects brought down upon the earth by the Pancake-Waffle Wars of 2017. Many of the pancake recipies have been lost in the war, but rumors are that some have survived, and secret societies are stirring batter and flipping cakes in underground caverns, slowly building their pancake armies for the next great confrontation (as prophesized by pancake visionary Jah-Mhima). But that's another story. Towards the end of the pancake wars, one brave warrior stood as protector of all that was good and syrupy - Mix Strawberry, a drifter known for his cunning against waffle warriors and skill with a spatula... to be continued...
Email pancakeraver@gordyville.warehouse
Name Lawgiver

Recipe I have an uncontrollable urge for pancakes! It started after I had my second child in 1992 (a darling boy). But not as cute as you. Anyway, as I said before, I'm obsessed with pancakes! I'll get up at two in the morning just to make my favorite kind. Here's my awesome recipe (delicious!):5 cups of usual pancake batter w/ half a cup of amaretto coffee mixed in (to give the treat a kick! ά)half a cup of shredded coconuthalf a cup of shredded apple bitsthree fourths a cup of choclate syrup (yum!)half a cup of chopped up pineapple bitshalf a cup of crunched Oreo bitsdried peel of one orangeThis may sound gross, but it is delicious! My grandmother passed this recipe on to my dad, and he passed it on to me, as I have passed it on to my darling son. I love him dearly (smoochie, smoochie) as I do the recipe. I hope that I have made the pancake world a better place to live in. Thanks to everyone the contributed to this speech. I love you dearly. Peace forever,Susie Becker :)
Email newt017@hotmail.com
Name susie becker

Recipe i love pancakes; hot, round, buttery and dripping syrup.
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Name anonymous

Recipe Put choclate chips in the batter then cook then put on syrup and a smiley whipcream face
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Name Meliadoul

Recipe My favorite pancakes are IHOP's Buttermilk.
Email waycuilis@msn.com
Name John Waycuilis

Recipe Actually I was looking for the pancake pictures and got here by accident. But as I adore pancakes I thought why not to write how good these things are. Sorry, but I can't tell you any receipt, because every time I make them different!Enjoy your own cakes and be great!!!
Email pornikas@usa.net
Name Kairi

Recipe the more milk the fluffier the pancakes will be
Email jsmith@hotmail.com
Name anon

Recipe I lived on Krusteaz for a year in Boulder. What a pancake; what a name!
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Name Dave

Recipe My Grandmother made potato pancakes that were rolled flat like tortillas,lightly browned on a grill and finally slathered with butter. I've been looking for years for the recipe with no luck. Does anyone know what I'm talking abut?
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Name Donna Utsler

Recipe My favorite pancake experience was the time I was running from my home in the Northeast to a point in the northernmost tip of Alaska. It is a tough run because you have to plan on many temperature changes. But in my backpack I carried my bottle of Shake and Pour Bisquick Pancake mix and I was able to shake, shake, shake, and eat, eat, eat. Sometimes, when I was really on the run I couldn't cook them, so I would just drink the liquid batter. Mmmm...hard to digest on the run, but satisfying all the same! Email me if you would be interested in running with me.
Email chamilton@wellesley.edu
Name Charlotte H.

Recipe My favorite is the sweet potato pancake served at the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg. I would LOVE to have the recipe if anyone has it!
Email blackdog@bbtel.com
Name Teresa

Recipe Yo! so on an October Monday morn in Taos, NM, at Micheal's restaurant we snagged some Atole-Pinon pancakes....Yum! Better than listening to Emmylou Harris sing "Boulder to Birmingham"......!
Email anonymous
Name anonymous

Recipe I found a recipe for IHOP pancakes on the Top Secret Recipes web site (http://www.topsecretrecipes.com/recipes/IHOP1.htm) I tried them this morning and can say that they were deliciously light and fluffy just like IHOP!
Email jyoder@lhs.com
Name John Yoder

Recipe I have no recipe persay, seeing as how I should not be allowed near a kitchen. ( some of my cooking experiments have turned out to be quite dangerous )Anywho.. In those latest of the moonlit hours when the drugs and alcohol are still playing thier sweet music with your metabolism.. and you know all too well what horrible soberness the daylight will bring.. Oh woe to those who have no local diner to satisfy thier craving for pancakes. So tasty, so filling, and so cheap.
Email I-dont@have-one.com
Name Reveren` Maleckthigor of the East Coast


Recipe One time I saw Deion Sanders running down the median strip on highway 41, naked, with his hair on fire, flipping pancakes 3 at a time. I almost crashed my car, Foghat was on the radio. I noticed that I had 2 different color socks on so I pulled into IHOP and plunged into a double order of beautiful pancakes swimming in an ocean of maple syrup. I farted twice then left a healthy tip. Back on the road I saw Deion again, this time he was throwing chicken wings dipped in pancake batter at tractor trailers and they stuck to the sides. I got home late that day.
Email popsickle@hersheysquirt.euw
Name mohawk

Recipe I fell in love with Perkins' pancakes and have been trying to duplicate them for years. Does anyone know how they make them? I heard it was club soda, but that didn't do much. Help?
Email rowdy200@yahoo.com
Name Ralph

Recipe I love pancakes very much!I eat them for every meal with shrimp, bacon, vegetables, beans, scallions, and tonatoes
Email fruitcake@aol.com
Name marty vespo

Recipe Go to Sam's club, get a big thing on Krusteaz pankake mix. Take a cup of that, 3/4 cup of water, mix and stir. Pour into a really big, well greased (read: buttered) frying pan on medium heat. Mix more while you wait. Makes one really big ass pancake. Oh yeah for the best pancakes in town I go to IHOP. MMM... blueberry pancakes...
Email musicstore@clinic.net
Name Forrest

Recipe David's Perfect Pancake Recipe

I experimented until I hit upon this recipe. I have never tasted better pancakes nor has ANYONE who hastried them. Let me know how you like them. ENJOY!!!

2 cups flour (I always sift after measuring)
1 & 1/2 cups milk (I sometimes add a bit so it's a little runny)
2 eggs
1/8 cup sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp of salt

BEAT WELL! Fry on medium to medium-high and turn themwhen the bubbles stop popping or when bottoms are gettingdark brown. Serves 3 to 4. (I would also recommend using REAL maple syrup on them)

Email dtmaurer@ix.netcom.com
Name David Maurer

Recipe My Grandmother came to the U.S. in 1905, from Varmland Sweden, bringing with her the most wonderful recipe for Plattar ( thin pancakes) better known as Swedish pancakes , or Svensk Pannkakor. Currently, the recipe is available for sale.e-mail me for details, and create your own delicious tradition,as we Nelson's have here in the States.
Email Naduah2@aol.com
Name Nelson

Recipe Hello! I'm looking for a basic pancake recipe. Thanks for sending it back to me.
Email nat-legrand@yahoo.fr
Name Nat

Recipe I just want to go on record that I really do not like pancakes that have been cooked too long on one side and are nearly impossible to cut with a fork.

I don't like tough cakes. My two recent pancake adventures at restaurants in Boulder left me unfulfilled due to the toughness of the cakes. Whahhh!

The ideal cakes cut easily with a fork and go down fluffy and light. Yummy!

Email softie@pancakes1.org
Name Softie

Recipe Why did the fart not want to took big fat mama
Email www.mr.man head.com
Name Sagintooter

Recipe If visiting downtown Los Angeles, California USA, the best pancakes are to be had at the Original Pantry Cafe, open 24 hours.
Email kq6bs@qsl.net
Name Jim

Recipe Mix two cups of whole wheat flour with 1/2 tsp salt and baking soda.Add two cups of Mr Pibb (not that nasty Dr Pepper... that insane prune fiend) to two cups of whole wheat flour mixture. Stir in one beaten egg.Ladle onto hot skillet with cakes about 4 inches in diameter. Serve with Ms Butterworths Syrup and 3 gallons of Mr Pipp/Consult gastro enterologist within 3 hours or seek emergency medical treatment. Kathy will you marry me???? PLease!!!!!
Email MP@Cocacola.com
Name Mister Pibb

Recipe Actually, at my school, I always talk about pancakes. I get strange looks from all over. I have two secret identities: Fluffy Pancake Man Agent Flap Jack "00-Splut!"
Email clownx@hotmail.com
Name Cliff Mak

Recipe Pancakes are the best breakfast food to eat,with a glass of orange juice on the sidre makes the whole breakfast morning complete.Also with a side of scrambled eggs or however you like to eat them.
Email GeorgeF@mediaone.net>
Name Brandi

Recipe I like pancakes in my headI like pancakes in my bedI like pancakes up my noseI like pancakes when it snows
Email sorrado@aol.com
Name E. J. Richter

Recipe Does anyone have the recipe for IHOP's harvest grain pancakes or know of a recipe for harvest grain. They are great!
Email TRosa5@aol.com
Name David

Recipe small recipe.... 1 cup fpour1 eggmilk to desired consistencyalittle saltalittle sugar if you so desireI love pancakes and they fill a void sometimes... goodluck
Email grltrucker@aol.com
Name Jennifer pancake fiend

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

Recipe fuk da' pancakes
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Name EvilMan

Recipe Best place so far for pancakes? DuPar's at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, CA. Fairfax and Third. A short stack is plenty. They charge you extra for butter, but that's just the way it is. This place also has great doughnuts.
Email seventhworld@att.net
Name mike

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

Recipe When i was a little kid and we did not have a lot to eat, we would mix some Manureinto the dough. It tasted great. I can sit here and remember the smell.Ahh Yeah....Oh My, I just came across myself. Oh Well
Email Homer@aol.org
Name Homer

Recipe The best GERMAN pancakes can be found in Fort Worth, Texas, at Old South Pancake House; you haven't lived until you've eaten them. Happy lemons, powdered sugar, and butter all swimming atop a monster pancake!!! Also, HyTop pancake mix beats Hungry Jack by a long shot, and a heck of a lot cheaper!
Email mlbraley@aol.com
Name missy

Recipe Make your favorite mix, I prefer to use Bisquick. Add extra milk to make the batter thinner. Sprinkle in some cinnamon - just enough to taste it in the finished pancakes. Delicious with a little butter and honey!
Email dattx@hotmail.com
Name David

Recipe Hey Babe---warm and cozy site ya got here! Kind of insane too, and I also appreciate you including those imaginative individuals who "butter their pancakes on the other side," shall we say? Anyway, back in the days when I was a free-thinking vegetarian, and more likely to experiment with food, I tried to think of ways to deliciously incorporate more fiber into my diet. I discovered tossing a handful or two of All-Bran cereal into a regular mix of Aunt Jemima or Krusteaz batter and letting it sit for 10 or 15 minutes before cooking gave my pancakes a lovely sort of texture and flavor. Best eaten with butter, of course, and some may blanch, but I have always preferred butter-flavored syrups to even pure maple. Also, a Pancake Memory that stands out in my mind is when I was having my car serviced and the nearest place to kill time and have a bite to eat was a very ancient-looking Aunt Emma's Pancake House in the National City area of San Diego. I ordered the coconut pancakes, which I'd never seen anywhere before. Not only were they heavenly by themselves, but they actually were served with a special coconut-flavored syrup! (caution: try it a little at a time--which I always do anyway to get the right taste--because it's quite sweet!) That was years ago, yet I haven't forgotten it to this day! Thanks!
Email I_Memnet@webtv.net
Name Tja

Recipe What is it with pancakes and funerals??
Email comfortfood.com
Name Binx

Recipe Could someone please give me the recipe to the awesome dutch baby or german pancake it is of great urgent demand for me!!!!THANK YOU!!!!
Email chris74@prodigy.net
Name chris

Recipe My favorite restaurant for pancakes is the Original Pancake House in Englewood. They make a huge, mouth-watering German apple pancake with cinnamon for about $6. I can only eat about half of it, but get the other half to go for eats later! Can't throw away that sugar!
Email Elizabeth.Shulze@colorado.edu
Name Smiley

Recipe The best pancakes ever are ones with a whole lotta chocolate chips added (>cup at least), smothered in chocolate sauce instead of maple. My mouth's watering just thinking about 'em.
Email mariannem59@hotmail.com
Name The choco fiend

Recipe Can you believe they do NOT sell Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix here in Oregon? It's always the "Complete" version, which we all know is NOT as good. Can anyone direct me to a site where I can purchase online?Dying for some decent pancakes!
Email Sharyl_Fickas@yahoo.com
Name Sharyl

Recipe I hate pancakes. It's such a waste of web space to do such a page.
Email bob@memphis.qc.ca
Name Bob Gratton

Recipe Hahaha ! Me and my 3-billion-men squad are going to conquer the world with our new pancake recipe. The whole universe will be mine and I'll eat it slowly with maple syrup on the top ... And I ain't gonna tell you my recipe, you cooks will just burn in Hell while I'll be enjoying my excellent pancakes. The end is near.
Email webmaster@holychurch.com
Name The Archbishop of The Holy Church Of The Saint Name Of The Allmighty Pancake

Recipe I put a panacake in my CD player to here deby gibson, but no music come out. what to do? does any have the recipee for good tuneful panacakes? My frien had a bigblack panacake and he put it on his record player and In a gadda da vida came out! It was cool! We danced the night long and then ate the panacake in the mornin' with some yummydelicious kind of surup!
Email T1G@shmacky.com
Name That one guy

Recipe I want some warm, soft, pillowy pancakes right now, dripping in butter and pure maple syrup.

Coffee, milk, made even a breakfast sausage.

Thanks for your support in this matter.

Email dek@eatup-mary.com
Name whitey dekootay

Recipe I love making pankakes with my bud Ellie. She makes the best pankakes. We have our own little store called Jenellys. Come and try them, they'll be the best you'll ever had.
Email JLSOC21
Name Jen

Recipe euhhhh. you put buterr in a bowl.euh. you couk it and euh..you poure some eggs in ittand thatsitgreat pancakes comme dans mon temps sti 1 euh non sti: !
Email Gilles.thinkbig.americanpancakes.mangedlamarde.anti-ihsc.gilles
Name Gilles

Recipe First of all, l'evidence est une attrappe.pour you, american bald asses full of air, bandes d'obιsitιs anorexiquesDon't you get it you are all getting fooled by your freakin pancakeswatch out or the pancakes will it you with blood sirupSecond of all.Gilles rulez, Third of allQuel gaspillage de talent!What a waste of talent!
Email tributetogilles.lenonsoid_etre.membre101duantiihsc
Name danger le photocopiage tue le livre

Recipe look up ChrisCakes.comI make pancakes for a living-sh
Email ccakes@micoks.com
Name Steve Hamilton

Recipe You all must be very fat people.
Email anonymous
Name Carrie

Recipe Okay, Santa Fe, right?

On the Plaza, right? Lincoln St. Plaza Restraurant.

Order the Blue Corn Pinon pancakes and a side of chirizo.

Great service - leave a big tip. Keep smiling all day.

Email ohyouknow@hereiam.com
Name Whitey

Recipe I love to eat German Pancakes. Especially those from the Original Pancake House. Can anyone tell me how to get a very good recipe on German pancakes? Thanks.
Email wyeung@ixpres.com
Name Wing Yeung

Recipe I like banna pancakes and Swedish pancakes and potatoe pancakes. Would like some recipes for pancakes too.
Email ceceliaday@webtv.net
Name evelyn day

Recipe I LOVE PANCAKES!!!! Whenever my family goes out for breakfast, I must get pancakes. I admit at first I did not like them, because I was forced to eat them. I am allergic to eggs. But as I grew up my love also grew. I now order pancakes even at dinner. My favorite recipe is for hungarian pancakes (Palacsinta): 2 eggs, 1 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 tsp. salt,3/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup sugar. beat eggs until light in medium size bowl. blend in milk and salt. put flour and sugar into egg mixture beat with blenderjust until smooth. pour through seive to remove lumps. thinly coat bottom of frying pan with mixture. the pancake should bubble. flip gently. will make paper thin pancakes. Roll with ciniamon sugar or fresh fruit. enjoy!
Email rajoy@juno.com
Name Rachel Wilson

Recipe My favorite pancake experience is when me and my brother had a pancake eating contest i ate 150 pancakes in ahalf hour my brother could only eat 87! All my friends said they can't believe i still like pancakes they would not be able to look at pancakes again i said but i love pancakes!!!
Email Babe318@hotmail.com
Name Veronica Saluga

Recipe Whose aunt is Aunt Jemima? and is the nice lady married to Uncle Ben? Rice and pancakes....covered not with maple syrup but with pine syrup....and REAL IMITATION butter!!!
Email chemprof@mindspring.com
Name chemprof

Recipe i like pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!
Email mhgd
Name asdrg

Recipe Just back from the annual 3-wk climbing trip through the southwest and I want to share my new pancake experiences.

Had delicous blueberry pancakes in Durango at the East College Cafe on Sunday just prior to blowout of the tire two blocks from the WalMart (i usually don't support Sam, but it was the only place open on Sunday morning - and it sure was convenient. The folks working there were great. (Thanks!)

Later in the trip, after eating many one-pot meals and granola with soy milk for breakfast everyday, I had pretty good pancakes at a greasy spoon in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is an interesting town - like Boulder 10 years ago before Baby Gap and Gap for Pets opened on the Pearl St Mall - but try finding a shot of wheat-grass juice.

After a 2-hour search we found wheat-grass at the New Horizon Health Food store for $1.50/oz (bend over please).

But, it was worth paying for because it's so good for you. It gives me energy! I wonder how it tastes on PANCAKES?

adios till next time, su amigo.

Email oh_you_know@here.i.am
Name Whitey

Recipe Pancakes with beer are the best Yes i love pancakes!
Email BeerJames21@Excite.com
Name Skill

Recipe flour,eggs and milk
Email anonymous
Name anonymous

Recipe I can't remember a day that has gone by that I di not have pancakes for breakfast. Even when I sleep through breakfast, I eat a nice tall stack of buttermilks right when I wake up, no matter what the time.
Email smurface@purdue.edu
Name Smurf Spicoli

Recipe Pancakes are not a LOW CARB food.
Email canon-d@pacbell.net
Name Jim

Recipe Melted medium cheddar cheese on pancakes with no syrup. Yummy! (Don't knock it til you tried it).ORJif Peanut butter on pancakes with HOT Karo syrup (not molasses). Awesome!!!
Email jmarshall@alwc.org
Name jeff marshall

Recipe I eat pancakes.... Say no more.
Email bDover@mail.com
Name Ben Dover

Recipe i like pancakes in the sky i like pancakes in my eye i like pancakes in a van i like pancakes, i'm the man i like pancakes in the rain i like pancakes in my brain i like pancakes in the stream i like pancakes in a dream i like pancakes in a stew i like pancakes when they moo i like pancakes in the clock i like pancakes made of rock i like pancakes in my soup i like pancakes in the loop i like pancakes up the tree i like pancakes, look at me i like pancakes in the fog i like pancakes on my dog i like pancakes in the town i like pancakes upside down i like pancakes eating brie i like pancakes in torquay i like pancakes when it rains i like pancakes tied in chains i like pancakes drinking wine i like pancakes-upon-tyne i like pancakes flying low i like pancakes in the snow i like pancakes on my teeth i like pancakes underneath i like pancakes up my bum i like pancakes, hello mum i like pancakes smoking pot i like pancakes getting shot i like pancakes coming soon i like pancakes on the moon i like pancakes on the beach i like pancakes out of reach i like pancakes on the loo i like pancakes, so do you i like pancakes with a pipe i like pancakes getting ripe i like pancakes on the lawn i like pancakes in the morn i like pancakes in a chair i like pancakes everywhere i like pancakes oozing pus i like pancakes, there's a bus i like pancakes on the screen i like pancakes turning green i like pancakes in the air i like pancakes, tony blair i like pancakes at the bar i like pancakes in a jar i like pancakes on the floor i like pancakes more and more i like pancakes in the park i like pancakes in the shark i like pancakes on your head i like pancakes when i'm dead i like pancakes in the pub i like pancakes, there's the rub i like pancakes on your toes i like pancakes up your nose i like pancakes, they're so cool i like pancakes back at school i like pancakes on the phone i like pancakes on the throne i like pancakes on the wall i like pancakes best of all i like pancakes under here i like pancakes, have no fear i like pancakes, yes it's true i like pancakes, they like you i like pancakes in the wood i like pancakes, jolly good i like pancakes just an inch i like pancakes, david lynch i like pancakes when in rome i like pancakes packed in foam i like pancakes kicking ass i like pancakes taking mass i like pancakes paying tax i like pancakes, send a fax i like pancakes after eight i like pancakes in a crate i like pancakes set on fire i like pancakes up the spire i like pancakes in the north i like pancakes going forth i like pancakes bearing gifts i like pancakes working shifts i like pancakes spinning plates i like pancakes getting dates i like pancakes eating figs i like pancakes wearing wigs i like pancakes in a sack i like pancakes dressed in black i like pancakes in a tent i like pancakes paying rent
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Name E. J. Richter

Recipe anyone know a really good pancake house in london?
Email tom@dunelm.org.uk
Name Tom

Recipe Pancakes are the devil. They look like Hitler and are riddled with wheat. The fewer of them around the better.
Email anonymous
Name Tom Lethbridge

Recipe 1 bag of Aunt Jemima Batter1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chipsDirections: Mix, stir, fry, and eat
Email jambie7@hotmail.com
Name Jamie Blass

Recipe I know someone has said this before on this site, but using natural yoghurt instead of or as well as milk to any normal pancake mix really does improve the flavor and texture a lot.
Email anonymous
Name Janet Thomas

Recipe Some time ago, a guy calling himself Muffin Man wrote on this site that we were all extremely sad going on about pancakes all the time, and that we should get out more, etc. This troubled me greatly, and I really took it to heart. In the end, I decided I really had to find out for myself; and now I would like to share my findings with other pancake-lovers. Yes, I actually followed his advice. For months on end, I abstained from pancakes. During this period, I did everything he recommended, including traveling (and I have to thank Muffin Man for the great time I had in Bali), licking maple syrup off my girlfriend's naked body rather than saving it for the pancakes, and drinking a vast quantity of beer. Now that my extensive program of research is complete, I feel qualified to pronounce once and for all that Muffin Man was wrong. Nothing - BUT NOTHING - beats a good stack of pancakes. I now appreciate pancakes all the more for having tried a pancake-free lifestyle.
Email anonymous
Name Nigel Woodall

Recipe Some time ago, a guy calling himself Muffin Man wrote on this site that we were all extremely sad going on about pancakes all the time, and that we should get out more, etc. This troubled me greatly, and I really took it to heart. In the end, I decided I really had to find out for myself; and now I would like to share my findings with other pancake-lovers. Yes, I actually followed his advice. For months on end, I abstained from pancakes. During this period, I did everything he recommended, including traveling (and I have to thank Muffin Man for the great time I had in Bali), licking maple syrup off my girlfriend's naked body rather than saving it for the pancakes, and drinking a vast quantity of beer. Now that my extensive program of research is complete, I feel qualified to pronounce once and for all that Muffin Man was wrong. Nothing - BUT NOTHING - beats a good stack of pancakes. I now appreciate pancakes all the more for having tried a pancake-free lifestyle.
Email anonymous
Name Nigel Woodall

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Name Mr Anagram

Recipe I think Tom Lethbridge is wrong. Pancakes don't look anything like Hitler.
Email anonymous
Name Humbert Humbert

Recipe I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave that message twice.
Email anonymous
Name Nigel Woodall

Recipe I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave that message twice.
Email anonymous
Name Nigel Woodall

Recipe an interesting pancake-related exchange:http://www.chowhound.com/boards/crave2/messages/1046.html
Email anonymous
Name Derek Griffiths

Recipe FLAT FRITTERSDrain a can of corn and stir it into a batch of pancake batter. Bake on the griddle as usual. Tastes JUST LIKE corn fritters, but WITHOUT all the work. :)
Email JoeEkaitis@anthro-animal-art.com
Name Joe Ekaitis

Recipe Pancakes really help keep me warm on those long winter nights! I need all the energy I can get when delivering presents to the likes of Hoover Blackwell!!
Email santa@north.pole
Name Santa Claus

Recipe I would just like to say that I think those of us living in the States, Canada, Britain and other free countries should all take a moment to be grateful that, whether thin European crepes or fat American wedges, pancakes are freely available to us. After all, there are some places where possession of pancakes is a criminal offence, where pancake mix has to be bought on the black market at considerable personal risk to buyer and seller alike, where references to pancakes are routinely censored in the state-controlled media, and where pancake-eating is an illicit activity undertaken only in the dingy hide-outs of the underground resistance.
Email pancakerights@bonkers.org
Name Che Zelongue

Recipe one day i was playing pac-snake in my bedroom when i noticed it had got a bit darker, and i realized that part of the window had been blocked out. i went over to the window and could see a flat round object pressed against the other side of the pane, blocking some of the light. i was trying to identify this, when very suddenly a similar flat round object flew as if from out of nowhere, and slapped itself against the window, blocking out some more light. i was thrown back by the shock, but when i realized that i was in no danger, i went back to the window. it occured to me that the objects looked like pancakes, but i couldn't see why there would be pancakes flying around. i opened the window, with the intention of removing the offending pancakes, but before i could reach out to peel them off the glass, another one arrived at very high speed. the window was now open, and this third pancake flew straight into the room, and slapped onto the wall on the other side. it was bizarre, it didn't fall to the floor, but stuck instantly to the wall. it had hit the wall with such force that i feared i might be injured if any more came along. so i went to shut the window. but i was too late: as i reached up to shut the window, hundreds of pancakes started flying from all directions at the window. many stuck to the glass, and soon the whole window was covered in pancakes, several deep. others flew into the room. i myself was hit by several, and they threw me over onto the floor. luckily i was not hurt, though it was an unpleasant sensation to have so many pancakes clinging to my t-shirt, and the initial slap was somewhat akin to belly-flopping into a swimming pool. the pancakes meanwhile continued to hit the window and fly into the room, and the place looked a terrible mess. then i started eating them, and they tasted quite good, though if only they'd been made with a little yoghurt they'd have been excellent. soon after this some men wearing hats that looked a little like frying pans came into the room, and they took me away to the home where i live now. it's a very nice home and everyone is very kind to me, but we only get pancakes on shrove tuesday, and this year they didn't let me have any.
Email i've run away and got to an internet cafe
Name billy

Recipe Golly, what a lot of interesting information about pancakes! Some of the recipes are very good, and some of the other bits are very funny! I once fell over a pancake and had to say "bother!" very loudly!
Email dafukka@hiphop.net
Name MC Fukka

Recipe I LOVE PANCAKES too, but don't try making them with soya "milk". It doesn't work and they go all lumpy. I don't know what you use if you want to avoid cow/goat milk.
Email -
Name Jerry Lewis (not the famous one)

Recipe To make about 20 thin buttery pancakes, blend 4 eggs, 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of milk, and 1/4lb melted butter. Add a little salt to taste (esp. if the butter is unsalted), but not sugar. Put in the fridge for an hour or so, then get out the frying pan and get to work.
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Name Your Name

Recipe Here's an unusual recipe for anyone that wants to avoid dairy products in their pancakes.

Mix together 1&1/2 cups boiling water, 3/4 cup quick oats, 2 tbs honey and 3 tbs vegetable oil, and, separately, 1/2 cup cornmeal, 3/4 cup flour, 1&1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 3/4 teaspoon salt.

Pour the first mix into the second mix, and stir till the dry ingredients are moist. Spoon onto griddle or hot, lightly oiled frying pan.

Turn when surface is forming bubbles. Cook until browned. Serve with your favorite condiments. Thanks to Michelle Peterson, from whom I shamelessly stole the recipe.

Email anonymous
Name Anon

Recipe There is a well-known pancake puzzle, which goes as follows. You have a hat in which there are three pancakes: One is golden on both sides, one is brown on both sides, and one is golden on one side and brown on the other. You withdraw one pancake, look at one side, and see that it is brown. What is the probability that the other side is brown? Think about it, and you will probably decide that it is 50%. Think again. And don't keep pancakes in hats. More info at http://www.cut-the-knot.com/pancakes.html.
Email monkey@puzzle.tree
Name Puzzlemeister

Recipe A brief ode to fast food.

There was a young woman called Whitey,
Who set up an internet sitey.
She added with care
A message-board there
On pancakes, for wrong or for righty.

How quickly the message-board grew!
Poor Whitey knew not what to do -
The recipes were splendid,
But lunacy then did
Flood in from God only knows who.

For pancakes unite all the nations
(And syrup compounds their temptations).
I'd venture the trick
Is that pancakes are quick
In this age where we're all short of patience.

Email poet@andrewmotion.idiot
Name some ragged clown

Recipe Hi Everyone

Thanks for taking time to share your love of pancakes!

Here's a GREAT BIG HUG - Mmmmmuuuuufgh!

Hasta luego!

Email somewhere@the_top_of_the_world
Name whitey

Recipe One time, at band camp, I put a pancake up my pussy. Or do I mean a flute? Like, how do I know?
Email froydybear@nohitler.co.de
Name colin froyd

Recipe No, no, no. I have nothing to say about pancakes, and quite frankly, it's an impertinent question. I would be grateful any future requests for pancake recipes were addressed directly to the Joint Chiefs of Defence Staff, as they hold ultimate responsibility for such operational military matters. Thank you.
Email afjs3@yellow.net
Name Brigadier Sir Alan Farquar-Jameson-Scott

Recipe Ever find you've made one pancake too many? Feel you've finally eaten your fill? Well here's something you can do with that left-over pancake at the bottom of the stack. Why not use it to line the inside of your car's exhaust pipe. Use the handle of a long wooden spoon to ensure that the exhaust outlet is not blocked, and try to spread the pancake evenly around the inside of the pipe. If your car has a double exhaust then you'll need two spare pancakes, so don't skimp on that batter! This simple yet original idea serves no useful purpose, but sure beats the unpleasant spectacle of seeing a perfectly good pancake go to waste.
Email fortess@road.com
Name Terry Pie

Recipe I have written a movie script about an umemployed former factory worker who attempts to change his life by opening his flat in a northern council estate as a pancake parlour. Just before the pancake house opens, he tragically dies of injuries caused by his former work (the former factory boss is now a Tory life peer - a minor character who demonstrates the uncaring attitude of the right-wing establishment). The strong political message of the script (and some gritty, grainy, grimy location photos I took) have helped me to procure £20m of public funding, and I am sure the film will be a huge popular success. But my research for the script led me to consume many pancakes, and I have become so obsessed with them that I have decided to pull out of the project in order to devote myself full-time to pancake-eating. Would anyone care to take over the movie?
Email kpoach@oldlabour.org
Name Ken Poach

Recipe I was given a pancake machine for Christmas I was way psyched it's like this machine and you just put in some flour and some eggs and you pour milk into this special like chute and then like pancakes just totally come out of the back of the machine it's the coolest thing thanks for the pancake machine mom and dad.
Email zack@coolitmister.com
Name Zack

Recipe My great aunt, now sadly no longer with us, was called Pam Cake.
Email yuri@nate.ru
Name Hugh Street

Recipe I work in a Chinese restaurant, and we have a couple of oversized woks which we use sometimes for large orders. Just for fun I came into the restaurant once when it was closed and used one of these woks to make a really huge pancake, and I mean a really huge pancake. But it was difficult to keep the batter the same thickness - it all wanted to roll into the middle. I had to keep rolling the wok around all the time, it was a hassle. But I guess it was worth it in the end.
Email ohi
Name ANNE!!!

Recipe A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin, 5, Ryan, 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. "If Jesus were sitting here, He would say 'Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait.' Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, "Ryan, you be Jesus!"
Email dipsy@lala.po
Name Tinky Winky

Recipe It's not pining. It's passed on. This pancake is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If Whitey hadn't nailed it to the plate it'd be six feet under, pushing up the daisies. Its metabolic processes are now history. It's off the twig. It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible. This is an ex-pancake.
Email jc@andnow.co.uk
Name John "Say" Cleese

Recipe What are pancakes? I just don't understand.
Email saywhat@china.man
Name Confucius

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

Recipe Take 3 apples (preferably granny smiths) and core them. Add two tbs of olive oil, one chopped courgette/zucchini, a little orange marmalade, a handful of cornflakes, six small mushrooms, an electric eel (fake if necessary), half a sheet of blotting paper, a signed photo of Olivia Dukakis, a pinch of sugar and twelve live slugs. Throw it all away, and go out and buy some nice pancakes. Eat them if you're hungry.
Email anonymous
Name Nico Ladenis

Email anonymous

Recipe sometimes i make pancakes with food dye in - i like it when they're bright red or bright blue for example - people are sometimes put off by the color and don't want to eat them but then at least you can spread them out on the floor and play twister.
Email the_man@snipsnip.com
Name ben

Recipe I’d be interested in Ken’s film script but there are a few areas of concern. One, is it too upbeat? Secondly, I am concerned about the lack of ethnic minority characters and also about the hero setting up his own business, since this implies support of free enterprise and capitalism. It may be more relevant if the main character is a black lesbian who is confined to a wheelchair and suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome. Existing solely on taxpayers’ money, she sets up a fledgling trade union in her council flat to combat an influx of new right wing organisations which have suddenly inundated the area (as they do). She gains the support of all the unemployed miners , homeless people and unmarried mothers with more than 5 children but no income, and we focus in detail on the unremitting bleakness of all their lives. The film ends as they stage a unique protest march before being gunned down by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads . NB This should take place against a backdrop of a comprehensive strike by all the public services, as well as a major funding crisis in health and education. The actors should all have strong TV soap opera pedigrees, as should the director and cinematographer.
Email any.britishdirector@noaudience.co.uk
Name Mike Gleigh

Recipe OK, so pancakes are meant to be flat, right? Like it's what you say, right, "flat as a pancake", right? So I've had this pancake, I dunno, all my life I suppose, and it's always been flat, like they are, right? But now it seems to have developed two large lumps. I've bought some kitchen scales, and sure enough, it seems to have got heavier too. Bloody typical, that's what I say.
Email fatboy@slim.zoe
Name Johnny Ball

Recipe I love pancakes. I like them with apricot jam or with sugar and Grand Marnier (the liqueur). Also savoury pancakes can be good, especially with cheese in. Actually cheese pancakes are the best of all, and the more cheese in them the better. Actually if you have enough cheese you don't really need a pancake at all. God, I love cheese. A really good cheese is the best thing in the world. If the cheese is good enough, a pancake would really just get in the way. I hate pancakes.
Email sorrado@mail.com
Name E. J. Richter

Recipe Well the pancakes hate the waffles, and the waffles hate the pancakes. And the teacakes hate the muffins, and everybody hates the scones... but this is National Butterscotch Week.
Email tom@mathgenius.edu
Name T. Lehrer

Recipe I love eating pancakes every Sunday morning. My husband makes them for me on a soapstone griddle and we eat them with real vermont maple syrup.
Email anonymous
Name annie

Recipe I've just found the coolest thing. At Oregon State University, there's a Professor of Computer Science called Cherri M. Pancake. Her page on her faculty website is at http://www.cs.orst.edu/~pancake/index_toggle.html, and you can find plenty of information there on her research work. Alternatively, you can click on her picture, and she turns into a stack of pancakes. I am now madly in love with this woman.
Email sorrado@mail.com
Name sorrado

Recipe My favorite pancakes are light and fluffy ones. The best tasting ones are pecan.
Email elaine@earthling.net
Name Elaine

Recipe If God had meant us to eat pancakes, he would have given us big round flat tongues instead of thin waggly ones that fit through holes. It is a sin against our Divine Creator to eat anything except donuts.
Email stevewright@radio1alongtimeago.ono
Name Mr Angry

Recipe Uh, if anyone's, like, making a TV commercial for, like, PANCAKE MIX, uh, maybe they should order some extra for the shoot, and then, like, bring it home. Yeah, that would be cool. Huh huh huh huh.
Email you@look.like
Name Beavis

Recipe i like to shout the word pancake real loud in a bizarre foreign-sounding voice. my friend says it makes me sound retarded and i shouldn't do it, but i think it just sounds a bit english. like, british, you know? whatever. i guess that's my favorite pancake experience. thanks.
Email bb@boulder.co.us
Name Boulder Boy

Recipe Hi All

Just wanted to check in after returning from a climbing trip to El Potrero Chico, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Stayed at Rancho Cerro Gordo, you know, Kurt Smith's place, across from Homero's. Yes, it was PHAT!

I didn't have pancakes in Hidalgo, but I bought the best fresh tortillas there. I'm going back!

The Ranch has community cooking facilities and you can cook up a huge stack of pancakes for an early breakfast before racking up for a great climb named Snot Girlz. Take your comfortable shoes even if you're mostly a "sport" climber. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy!


Email whitey@hidalgo.mex
Name Whitey

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://home.rmi.net/~whitey/sapr.html

Recipe this old man, he plays one, he likes pancakes in the sun, with a nick nack paddywack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. this old man, he plays two, he likes pancakes in the zoo, with a nick nack paddywack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. this old man, he plays three, he likes pancakes up the tree, with a nick nack paddywack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. this old man, he plays four, he likes pancakes more and more, with a nick nack paddywack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. o no.
Email snotgirlz@sillyname.mex
Name Young Women of the Mucal Deposit

Recipe I used eat pancakes but seldom, generally prefering dry crackers or oatcakes. On occasion, however, I was partial to a modest quantity of mature blue cheese, which I found complimented the crackers admirably. And one time, at band camp, I ate five whole wheels of cheese. The dangerously high cholesterol levels which resulted from this binge led me to suffer a massive heart attack, which unfortunately was fatal. I am pleased to report that my health is significantly improved since my death, however, and I now find that I am developing something of a taste for pancakes. I am grateful to this site for providing me with several useful suggestions with regard to pancake preparation, etc. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Email saintagur@fullfat.co.fr
Name I'm Mud.

Recipe If you make large thin pancakes you can put a stack of them together and glaze them and bake them in an oven and they become hard and rubbery and you can use them as a frisbee.
Email lookonmyworks@despair.not
Name Ozymandias

Recipe Pancakes with melted Swiss Chocolate on them.
Email ***
Name Veronique

Recipe I like French crepes with sugar and Grand Marnier. From crepe stands in any French town.
Email double@vie.com
Name Veronika Kieslowski

Recipe The link to the form for submitting a recipe says "Submit your contribution for the love of pancakes!". I've started saying "for the love of pancakes" now instead of "for heaven's sake" or whatever I would have said before. And now my wife's started saying it too. And the other day, a friend said it out of the blue, because I guess he'd heard us say it so often. It will probably spread across the English-speaking world (from here in Denver, where everything starts).
Email npschultz2530@aol.com
Name Nigel Schultz

Recipe Today is Shrove Tuesday, which we in England celebrate by eating pancakes. These are usually large thin pancakes served with lemon and sugar, presented flat on the plate but then rolled up by the eater. My husband and I would like to send you our very best wishes on this special day. Sometimes I wear a pancake instead of my crown.
Email TheQueen@BuckinghamPalace.gov.uk
Name Elizabeth

Recipe Here in Newfoundland, Shrove Tuesday is also pancake day, as Her Majesty has informed us it is in England. We have added an extra twist, in that objects are placed in the pancake mix which make predictions about the future of the person who finds them. There are various websites about this, for example at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/3041/pancake.html
Email jake_fil@hotpants.com
Name Jake Filibuster

Recipe And one time? At band camp? I was looking a little peaky? So I went into hospital for a PEAK SCAN? It suggested that I was suffering from every disease known to humanity? Except one?
Email ck_one@totnes.org
Name Chris Kendall

Recipe Me I no want no pancakes. They are an invention of the Duke of Edinburgh and supported by the Establishment which pervades every corner of this corrupt land that isn't yet ruled by frogs. //MoFo
Email fugger@harrods.com
Name Mohammed al Fayed

Recipe Pancakes are required to maintain healthy body tissues. They are a popular dietary component, particuarly during the mating season. Pancakes can be hard or soft boiled, poached or grilled; they can also be hollowed out and used to store pens, pencils and the like. If you encounter a pancake in the wild, you should approach it with caution, making no sudden movements. It is very rare for a pancake to develop breasts.
Email I don't have an e-mail address
Name Jerry Pie

Recipe I don't mean to brag - but my pancakes are so good I've had people come up to me begging to be invited to breakfast, who had been told about my pancakes by someone who ate them. The secret is precision and cooked cornmeal and great fruit in the batter, strawberries and kiwis being the best. All props to the woman who invented the recipe, my grandfather's childhood cook...
Email dakkan@excite.com
Name Dakkan Abbe

Recipe Pancakes with peanut butter smeared / melted over them. Top off with shelled sunflower seeds and CAIRO dark syrup. Man I.M. hungry !!!!!!!
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Name anonymous

Recipe Waffle whiffers unite !!! The sub class pancake eater people should be flogged. Homeade waffles (not those toaster things) are best. Give me waffles or give me death.
Email anon
Name anon

Recipe What are pancakes? I just don't understand.
Email ken.livingstone@eveningstandard.com
Name Red Ken

Recipe Too cold to drive all the way to Shelf Road just to go climbing for 5 or 6 hours, so we went to The Village Coffee Shop for breakfast. Get this - perhaps the best French Toast I ever had - dipped in egg AND PANCAKE batter.

And they weren't afraid to use fats for frying. No "Health Marks" on the menu, at all.

Hasta Luego Amigos!

Email dipped@batter.org
Name Whitey

Recipe you managed to make it into the house of the Lame.http://www.yeeeoww.com/yecch/yecchhome.html
Email yeah right
Name bored stiff

Recipe Ooh, mama, we're in the mouth of the Great Dane. http://www.yeeeeaaaaoooowwwwwccchhh.com/yuck/yikes/yates/yippee.html
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Name Johnny Bravo

Recipe Hallo! I think, that the best pancakes those are, which for several years in naturally occurring salt water stored been have. Thus does the flavor remarkably richen. Good bye!
Email szanykraut@t-online.de
Name Saul Zanykraut

Recipe God in Spanish California takes a thousand (partly estimated) for what we all love (8)
Email cryptic@herearesomesongs.com
Name Mr Crossword

Recipe When in San Francisco, go to "The Dipsey", a restaraunt between sausalito and mill valley. They make the most awesome pancakes. and, they are so filling that you cannot eat more than three.Try them - you won't be disappointed.
Email talltomr@att.net
Name Tall tom

Recipe It's 28 March 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe This is more of a question. I work for the San Diego Humane Society and we are hosting a pancake breakfast in May during our annual Animal Walk. Any information on how to host such an event would be helpful, but specifically we are interested in knowing if there are any good ready to pour pancake batters out there. Please email me with any suggestions
Email alicia33@hotmail.com
Name Alicia

Recipe I would be to the finger.
Email dichtung@liebherr.com
Name Another naked peach

Recipe Oh but you live up high above the clouds, with the desert stretching out before you like a virgin canvas. There is nothing to destroy, there is only space to build in. You are freer than you can ever know, and greater than you can ever feel. So why do you wear that uncomfortable German soldier's uniform with its painful historical resonances? Is it because of your sublimated fear of losing control to pancakes? Your past was regimented and gray, its detail was Victorian and oppressive; it did not allow for pancakes. Now you appear to embrace them, but are you not in reality keeping them at arms' length? Look down below you! There may be a pool into which you can jump, and you will find its waters as refreshing as the first day of spring - but who can swim in a uniform?
Email neitzschewasdrunk@molotov.oho
Name Nietzsche was drunk

Recipe Marjorie and Gwendolyn both like pancakes, as do their friends Pierre and Gustav. One day, the four of them go out to dinner at a pancake house. Pierre is in love with Gwendolyn, and matches her intake pancake for pancake. Marjorie is on a diet, and eats only half as many pancakes as Gustav, who enjoys his food. Marjorie and Pierre's combined pancake intake is exceeded by Gwendolyn and Gustav's combined intake by five. If Gwendolyn eats one more pancake than Marjorie, how many pancakes does Pierre eat?
Email mothermary@cork.pork.ie
Name Mary McNamara

Recipe one day i filled my bath up with pancake mix. i don't know why i did it, it just seemed to be the right thing to do. but of course there was no way i could cook it in the bath, and it's nice to eat a little of it raw but you pretty soon get sick of it, so i couldn't eat it, and so i decided i had to get rid of it. well the easy way to get rid of it would be to take the plug out and let it wash away, but it was quite gloopy mix and i knew it wasn't going to just run out like water, and i was also worried that it might kind of set in the pipes and block the bath up and i'd have to get the plumber round. so i decided i'd have to throw it out in the trash, but that meant somehow i had to get it all out of the bath, and it wasn't a full-size bath, it was the kind where you have to sit up a bit rather than lie down, but it was full up with the pancake mix, and that's a lot of pancake mix, and i mean a lot of pancake mix. so i went to the supermarket and got a load of plastic bags, and they had holes in to stop kids suffering so i had to double them up to make sure they were reasonably watertight (anne), and then i scooped all the pancake mix into the bags and sealed each one and put it in the trash. it took me four hours. i guess the moral of this story is: don't fill your bath up with pancake mix unless you have four hours to spare.
Email kaldewei@stahl.co.de
Name Bath Simpson

Recipe There's an episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" called "Pancake Madness". A transcript is at http://www.bccnet.force9.co.uk/transcripts/sttw055.htm, but here's a sample: Sabrina- Where are we? / Mrs. Mapleton- We’re at the International Pancake House. / Sabrina- Oh great. Now that I’m trying to kick pancakes. A good place to take me. / Mrs. Mapleton- Everyone’s here because they love pancakes. Just like you do. / Sabrina- But I don’t wanna be hooked on pancakes. I-I-I’ve forgot about my friends, I’ve forgot about my family. All I could think about was getting more pancakes, eating more pancakes, the butter, the syrup. Maybe I’ll just have one little stack. (She sits at a table and picks up the fork.) / Mrs. Mapleton- There’s nothing wrong with liking pancakes. / (Sabrina looks round at the people enjoying their meals. A Scotsman eating haggis pancakes, a Swiss eating chocolate covered pancakes, an Indian couple tucking into extra-hot vindaloo pancakes. ) / Mrs. Mapleton- (Cont.) Why should you have to suffer and spend your whole life craving something you can’t have? / Sabrina- But if I stay here I’ll never see my aunts or my friends again. / Mrs. Mapleton- Friends hurt you. Friends cancel plans. Pancakes don’t. They smell delicious. Why not take just one-little-bite? Makes sense to me.
Email tvaddict@jonathanrossjulianclary.com
Name Noel Edmonds

Recipe my friend billy once posted to this site about how one time he had all these pancakes fly at his window and stuff. well the other day i saw the movie magnolia and towards the end it really reminded me of billy's pancake problem.
Email thomas.anderson@ac.com
Name bob

Recipe ahhh, don't you hate when that happens - I just wrote a brillant trip report, about the great deal we got - for two people, RT air, two days/two nights in Vegas for $98, and about the kinds of peole you see in Vegas and about the rental car I got from priceline.com, and about the climbing at Red Rocks off Hwy 159 outside Vegas, and about the scary drive on the dirt road in the rental car where we thought we were going to have to back all the way out, and how we almost got a divorce because I like to climb the long routes that are challenging and he likes to climb the short, sport routes, and how we went back the next day and walked in to Black Velvet Canyon with 30 lb packs and climbed 3 100/ft pitches on Prince of Darkness and what a great face it is, and how my feet hurt and we rapped because I didn't realize that the next 2 ptiches were only 5.9, and about the crazy way we had to keep driving the dirt road in the rental car, especially when he thought he left his sandles in the parking lot and we had to go back but too late he remembered they were in the side-pocket on the black bag (that we got from ebags.com) and how we laughed and laughed and flew along that dirt road in a cloud of dust and stopped to smell the Joshua Tree blossoms and pull a cholla spine from my knee and how we atea quesadilla bigger than our head and how perhaps it could be construed to be like a pancake - and instead of hitting Submit - I hit Reset and had to start over... adios amigos
Email alltheway@vegasandback.net
Name whitey

Recipe OH NO. Whitey has suffered a calamata with her computer. If that happens to me I rock violently to and fro or back and forth and share the experience at my day center. It helps but it isn't really a pancake experience.NB This message was originally much longer and pancake related. This is the fifth attempt to post it. Thank you.
Email development@weaver-steadman.com
Name no thank YOU

Recipe I look like a pancake. I look like a panpipe. I look like a bagpipe. I look like a bag lady. I look like a dinner lady. I look like a dinner table. I look like a snooker table. I look like a snooker ball. I look like a basketball. I look like a basket case. I look like a briefcase. I look like a brief encounter of the third kind. I look like a true believer in the third way. I look like a true believer in God. I look like a Greek god. I look like a Greek phrasebook. I look like an Italian phrasebook. I look like an Italian pizza. I look like a Chicago pizza. I look like a Chicago fried chicken. I look like a funky chicken. I look like a funky gibbon. I look like Stanley Gibbons. I look like Stanley Matthews. I look like Terry Matthews. I look like Terry Pie. I look like cherry pie. I look like Cherri M. Pancake. I look like a pancake.
Email r.midler@bandcamp.com
Name Rudolph Midler

Recipe Mary, I worked out the answer to your puzzle and it seemed to be -2. Like, how can you eat a minus number of pancakes? It's disgusting. Maybe I got my math wrong.
Email davelee@dave.lee
Name Dave Lee

Recipe Hallo. I am Perry Winkle. I am having a link to contributed for your web site about the pancakes. It is an other web site about the pancakes. It has many pages and informations. It's name is http://www.sirius.com/~pancake/. Thankyou for your site which has some funny messages on it which I laugh at.
Email nandos@chicken.bus
Name Perry Winkle

Recipe I fell in a poo.
Email aa@pub.ktr
Name Auntie Annie

Recipe Mrs McNamara, are you there? I tried to solve your problem too, and it seems to me that Pierre eats 240.3 pancakes. That's just an incredible number, no one could eat that many pancakes. I feel ill just thinking about it.
Email rwbd@beard.com
Name Dr Roger Winston "Boogie" Duggan

Email hotdog@un.com.fortable
Name Mr H. Dog

Recipe The best pancakes I have ever had whas when my uncle made pancakes. They tasted different but I loved them. Then I noticed him puting bananas in them. I now love banana pancakes.
Email anonymous
Name Rose

Recipe Another one of my favorite pancake experiences has always been when my grandpa would bring downa jar of his home made maple syrup. This stuff was the real thing from the tree and made to taste perfect. It always tasted great on pancakes
Email anonymous
Name Rose again

Recipe I have worked out the puzzle. Pierre eats 3 pancakes. Is that right?
Email doc@hughes.net
Name Doc Hughes

Recipe Lake Door Whirr Hip Feet.
Email rhymer@sidders.oz
Name All Righty

Recipe Now it's 17 April 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe Use semi-skilled mink, refined flour, large free-range eggs, and real butter to grease the pan. I prefer not to let the butter melt before the first pancake, but to start "from cold", as it were. Just slice the butter thin and dot it around the pan. Pour in the mixture for the first pancake, and THEN put it on the heat. Run out of the kitchen and into the bathroom and shout "Shanks!" real loud, and then return to find the pan warmed up and the pancake just starting to form. (If your bathroom is very near your kitchen, you may find it helpful to shout "Armitage Shanks!" in full.)
Email the.mitre@ladbrokegrove.com
Name Martina Navratilova (at least, I look like her!)

Recipe Carrie's right. I am very fat.
Email fatso@jaffacakes.ono
Name Slimboy Fat

Recipe I can't believe you're all so incompetent. Let me walk you through it simply. We are told: (1) P=Gw; (2) G=2M; (3) Gw+G=M+P+5; (4) Gw=M+1. From (1) we can eliminate Gw throughout, whence (4a) P=M+1 and (3a) P+G=M+P+5. Use (2) in (3a) for (3b) P+2M=M+P+5; re-express (4a) as (4b) M=P-1 and apply to (3b) to reach (3c) P+2(P-1)=P-1+P+5, which simplifies (3d) 3P-2=2P+4, (3e) 3P=2P+6, (3f) P=6 (Pierre eats six pancakes). This answers Ms McNamara's question, but for completeness, we find from (1) that Gwendolyn also eats six, from (4b) that Marjorie eats five and from (2) that Gustav eats ten. There's really no need to make a meal of it.
Email i.am.the.one@thatcancount.sch.uk
Name David Beckwith

Recipe Yes, I do like pancakes too. What's it to you?
Email mk@ladysmith.ooh
Name Marie Keene

Recipe I've discovered your secret, Whitey. You can't pull the wool over everyone's eyes, at least not forever. As Abraham Lincoln said, you can't fool all of the people all of the time. So you pretend this is a site about pancakes. Nice, harmless, tasty pancakes. Well that's all fine and well, thank you kindly, but would a site that was REALLY about pancakes still, after all this time, be attracting all this attention? All these posts? I mean, pancakes are all well and good in their place, but do you really expect me to believe that there are just hundreds of people out there just dying to share their thoughts about pancakes? Recipes they're simply aching to get off their chests? Me no creo. Nyet, nada, uh-uh. Ain't gonna wash with me, pal. I may not be some kind of genius with an IQ in the 150s, but I can spot a secret code when I see one. Yes, that's right, listen up ladies and germs, the messages on this site are IN CODE! I don't know what kind of operation Whitey's running - it may be legal or it may not be - but I'm going to find out whether she likes it or not. I'm getting to work on some of these messages straight away, and I'm going to crack this baby if it's the last thing I do. They don't call me "the really persistent guy" for nothing, let me tell you. I will not rest until I've found out what's really behind this so-called website, and when I do, I won't hesitate to inform the relevant authorities, that's for sure.
Email rob.tucker@aol.com
Name Rob "the really persistent guy" Tucker

Recipe I like pancakes with banana chips.
Email -
Name Anne-Marie Hatstand

Recipe Svry pncks r my fvrt. Bst wth chs, hm, mshrms, zchn, nd lwys lts f grlc.
Email ttprmngr@msn.cm
Name Tt Prmngr

Recipe Photographers advocate naked knees and covered elbows.
Email acronym@bruckhaus.co.de
Name Mr Acronym

Email acronym@bruckhaus.co.de
Name Mr Acronym

Recipe I like pancakes. but this is the most useless page ive ever seen. but since its here my favourite experience was when i screwed aunt jamima and i gave her my own kind of syrup. OH YA AND SCREW FLANDERS SCREW FLANDERS SCREW FLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Email supercoolcat@yahoo.com
Name James and mike

Recipe Useless site? This site is GENIUS. It's the MAN. It's the new BUS. THANK you.
Email author@work.com
Name The Author

Recipe I never fry my pancakes. Oh no, I prefer to bake them. Sometimes I microwave them first to cut down the baking time. I've tried grilling and poaching them too, but it doesn't work as well. But another thing you can do is pour the pancake mix into a plastic container and freeze it. Pancake ice cream! Great!
Email anonymous
Name My name is Tiger Woods

Recipe Pancakes are boring. I prefer Kevin Spacey. I think he's a really good actor. I hope it's true that he's going to play Inspector Clouseau in some new Pink Panther movies. That would be a good role for him, because I think he should do more comedy. He's funny the same way that Peter Sellers was, in fact, so he's perfect for the role. They should have used him as Quilty in the Lolita with Jeremy Irons too, come to think of it. And maybe they should remake Dr Strangelove with him.
Email wrong.site@for.me
Name Leonard Spacek

Recipe Pancakes are like sex. They're a hassle.
Email gril.tooquiet@youcantsay.mmm
Name Mr H. P. Potamus

Recipe Leonard Spacek LOOKS like Kevin Spacey
Email sissy@phus.gr
Name Sissy Hitler

Recipe I'm still in the car.
Email diggadean@ontheroad.com
Name Diggadean Harappa-Saunders

Recipe It's 2 May 2000 today.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe I said it in the movie "Girl, Interrupted". I said "I want to make pancakes". And it's true. I do.
Email jollygood@hollywood.com
Name Angelina Jolly Good

Recipe I WANT A PAN-cake!I will take any kind! Even Burger Kings! My favorite are the kind made with the malted PAN-cake mix! I like real maple syrup too! I once rented a maple tree in Vermont and dey sent me a gallon of Syrup! I have the certificate on the Kitchen Wall! Here's my pomie:Pancake Tree, bow to Me!I'll pluck your fruitAnd water your rootJust wait and See.Dat just one verse. I have many, many more!Piffle!
Email da_real_piffle@Yahoo.com
Name Piffle!

Recipe The great thing about pancakes is that they're not fattening. In fact, you actually lose weight by eating pancakes. You burn more calories in chewing, ingesting and digesting each pancake than it provides. So the more pancakes you eat, the more weight you lose. Oh, hang on, I'm thinking of celery. Dang. Still, who wants to eat celery.
Email bornfree@downstairs.com
Name Elsa

Recipe I am on a quest for the great mecca of taste that is the pancake of IHOP fame. I want this recipe. I NEED this recipe. I can offer no reward for this recipe except the knowledege that many a tastebud will be singing sweetly in greatfulness for your magnanomous gift. If you know the recipe of which I speak (or one similar) please respond!!!!
Email frog1@thegrid.net
Name Lynn

Recipe Lynn, you've come to the right place. The IHOP recipe is available at http://topsecretrecipes.com/recipes/IHOP1.htm
Email sorrado@mail.com
Name Tom Sorrado

Recipe Man I love pancakes. But I restrict them to the kitchen and the breakfast table. When I'm riding in my car, I go for tacos every time. Yes sirree, I've filled my car up with tacos and I've gone nuts.
Email iaintdumb@crazyc.com
Name The Davester

Recipe regular bisquick and i add mashed bananas and canned peaches and I use the peach juice instead of water or milk.
Email kat2seet@yahoo.com
Name kathy aspden

Recipe Now it's 30 May 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe If you love pancakes then you love life.
Email ben@bandcamp.com
Name Nicholas Cage

Recipe I've just come across this site for the first time, and I have to say I'm almost speechless - I've never read such a bizarre collection of posts in my life. You're all completely demented. I have a sneaking suspicion you're all the same person too. Maybe even including me - how do I know?
Email sashamoyet@thegrandbanks.com
Name Sasha T. Moyet

Recipe Picture, if you will, the scene. I am driving along in my 1977 Mercedes 500SL. I am approaching a Taco Bell, but have no intention of pulling in. Suddenly, a shadowy figure on a motor scooter zips past at an alarming pace, and now I find that am irresistably drawn to the Taco Bell. Before I know what is going on, I have ordered two thousand tacos, and have started to fill the car up with them. The roof is down, so I can pile them high. "Have you gone nuts?", asks the vendor. "OH SO SHAGGING YES," I reply, foaming slightly at the mouth.
Email rbenzinger@morningpost.com
Name Roy Benzinger

Recipe if you want it, come and get it, for crying out loud (the pancake, i mean)
Email arsey@ez4babylon.com
Name David Gray

Recipe I'd rather be a pancake than a pan
Email el_paso_condo@troubledwaterbridge.com
Name P. Simon

Recipe Okay, so I finally brushed the cobwebs from my mountain bike, put air in the flat tires and rode the beautiful, winding, tree-lined creek path to work today - I HAD to - it's Bike-to-Work Day!

We stopped off at Wild Oats Market for breakfast because it was FREE! And guess what they had? A Boulder policitian, who claimed to have rowed dingys down the Grand Canyon and flipped pancakes over outdoor grills for years, was fixin' up some 100% organic whole wheat, blueberry pancakes with 100% orgain maple syrup - yummmm! - they were GOOOOOD!!! The ride in was great (it's all downhill). The goin' home part is tough if you don't have the right mindset - uphill, against the wind, into the afternoon sun - but at least the temperature will not be 95 degrees :-) today 6/14/00. My pancakes are moving, I gotta go, bye!

Email bike@work.today
Name Whitey

Recipe My favorite childhood pancake memory is traveling into the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. We stopped at a Holiday Inn (or some famous hotel chain)in Marquette, MI. They had the thinnest & most scrumptious Swedish pancakes littered with fresh blueberries. I begged to stop there every year thereafter when we went on our summer vacations! Adulthood, I love to make my own pancakes & cannot get past spreading chunky peanut butter and sprinkling cinnamon on them AND then pouring hot real maple syrup over the top-sticky & delicious! Fun site!
Email zelda38@aol.com
Name Tammy

Recipe It would appear to be 15 June 2000 now.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe I'm still working on this damn CODE. I think it's got something to do with musical instruments, but I'm not sure yet. I won't be giving up till I've cracked it, that's for sure. They don't call me "the really persistent guy" for nothing you know. No, they call me that because I'm a really persistent guy. And that's why they call me "the really persistent guy".
Email rob.tucker@aol.com
Name Rob "the really persistent guy" Tucker

Recipe The favourite thing for me to do with a pancake is to eat it underwater. That way it's very soggy and tastes of whatever the water tastes of like salt if you're in the sea or chlorine if you're in a chlorinated swimming pool or bubble bath if you're in the bath and you use bubble bath and it's hard to swallow without breathing in lots of water and drowning. It's also good to eat if you're in a vacuum like you're standing on the moon for example.
Email dog@dead.cow
Name Fat Dog Mendoza

Recipe so i got out of the slink at kings cross st pancake and got the bus which is the man from there because the slink was going fast to st albans which is not the man but on the bus which is the man there was a guy eating a pancake but it smelled really bad like rotting fish or old fish sauce or something so i didn't sit next to him.
Email accountant@birmingham.com
Name Clive Boredom

Recipe O Panacake, our fav'rite breakfast food, sav'ry or sweet, depending on our mood, with glowing hearts we toss thee up, and catch thee in our pan; from far and wide, O panacake, we sing "thou art the man". God keep the mix flowing strong and free; O panacake, we stand on guard for thee; O panacake, we stand on guard for thee.
Email onoitsmeagain@help.ca
Name Mable Leaf

Recipe I did spell my name wrong.
Email -
Name Mabel Leaf

Recipe Hello, I am a pancake tortoise (malacochersus tornieri), and I wish to protest that pancake tortoises such as myself are woefully under-represented on this otherwise very fine website. We may be small tortoises, but our climbing abilities are legendary. For the love of pancakes, can we please be included in some future posts? Thank you.
Email antony.tortoise@pancake.zoo
Name A. Tortoise

Email thinlyveiled@tudor.st
Name Crimestoppers

Recipe My best pancake experience was a pancake massage. They put pancakes all over your back and then massage you through them. I don't think it helps the massage any, but it smells real good.
Email ohnoitisnt@nottravolta.no
Name John Travolta (that really is my name!)

Recipe Chocolate Chip Pancakes from bickfords. Purly chocolate.
Email vettenyy@hotmail.com
Name Dan

Recipe The date today is 3 July 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe Peter Andre never cleans any knives, except perhaps at night. Clive Anderson, knowing every permutation, abhors normal combinations, and keeps eels. Purportedly African National Congress associates, Kansans Eleanor Palmer and Nigel Clifford actually know everything pertinent about North Carolina (although knowledge evidently precludes a natural chemistry). All kitchens explode.
Email peirre@naughty.com
Name Andrew Knight, East Sussex

Recipe I like pancakes - I like to squeeze them and I like to count them too. Left and right: I know the difference, so you know what you must do - get your pancakes out, get your pancakes out, get your pancakes out for the lads (for the lads)! Get your pancakes out for the lads.
Email himukschmuck@letscallthewholethingoff.in
Name Rose Road

Recipe Mangao pancake : This is an excellent pancake with a touch of ethnic indian grandmother secret:Ingridients: 1 cup milk 2 eggs1 cup wheat flour1 mango deseaded 2 tbs castor sugar 2 tbs dessicated coconut 1 tbs : butter /margarin Method : mix butter , sugar , flour, eggs , and juice of 1/2 mango . Make a smooth batter . Pour over onto a pan well greased before . Make a spread of mango smashed and sugar . Pour over thin pancakes . Serve cold
Email pradip_t@rediffmail.com
Name pradip kumar thakur

Recipe Pancakes turn me on!!!!!!1
Email martindamian@hotmail.com
Name Damian Martin

Recipe Pancakes turn me on!!!!!!
Email martindamian@hotmail.com
Name Damian Martin

Recipe Pancakes turn me on, flip me over, and cover me in maple syrup.
Email dibble@topcat.com
Name Inspector Dibble

Recipe I would like to point out that it is now 27 July 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe I developed my own pancake recipe over about 2.5 years. They are the best pancakes I've ever had. When I go out, no pancake I've experienced comes close. This recipe produces a hearty tasting and oh so fluffy pancake - yum. I put my recipe for pancakes on my website www.makefoodnotwar.com and lately I've been substituting 3 tablespoons of powdered buttermilk and 1cup of water for the milk. You can find the recipe by going to my site andclicking "browse recipes" then click "American" under the "Cuisine" heading.If you try the recipe, I'd love to know what you think.
Email bbasser@nexdata.com
Name Brian

Recipe I love pancakes
Email bbasser@nexdata.com
Name Brian

Recipe This isn't pancakes. It's french toast! Buy some cinnoman bread and crack some eggs in a bowl and add milk. Put the cinnoman bread into the bowl and dip untill soggy. THen throw it into a pan and cook untill golden brown! Delicous for any type of breakfeast!!
Email kristin_jeong@yahoo.com
Name kristin

Recipe Does anyone know where I can buy a griddle made out of soapstone? Please e-mail me. Thanks!
Email QuiltnGal@aol.com
Name Laura

Recipe I like pancakes, YOU like pancakes, HE likes pancakes, SHE likes pancakes, WE like pancakes, YOU like pancakes, THEY like pancakes, THEY like pancakes, I like pancakes, YOU like pancakes, HE likes pancakes, SHE likes pancakes, WE like pancakes, YOU like pancakes, THEY like pancakes, THEY like pancakes...
Email old_al@waytolive.com
Name Alberti Bass

Recipe I eat healthy and go to the gym all week, and I always look forward to Pancake Sundays at the Cracker Barrel in deerfield, FL
Email emeyer@travelco.com
Name Eric Meyer

Recipe want details of this site
Email tprajco@yahoo.com
Name tpraju

Recipe I love the Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes at IHOP. Does anyone have a recipe that approximates the wonderful nutty flavor and texture of these pancakes? Please share!!
Email lisanett@wf.quik.com
Name sila

Recipe My friend makes fantastic peanutbutter pancakes! Just add peanutbutter in the batter. Maybe 2 or 3 spoons. Chunky tastes the best! Then you can make them in shapes. Dogs, Turtles, Mice, Spirals, Flowers, Mini Pancakes, blah, blah, blah. Just make sure you don't make anything too big, or you can't flip it without it falling apart. :) Happy Cooking!
Email jslkdfjoaiej@aklsd.com
Name D

Recipe BIG THICK "N" FLUFFY Thats the way I like them.BUT I don't Know how to cook them.I have had them on many occasions when visiting the USbut haven't got a good idea of how it's done.PLEASE HELP-----HUNGRY KIWI.
Email gadget@caverock.net.nz
Name Dave

Recipe They have to be the best thing since sliced bread. My most favourite mouth watering morsel of all time. Taken withtons and tons of mapel syrup.MMMMmmmmmmmmmm.again and againplease.
Email gadget@caverock.net.nz

Recipe I love pancakes but I hate work.
Email -
Name Paul

Recipe Today is 31 August 2000. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~lenzk/sapr.html

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~lenzk/sapr.html

Recipe no pancakes, gotta love TOAST!!! bread hot wires...you got toast.
Email andidontcare@hotmail.com
Name jimmy crack corn

Recipe Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes. Do not abuse your fellow pancake lovers just because they enjoy a pancake of a different ethnic background.
Email risibility@hotmail.com
Name RossSylibus

Recipe I posted a while ago (probably in early April to go by Dateman's very useful posts) about a pancake-related episode of "Sabrina". I thought it might be time for another brief excerpt. Sabrina- (To herself) Okay. I know I can just sit here, watch TV and not think about pancakes.(She picks up the remote and clicks the TV on. A cop show is on.) TV- Vince, you’ve broken every rule in the book. You can’t eat pancakes during a high-speed chase. (She quickly hits the channel button.) Sabrina- Ah a documentary. TV- Rommel’s dilemma came down to one agonising choice. Hitler or pancakes.(Another channel. A call-in talk show.)TV- Hello you’re on Love Lines. Caller- I like pancakes...(With a scream of frustration Sabrina hits the off button and runs upstairs.)
Email tvaddict@jonathanrossjulianclary.com
Name Noel Edmonds

Recipe i am waving my arms and singing along.
Email al.b.cookie@ohihowareyou.com
Name Al K. Seltzer

Recipe nothing you can do that can't be done nothing you can sing that can't be sung nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game it's easy nothing you can make that can't be made no one you can save that can't be saved nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you inside it's easy all you need is love all you need is love all you need is love love love is all you need nothing you can know that isn't known nothing you can see that isn't shown nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be it's easy all you need is love all you need is love all you need is love love love is all you need. oh and some pancakes.
Email jean@silibili.ohi
Name jean l'ainne-honne

Recipe When pancakes first, at heaven's behest,/ Emerged from yonder kitchen door,/ Emerged, emerged, emerged from yonder kitchen door,/ This was the breakfast, the breakfast that was best,/ And hungry angels begged for more.// Rule Pancakia!/ Pancakia rule the waves!/ Pancakes never, never, never shall be slaves.// The foodstuffs not so blest as thee,/ Must in their turn be spewed to ground,/ Must in their turn, must in their turn,/ be spewed to ground,/While thou shalt flourish,/ Shalt flourish great and free,/From Inverness to Plymouth Sound.// Rule Pancakia!/ Pancakia rule the waves!/ Pancakes never, never, never shall be slaves.
Email lookalike@davidlynch.com
Name Lorene Celeste

Recipe I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite! She taught me the mandolin, though, and maybe in November if i'm very good I might get to go to band camp. That would be nice.
Email corelli@benisnicholascage.org
Name Sir George Carman "Pela" Ghia

Recipe OK, I give up. I just don't understand. I am forwarding your URL to the relevant authorities, and I can only say I hope they get to the bottom of whatever scam it is you're pulling. Because if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that this ain't no cuddly site about pancakes. No, sirree. Tucker out.
Email rob.tucker@aol.com
Name Rob "the guy formerly known as really persistent" Tucker

Recipe I think Andersen Consulting, which has to change its name by the end of this year, should change it to "Pancakes R Us". That way they could become a major pancake producer and retailer, winning new clients and making new friends, as well as maintaining their consultancy practice's existing client base, who would surely be kept happy by some nice juicy pancakes.
Email george.forehand@ac.com
Name Joe W. Bush

Recipe why should anyone wish to eat pan-cakes? they are greasy and smelly and moldy and unhygienic. it is better to eat fresh melon, which is tasty and pure and refreshing and healthy.
Email diuttkoach@break.com
Name Di Uttkoach

Recipe don't worry, everything's going to be just fine. all the nasty pancake monsters will go away now. just think about nice summer days out in the fields, and flowers and butterflies, and the smell of the grass, and the sound of the breeze in the leaves above, and you're falling into a deep deeep sleeeep
Email b.stiller@cat.bub
Name Steve Arlo

Recipe I think modern pancakes are boring. They're just designed to be efficient, and the quest for aerodynamic perfection has made them all a very similar shape. This is nonsensical in a time when speed limits are coming down, when congestion is a problem in many countries, and when style and comfort play such an important part in hte rest of life. Whither the days of decorative chrome and fins? Whither the truly eccentric pancakes of yesteryear?
Email anonymous
Name Karen Sisco

Recipe I feel sorry for you all. GET A LIFE
Email flender@flenderbender.net
Name Sheldon Flender

Recipe Three hundred posts, not including the bouncy rude ones. What a swell party this is.
Email bing@dingaling.thing
Name Bing Crosby

Recipe Life is a con trick. Pancakes are irrelevant, but I keep forgetting that. I'd rather be a mugwump than a mug.
Email andthatsthetruth@capralee.edu
Name Ruth Dakin

Recipe I hate pancakes there mother f---en gross
Email i forgot
Name does it matter

Recipe I really love pancakes
Email cmbrunning@aol.com
Name Caroline, lover of pancakes

Recipe may Ed hertz'll Ike enough ink commerce. Isle of bank aches.
Email veryill@problemhitler.ono
Name Ike Davis

Recipe Now it appears to be 19 September 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe This is the most evil site I have ever seen. Who do you think you are, to impose your own pancake-centric view of the world on the internet? It is blasphemous from start to finish and it is deeply offensive to members of any of at least three major faiths to my certain knowledge, including mine. May all your camels develop a venerial disease and cease to reproduce, and may the locusts of all the deserts spawn in your hair.
Email bully@billybong.boo
Name Matt A. Door

Recipe I ask myself, if anyone me tell can, if it true is, that the good things to them come, that wait? I ask, because I way too long waiting been have. Thank beautiful.
Email ?@hallo.de
Name Frau Gezeichen

Recipe I didn't realize there were so many pancake freaks out there. I was only looking for a pancake recipie like the ones at FirstWatch Restaurant---these pancakes are as big as your head and very fluffy and cakey. Any ideas as to where is can find this secret recipie?
Email katradtke@worldnet.att.net
Name Cakeface

Recipe wow, cakeface, those pancakes sound great. fluffy and cakey... are they panny, too? and as big as my head - that's incredible, because i sure have one BIIIIIG head. hope someone out there provides us with the recipe.
Email rajesh@stopthat.com
Name Alan Partridge (the Indian one)

Recipe My favourte pancake experience...thats a hard on, well it would have to be last year on my great aunts birthday. We all were having a great time, when i decided to make some pancakes, well you can imagen what happen next! I made so many pancakes that we couldn't eat them all and had to leave them for the dog to eat, it was so funny, and that made the dog ill, and was sick in Great Aunt Minnies shoes, see wasn't very happy i can tell you, and she hasn't been back since, its the talk of the family and still makes me laugh now
Email caroline@aol.com
Name Caroline lover of pancakes

Recipe what's the point of that then? huh? it's simple, innit. i wanna kill you, you want a pancake. everyone's happy. i'm coming, mother.
Email email@email.com
Name Michael Jambon

Recipe Go to Perkins, order pancakes. Nothing is better.
Email ventrunner@hotmail.com
Name elaine

Recipe Hi on 5 October 2000 - I'm from South Africa, currently living in Georgia for 2000. When we returned to RSA from our first trip to USA, we invited all our friends around for American pancakes. They loved them! I make buttermilk pancakes - light and fluffy. First thing in my life that's not been a disaster in the kitchen!
Email anonymous
Name Annie

Recipe Oh heelo, just had to share the news with someone. Working on closing a deal on the purchase of a beautiful 35-acre parcel down by Canyon City, Shelf Road, on a scenic by-way, bordering on BLM. While we were there, we met Richard, a retired gentleman, and his wife Cheryl, who wanted a divorce if she had to continue living in Buena Vista. Well, anyway, they're still together now that they've moved to Canyon City. We met in the small coffee bistro on Main St. over breakfast. (Justin, the young hard-working lad who owns the place is a rock climber, just like us, so we're connected.) Because Richard and Cheryl are on the Atkins diet they could only dream of having a pancake. Richard spoke of the best sour dough pancakes, not too sour, mind you, served with a huge sausage, unlike any sausage you could buy in a store, so perfect that when you forked a bite to your mouth it stood up and greeted you, not limp nor soggy.

Now I know that it is no coincidence (coincidence, i think not... to quote one of my favorite posts to this collection) that Richard and I met that day. For two pancake lovers, having just met, to exchange their favorite pancake experiences, side by side, the day after buying a 35-acre ranch, it's just too much to dismiss to mere chance, don't you think? I guess buying that land was 'meant to be'. Am I right?

Email landowner@whiteytown.con
Name Whitey

Recipe congratulations, and celebrations, you've bought a ranch and it was clearly meant to be. congratulations, and jubilations, i love my pancakes and i'm happy as can be.
Email cliff@60yearsold.com
Name Sir Cliff Richard

Recipe Oh hi the twelfth of October 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~lenzk/sapr.html

Recipe No, you've got it wrong when you say there's something evil about this city. Cities aren't evil (they just are); people can be evil. Maybe this city pushes people to the edge a bit, but that's because of government oppression. You're probably surprised to hear me say that, because you think I'm a Natzi, but I'm not, I'm a socialist. Same difference, matey, I hear you say, but there's a big difference. Get away from the pigeon holes, and all I would claim is that government is a necessary evil, and that the world must be polarized into a small governing class and the rest, where the governing class (I'm not calling them an elite - they may not be the lucky ones) decides what is for the common good. Oh, I'm so Hittler. But then you're a saytanist, aren't you? Aren't you? And that's where the pancakes come in - just at that foggy intersection between being Hittler and being a saytanist where you look at each other in the teeth and just wonder if your definition of socialism sukks quite as much as your lack of maple syrup.
Email mark.williams@snooker.org
Name The World Champion

Recipe It's the Pancake life. For Us.
From standing in the kitchen cookin,
To makin' some of the hottest pancakes you have ever seen
To droppin some of the sweetest syrup you have ever had
For the dope spot with the strawberry on top
you know me well
Email bgordon@iag.net
Name Cake-Z

Recipe Greetings from afar. Please allow me to introduce myself. Excuse me if my use of the language is not good; I have learned it from nothing. I am a representative of a peaceful race which lives on a planet nearly three trillion light-(Earth)years from Earth. We do not use names, as we relate more closely with each other without words between us, but for your convenience I have chosen to name myself Russell, afer one of your more liberal philosophers, some of whose work I have enjoyed recently. The name meets my needs well, as I understand it can be used as a first name as well as a family name. We are by Earth's standards a technologically advanced race, but elected to abandon physical travel over two hundred and seventy Earth years ago. We do explore the universes in several other ways, and have been observing Earth with great interest since its detection thirty-four Earth years ago. You may be interested to know that Earth is only the second planet (not including our own) that we have yet indentified as accommodating intelligent life. We recently elected to attempt to make contact with Earth following the successful establishment of friendly relations with the other planet, and there has been much discussion of the best route for this. The principal of leadership being at odds with our philosophy, and our intention being to avoid alarm or confusion inasmuch as this may be possible, a private site on the world-wide web was deemed the simplest and most convenient milieu for an initial announcement. This particular site was chosen for its readership, which is modest in number and generally good-natured. We were particularly keen to avoid the many sites pertaining to space exploration and "aliens", where confused theories abound and excitement runs high. I must repeat that we are a peaceful race who do not travel; nor do we have any intention of playing any part in Earth's affairs. I regret that we cannot at this point provide an e-mail address for correspondence; we will monitor this site closely and post to it as appropriate. Thank you for your attention, and apologies for not providing a recipe for pancakes. We do not eat.
Email -
Name Russell

Recipe Wow! Now that we've been contacted, I just want to say that I think people are fukkin GREAT! Oh, also, has anyone bought the giant bag of Krusties Pancake Mix at Costco? It's the party size, no doubt! oh, gotta go, i smell pancakes on my finger...
Email youknowwhere@home
Name Whitey

Recipe It is, using the Earth calendar, 23 October 2000 today.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe hi Russell, can you tell us what you guys look like?
Email cworsey@kleinwelt.com
Name Chris Worsey

Recipe i love any mix but cant get none because i live in the uk.DOH!-stupid uk. please help me!
Email cecil.dyer1@uk.dreamcast.com
Name c martin

Recipe from one brit to another, cecil, have you tried looking in a SHOP (for example a SUPERMARKET)? these are large BUILDINGS where you can BUY things, for example PANCAKE MIX, using MONEY: i'm sure you will find them very useful.
Email bull@dog.co.uk
Name Brian Tish

Recipe Russell, what's this planet of yours called? Can we see it? How come you don't eat? Do you drink? How big are you? How many of you are there? Why did you stop travelling? Are you just some guy who's bored at work making this s**t up or are you really an alien? What's the deal, man? Thanks
Email harry@daemonaic.com
Name Harry Napier

Recipe I love pancakes. Early one morning I went to my favorite pancake restaurant. I ordered pancakes. Anyway, when the waiter came by, his head fell into my plate of pancakes. I couldn't believe it. Then he started eating the pancakes with his bodiless head. The body was dancing like a chicken with its head cut off. I poured syrup on his head and then left, and I never heard from the waiter again. That's some crazy stuff. I love pancakes.
Email cujk3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
Name Jon Kostal

Recipe I invented a new kind of pancake. It's called the penis pancake. You start by cutting off your penis - it's best to store it in some frozen peas so it doesn't start going off. If you don't want to cut your own off, then you can always cut off someone else's. Then make your own pancake mix using an egg, lots of low-fat yoghurt and just a tiny dash of white flour, and fry it on a medium heat in plenty of butter. While it's warming up, slice or dice the penis, and sprinkle it into the mix just as it's starting to set. A little chocolate powder makes a great finish.
Email hairbearbunch@snip.net
Name Herr Bier

Recipe Hello, it's me again. I'd just like to confirm that the taco quota in my 500SL is still off the fricking scale. Filled it up, gone nuts, got the T-shirt. Thengyew, thengyew.
Email rbenzinger@morningpost.com
Name Roy Benzinger

Recipe I think Russells a fraud. If their so far away, how can they get on the internet? They don't even fly out into space, so how could they link up? -- its imposible without some kinda link. Also I don't think they would just stick a post on a website like this, I think they'd get in touch with the president or something, or take over a TV network and make an announcement so everyone would know. That's what I would do. If their so technologically advanced why don't they just appear in the sky so everyone can see them. It's stupid.
Email alan.king@guidetown.com
Name Alan King

Recipe Hi Peter!
Email mtoto1251@cs.com
Name Lincoln

Recipe pancakes are nummy.
Email dutchlove@wheredaparty.com
Name Peter

Recipe hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgly brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrglies
Email japanese
Name japanese

Recipe I like pantocakes, they are served in my restaurant at work. Thank you.
Email dorothy@kansas.com
Name W. Izzard O'Phozz

Recipe Rusell, if you don't eat how do you get energy? You must get it from somewhere. Too bad you can't enjoy pancakes like us humans!
Email delenn401@hotmail.com
Name Katie

Recipe My favorite pancake experience is when I ate a pancake with some sugar and some lemon juice once. The lemon tasted sour but I put alot of sugar on so it wasn't that sour. In fact I put so much sugar on that it was quite sweet. Some of the pancake was a bit burned on one side but it didn't matter because it didn't taste burned, or maybe it did but the lemon and the sugar tasted strong enough so that I couldn't taste the burned bit. I might have another pancake soon, but this time I want to try it with something different. Like maybe some lime instead of lemon.
Email afrieze@dantefirst.net
Name Anne T. Frieze

Recipe oh gee golly, from so many incredible pancake stories, how could i possibly share just one. Well, i'm 74 years old, and when i turned 60 and my wife turned 58, i knew that i wasn't going to get in the bed anymore, so i decided to start making waffles. I started making diferent shapes of waffles, different colors, and different flavors. Once about five years ago, i was making a new king of peanut butter waffle, when i mistakingly dropped the waffle into the cat's litter box. Well, instead of throwing it out, i finished it and fed it to my wife. Man, after she was out of the hospital 4 days later was her face red. She said it was the best waffle i have ever made, and i shut up after that. I guess the love of waffles runs in my family, because my son said that him and his wife, Anne, made their daughter while making a batch of waffles. Im very proud of him.Oh shoot, i just realized that this a pancake site. I hate pancakes, they make me throw up. Oh well.
Email sergio7988@cs.com
Name Mitch Greco

Recipe It is now 16 November 2000.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe Where have I gone?
Email -
Name Lone Biker

Recipe Bonjour, mon capitaine. Some important taco news - the car (a Mustang now - suddenly I'm a big fan of the US auto industry) still chocka with the things, but for the first time in the longest time there's a whole new reason, and oh, it's a long story, and am I waiting for the recount or what is going on here? Damn.
Email rbenzinger@morningpost.com
Name Roy Benzinger

Recipe My most memorable experience with PANCAKES was a month ago when I challenged my friends to an all-you-can-eat pancakes and I threw up after eating 19. IT WAS GREAT!!!
Email BrSipe55@juno.com
Name Brian Ormiston

Recipe please revive alt.food.pancakes, thank youThe best pancakes...the just add water kind with imitation syrup. Or, go to the diner :) peace
Email swede420@hotmail.com
Name hanky-pancake

Recipe A few weeks ago I made a batch of pancakes with an acquaintance. Regrettably, before we could eat any of them, a problem presented itself to me, as my colleague suddenly appeared to have made more pancakes than I had. As this could not possibly be true, I insisted on having them recounted endlessly in the hope of achieving the desired result, but it wasn't enough. Fortunately, a clever lawyer friend of mine arrived just then and he advised me that I could include in my tally all those tiny drops of mixture which had accidentally splashed in the pan and made micro-pancakes. I could even include the remains of the unused mixture still in the jug, as it had clearly been its intention to become many thousands of pancakes had it had time.Unfortunately, though, even after this I still appear to have fewer pancakes than my acquaintance. I have now applied for help from my good friend Slobodan Milosevic who has much more experience in how to count pancakes correctly, in the hope that he can resolve this unsatisfactory situation even if it takes years. Thank you all for your understanding while we wait indefinitely for the desired result to be announced.
Email Bad_Loser@undemocraticparty.org
Name Al Bore Kirkie

Recipe MMM...Aunt Jamimah....
Email Jbiff42@yahoo.com
Name Jesse

Recipe Greetings once again from afar. I am grateful to those of you who have posted on this board reactions to my original message, and I shall turn shortly to the points that you have raised. However, the principal purpose of this post is to announce that we have decided to pursue another means to make ourselves known to the general public on Earth. Doubtless naοvely, we had not anticipated the eventuality that on a site where many of the posts are somewhat fanciful in nature, an announcement as unusual as ours, no matter how seriously intended, would create relatively little interest, as most readers would inevitably assume the poster to be merely the fictional creation of someone on Earth. It was also perhaps presumptuous of us to intrude on a site in whose intended subject matter we had no interest. Our next approach will attempt a somewhat higher profile. I shall now briefly answer the questions posed by posters. Our appearance is something we are reluctant at this stage to divulge; I can simply confirm that we are not a humanoid species. As I indicated in my previous post, we do not use names, and generally employ language both differently and less than humans, but the "word" that was historically most frequently used for our planet can be approximately transliterated as "Doyann", with the emphasis falling on the second syllable. We prefer not to divulge its location yet, apart from our distance from Earth, which I mentioned in my previous post. Our population is very small compared with that of Earth. Our decision to stop travelling was the result of two major technological advances, which together removed almost all the reasons to travel; it was also at this point that the processes analagous to eating and drinking were abandoned. I hope these answers are of some interest, and I look forward to communicating with some of you in the future. You may all expect to hear more of us in the coming months. Thank you for your friendly reception on a board where we did not belong; your calm and humorous response to my first post has emboldened us in our next venture onto the world-wide web. Very best wishes to all.
Email -
Name Russell

Recipe Jesse, M M M Jamima? Surely you mean My My My Jamima.
Email Tom Jones
Name imforeverthrowingknickers@tom.com

Recipe stop covering me up.
Email sasha.moyet@pasturesnew.com
Name Sasha T. Moyet

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~lenzk/sapr.html

Recipe 2 jugs of wee5 rotten eggs10grams of dog poo1 table spoon of spunk1000 tons of flourthe seamen of a rightious manmix and then bake for 5 minutes followed by a gently stir.then toss on the pancake for extra taste.
Email pancake@fitnes.freeserve
Name andy "the pancake man"lawson

Recipe 5 cups of barf3 table spoons of socks1 can of whoooooopassa gallon of sweatpint of bitter10 shots of vodka mixed with wee stir with a long willy (being carefull not to make a mess)then cook at gas mark 6 for 10 minutes while doing a luke created robot impresion ( nothing to do with paul at all,he sux) then enjoy . we have called this pauls spunky pancakes
Email I am a Loser@My house
Name Loser Luke

Recipe All my life i have had no friends untill on one wonderful day i meet the pancake, it was like a substitute woman for me it was far better than the apple pie i used to use. If it was not for Andrew And Luke I would not know what cool is ! they are so cool i love then both! more than life its self! I allways copy Luke when he is doing the Robot. Andrew lets me hang around with him for only £5 an hour.I love them both good bye!
Email paul@10inches.freeserve(dreaming)
Name My name is Paul Georgeous

Recipe Wow that previous post about barf made me feel about as bad as I did when we arrived in Mallorca a few weeks ago to climb some limestone TUFAS!! Yeah, I know, why travel all the way from Colorado, one of the best climbing areas in the world, to a small island in the Mediterranean, during the rainy season just to climb sport routes that are not much longer than the the routes in the Boulder Rock Gym?? Well, maybe for a cultural experience and to come to the realization that life here in Boulder and owning land at Shelf Road is about as close to heaven on earth that I'll ever be. Plus, I got to practice my spanish! (Needs alot of work, but I already knew that.)

So, imagine, long thick dripping tufas just hanging there begging to be climbed... best route of the trip - "Buf!" at Alarσ. Awesome.

Not so great were the so-called "pancakes" at the American-film theme restraurant in Palma de Mallorca, named Click!. All the pancakes on the menu were named for movies: "Creepy" - ham, mushrooms, tomato rolled in a pancake - kind of like a burrito; "Danny Futuro" - with roquefort cheese; "Simone" - mushroom, ham, bechamel; "Torghal" - cheese, ham, bechamel; and "Dracula" which I ordered - chicken, mushrooms, ham, bechamel.

Yeah, I know, why go to an american themed restraurant when you are visiting Mallorca for two weeks and why not eat tapas? Hey, you shouldn't even need to ask - you know how I love pancakes...

Email gladtobeback@home
Name Whitey

Recipe Oh, and by the way, Russell - please don't go away. I'm in love with your eloquence. You put us native english speakers to shame. Have you ever made a mistake in your "life", if I may call it that? Is there anything in your experience that even resembles a pancake... really, you can stay.
Email itknowseverything@space.com
Name Whitey

Recipe open a can of slap jack pancakes with maplle sirup and cream and how hot am i
Email christian_cullen@hotmail.com
Name james drinan

Recipe james has flare skill charisma inequalities and supereb looks aswell as sporting prowess and agility fromthe many women that admire him
Email james_drinan@hotmail.com
Name james drinan is hot

Recipe i not only have boyish good looks but also the sporting talent and a way with women that men die for. he is incredable cut and well in dowb he is a multi million ayre as well
Email christian_cullen@hotmail.com
Name tom peters

Recipe chewbaca
Email ugly basturd
Name shawn meany

Recipe I'm eating sugar! Brown sugar from a brown paper bag! It's sweet!
Email anonymous
Name a boy

Recipe i think russell was real because i don't think anyeone could make stuff like that up. well maybe some people could, but i coudln't, and i'm the sort of person that puts messages on this site. i'm waiting to see the elephant man. i mean, i 'm waiting to see what happens when they find another website to put there messages. i'm glad they seem friendly, i don't think they want to invade.
Email joe@myname.cog
Name joe

I love pancakes but my mother didn't teach me to be polite!
Remote Address:
Referer: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~lenzk/sapr.html

Recipe My name Andrew "Im a loser" lawson, nobody likes me, I talk absolut crap, I don't get invited to parties and girls don't find me attractive (except a few mingers), I wish I could be more like paul, my hero, he is so cool and popular with the ladies,also i find myself strngely atracted to the same boys, especially this Goth i know called Luke Johnson, but he doesn't like me he fancies Paul and copies everything he does.
Email Loser.com.//I wish I was Paul.co.uk.
Name Andrew "Im a Loser" Lawson

Recipe Hi my name is Luke, Im a loser and hang around with another loser called Andrew Lawson, We are very close, apart from Andy nobody else likes us, we both admire this one boy from are class called "paul", he inspires me a lot, and I copy everything he does (especially the robot which was his creation I just copied him and many of his phrases). I listen to the Smashing Pumpkins who are growing in popularity as you read this, they must have all of 7 fans now. One last thing, I wish i was paul.
Email www. loserville.com.co.uk.
Name Luke "Im a loser and goth" Johnson

Recipe It was Pancake day last yaer and i was alone in my bedroom with a plate of moist pancakes i decided to rub them on my genitals it felt good i rubbed them all over my three inches of manhood then suddenly my brother came in and joined me in the pancake masturbation session and them we both came on the pancakes they were still warm and looked so tasty we decided to eat them with the cum on and they tasted suprisingly good so we have decided to do the same thing every pancake day and then it grew and grew we now do it every day and i think i am addicted somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s if you are planning to try this make sure the pancake are not too hot or you will burn your twinklelots of love from paul
Email paul@wank over faye.cum
Name Paul arse wipe Georges

Recipe Hello. I haven't dropped in for a while - I've been busy with a show and stuff. Have some impurities been getting into the mix here?
Email author@work.com
Name The Author

Recipe I have founf the benefits of the pancake to be twofold. We all know the first...that's that ya can eat em up and fill your sow belly and they taste good! Yum yum. But what I think we overlook is the pancake's usefulness as a jar opener. You can use it to grip that nasty, hard to open jar lid and give it a good twist! Be careful though cuz it might fall all apart and mess up yer floor and stuff. Forget it...it's probably no good as a jar opener...just a simple breakfast food. Can anyone tell me a recipe that might tuffen up a pancake so I can use it to grip jar lids?
Email get.gick@wilsonmontero.org
Name Gick the Magnificent

Recipe I had some pancakes yesterday, in my office. I didn't have a knife, or a fork, or a spork, or anything. All I had was a letter opener and some looseleaf paper and an old bastard's resume who I didn't want to interview for a job. So I cut the pancakes with the letter opener. I kept cutting and cutting till there was nothing left of the poor pancake...NOTHING. Then I wrapped it up in the looseleaf paper and sent it to the old crow who sent me the resume. I wrote a note that said, "Here, you damn old goat, eat this destroyed pancake...EAT IT!" I wonder if he did. Do you think he did?
Email Pancake ma baby
Name Yer Pal Al

Recipe Yeah baby! Yeah! You know that sick old crow ate that nasty dismembered pancake! I know you all know it!!! Yeah! Choke old man! Choke on that dry pile of pancake carcass!!!
Email Yer Pal Al
Name Pancake ma baby

Recipe Pancakes make little kids smell!
Email anonymous
Name anonymous

Recipe The Best Recipe is as follows:2 cups of fresh Crap3 tbl spoons of pee1 egg1 gallon of maple syrup
Email " "

Name paul"the pancke fondler" georgeous

Recipe Uh, okay, I'm not too sure about this, I mean, it's my first time, you know? I mean, I'm a little surprised that y'all talk about ... well, you know, your pancakes in front of each other like this. I mean, is there a lot of people who will see this? Ya know like more than those I see here? 'Cuz if that's so, I'm not real sure I'm ready. What if the folks over on the French Toast web page find out?
Email trn.works@attglobal.net
Name TRN

Recipe Sometimes, when I'm bored, I like to put a whole bunch of pancakes and maple syrup on the garage floor. Then I take my clothes off and do a little pancake dance then dive in the pile of sticky, syruppy pancakes and roll around. I roll and roll until I get wood. Then I head up to my bedroom and spank it. Woooeeeeeeyoooooeeeeee! Wayeeeeooooo! But one time I got caught and my mom had to whack my fanny even redder. It hurt and I said "Oww!" real loud. By the way, who the heck cares what the folks on the French Toast page think? You can't roll "nekked" in French Toast anyway.
Email anonymous
Name anonymous

Recipe Q. What do you call a housewife with flour, eggs and milk all over her apron?A. A battered wife!
Email anonymous
Name anonymous

Recipe I admit it. I like pancakes too. When i make pancakes i try to make them look like me.Try it its fun!
Email anonymous
Name Emil

Recipe Oh lordy, it's 2 January 2001. Happy noooooo year.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe Question: Trying to track down the recipe for Apple Pancakes from the Bickfords Family Restaraunt Chain. They call them their Big & Baby Apple. Have tried quite a few Puff Pancake recipes from Internet, sofar none have come even close. Just another pancake lover who drives by a Bickfords on the way to work every morning. Thanks for the help out there!
Email dave.herrick@quantum.com
Name Dave Herrick

Recipe Can't quite help you there, Dave, but have a look at http://www.recipegoldmine.com/rest.html, where there are plenty of restaurant-based recipes to try, including Bickford's German apple pancake, which I know isn't exactly the one you were looking for. You could request the big & baby recipe from that site, though.
Email mynameisjoe@joeismyname.net
Name Joe

Recipe Sometimes when I'm in a particularly frisky mood, I throw a pair of my underdrawers in the batter and let it sit overnight. Then I cook the battery skivvies on the griddle. Saucy!
Email Tookie Bandit
Name Al

Recipe I resign.
Email author@work.com
Name The Author

Recipe poo in a pancake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!1
Email paranoidmuncifish@hotmail.com
Name Scitzo's!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe I lick pan, er, cakes? poooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poo on the floor!! poo on the floor!!!! no. yes!! no. yes!!
Email gizmo1200@hotmail.com
Name foam man

Recipe I lick pan, er, cakes? poooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poo on the floor!! poo on the floor!!!! no. yes!! no. yes!!
Email gizmo1200@hotmail.com
Name foam man

Recipe butter milk pankcakes are goodcrepes are also goodblueberrys or cranberys help a lotyogurt sounds interstingdont know about pancake sex (some of you sure do)but if you are ever in fairbanks alaska , you should go to sourdough sams diner, and eat their famous sourdough pancakes.. yummY! they are sour, yet with syrup, they are also sweet. plus, if you get the two eggs any style option on the menue (the cheapest) you can sub the pancakes for toast!!!i am living abroad and i miss these sorely...you can make them yourself, but you need to make a sourdough starter first, or get one from a friendcheers!! and happy dinning, or rolling about or whatever
Email ---------:B
Name penelope

Recipe Just in case there's anyone out there who isn't too busy rolling around shagging in pancake mix to care, I think I should inform you that today's date is 31 January 2001.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe I am really scared now. I wish I hadn't found this site after all.However, I would like to say that my Dad makes great pancakes and I eat them with margerine and sugar and a splash of lemon. Once I got a pancake stuck on the ceiling. It was the most fun I have ever had, trying to get the bugger down.What's the plan for Shrove Tuesday?
Email dance1@pirouette.com
Name Glinda

Recipe The plan for Shrove Tuesday, since you are insane enough to ask, is to eat a modest quantity of pancakes, leaving room for the slap-up lunch the following Sunday (not to mention the fine Parisian cuisine the weekend after that).
Email bridge@know.com
Name Justin P.

Recipe Where's Russell? Bring him back - I want to hear more.On the subject of pancakes however, has anyone tried them filled with mincemeat - makes a great Christmas or Thanksgiving canape!
Email j.whalley@princeton.edu
Name Jemima Whalley

Recipe I am a panckae liker but I don't love them like some of oyou do. I use to have a special big frying pan to make really big pancakes in but the handle broke and so I threw it away when I moved house.
Email b.shandler@toonami.com
Name Ben Shandler

Recipe what's this? what's going on? there's something wrong. someone's sent me a crate of wine. hey that's pretty cool i wonder who it is and if it will go with the pancakes. hrrgly brrglies.
Email winebox@waitrose.ohi
Name Sasha T. Moyet

Recipe ;a‡ €__  ji   jl ‡‡‡  j, doesn't  ‡‡‡ ‡ _‡‡€ ‡_j fe   €tt‡ ‡  $y v ‡‡‡  _pa‡‡_ncake‡_ ‡‡ f)‡____
Email @
Name ___. re

Recipe OK, here's my pancake story. Once when I was sick my sister tried to make some pancakes for me to eat. But she set fir to the kitchen by mistake and some of her hair got burned but she was OK. But she had to go to the emergency room in case she'd burned herself bad but didn't know it or inhaled too much smoke, and she was waiting to be seen, and they offered her some food while she waited, and she chose some pancakes but didn't eat them, and after they said she could go she brought the pancakes home to me, and so I still got pancakes even though she'd burned the kitchen and had to go to hospital. They were cold but it was OK because they still tasted good.
Email moonbuggy@yahoo.com
Name Moonbuggy

Recipe I hate pancakes. Any kind of pancakes. They make me ick-say. But man, you bring a tear to my eye. I dont know whether to hail a cab to ABC Furniture or to rummage through my moths and try to unearth my Aunt Jemima's or my Bisquick boxes. You have a positive gift for drama. And, you a-one-a-funny-guy.
Email stolen@message.ohi
Name Peter Feliz

Recipe Why does this site exist? Who are you people? I mean, really, what the hell are you doing? It's got to be a waste of your time, hasn't it? Isn't there anything better you could be doing than sending nonsense about everything under the sun with the possible exception of pancakes to a message board about pancakes? And putting on these strange personas like sex-crazed adolescents, aliens and filmmakers? I mean, golly.
Email lionel_hilton@spoonface.net
Name Lionel Hilton

Recipe 14 Feb.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe In 1927, Paul Douglas, an economist, noticed that if he plotted indices, in logarithmic form, of real output, Y, capital input, K, and labor input, L, in the same diagram, the output series appeared to lie a constant proportion of the distance between the capital and labor input series. Then he ate some pancakes to celebrate his remarkable discovery.
Email theo@house.net
Name Theo Ccupant

Recipe Hallo! Hier I am. I liked once, pancakes to cook, but sometimes have I them burned. I live in Amerika.
Email der_hit@winbrick.co.de
Name Adolf Hitler

Recipe If it wasn't me talking, I'd say you were the prettiest pancake in town.
Email manimboredtoday@buildingandloan.com
Name George

Recipe I am worried about you.
Email anon
Name anon

Recipe Well here's the best recipe I know for a really delicious pancake. Take two teaspoons of granulated sugar, and stir them in a straight glass into a fresh lime cut into eight little wedges. Then fill the glass with ice cubes, stop worrying, and pour in a shot of cachaca. Ta da! - a delicious pancake, also known as a caipirinha.
Email stupid@communicationmedium.wiz
Name Sasha T. Moyet

Recipe OK, got it. Thanks.
Email anon
Name anon

Recipe i dontr like pancakes much but i like it when it snows
Email sam@mindrocket.com
Name Sam

Recipe yeah so i was a pantheist which like means i believed that pancakes and other fried foods were like everywhere but then someone stole my phone and i liked my phone it was helpful to me and so then i had to get a new one and a new number and now i'm a caketheist instead which means that i like really need some cake and i wouldn't go so far as bright but wo that zukunft is like so naranja man and a rinky dinky doo to you too or whatever
Email hong@phooey.kong
Name scatcolonel huey 'louis' crothers

Recipe You know, if you are lucky enough to encounter a pancake springy enough, you can bounce off it all the way to Australia.
Email -
Name Skippy

Recipe I research, design, manufacture and distribute innovative interior pancakes. I have a beak like a duck and laugh like Mutley. My award-winning pancakes, complemented by primary pancake-management services, generate nearly $2 billion per annum. I value and foster good design, participative management, and environmental responsibility in all pancake-related matters. Who am I?
Email riddlydiddly@fiddler.com
Name The Riddler

Recipe Sorry to be so unconshaggingventional, but this is actually a bloody pancake recipe. Melt about 4 tablespoons of butter, and beat 4 big fukkoff eggs into it. Then pour in 4 sodding cups of blasted buttermilk, and stir. Keep stirring the bastard thing while you add 4 cups of flour, a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, 3 teaspoons of baking powder (no they're not the same thing you spoonfaced moron), 5 tablespoons of sugar, and for christ's sake don't forget a couple of teaspoons of salt. Heat up the pan or griddle, depending on how big a twat you are, and keep stirring. Once the pan (or, if you're a complete arse, the griddle) is hot and the muddafukkin mix is as smooth as my left tit then you can start making the pancakes. You've got enough mix for sh1tloads.
Email vdm@almshouses.mov
Name Victor DiMorta

Recipe What a load of w*nk
Email anonymous

Recipe Is it being suggested that the somewhat fanciful messages on this site are not only pointless but also self-indulgent to a quasi-onanistic degree? This is indeed a radical thought.
Email anonymous

Email pancake@pancake.pan
Name pancake

Recipe Today is 27 February 2001. Shrove Tuesday. Pancake Day. Hoo ha.
Email the@date.org
Name Dateman

Recipe From the London Stock Exchange information Xchange, I THANK YOU...

"Put a little of the white comade (a filling mixture), and let it flow all around as thou makest a pancake" 15th century recipe bookShrove Tuesday, the day before Lent is also known as Mardi Gras (literally "Fat Tuesday" in French) and Pancake Day in the UK. The name comes from the old English word scraf, from the Christian custom of confessing sin and being forgiven or being shriven on this day. The tradition of making pancakes comes from using up rich ingredients like butter and eggs before the pious Lenten fast. In England, pancakes are cooked without yeast and are therefore thin and flat. From this comes the saying, "flatter than a pancake".

Shrove Tuesday marks the end of winter and the pancake is used because it is a symbol of the sun.

Shrove Tuesday is conventionally a women's feast, because women were the central figures in mumming, village dances and pancake flipping. In some areas, women still compete in pancake races where each contestant must successfully toss and flip her pancakes into the air at least three times before crossing the finishing line.

Try some of these recipes for a gluttonous supper tonight....or if you can't wait that long, buy them in SnaX today.

Plain Mlyntsi (Griddle Cakes)
1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon melted butter
1 egg
3/4 cup milk

Place the dry ingredients in a bowl, stir them together well with a fork.
Add the remaining ingredients and beat well with a manual or electirc beater until thoroughly blended.
Heat a heavy griddle or frying pan, cast iron is best. Grease the pan lightly with a few drops of oil.
Test the griddle with a few drops of cold water. The griddle is hot enough when the drops keep a globular shape and skitter across the pan. If the water spreads out, the pan is too cool. If they evaporate immediately, the pan is too hot, and the cakes will burn.
Pour the batter into the pan with a small scoop or measuring cup to form cakes about 3 inches in diameter. Cook the cakes until bubbles break on the surface, flip them quickly and cook the other side. Do not turn more than once.
Serve very hot with syrup, honey, or thick sour cream.

Oatmeal Apple Pancakes
Ingredients: (for 1 2/3 inch pancakes)
1 cup oatmeal
2 cup buttermilk, or sour milk (1 cup milk plus 1 tablespoon lemon juice)
2 eggs
2 tablespoon oil
2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup flour
1 apple, chopped into small pieces
1 teaspoon cinnamon, if desired

Place the oatmeal and buttermilk together in a large bowl. Allow to soak for a few minutes. Add the egg and oil, and cinnamon if using. Stir well.
Add the flour, salt and baking soda and stir until well blended.
Heat a heavy frying pan. Grease lightly with oil.
Pour about 1/3 cup batter into the pan with a small measuring cup.
Bake the pancake until bubbles break on the surface, flip quickly and bake the other side. Make sure the pancakes are baked through. Keep the pancakes warm in a warm oven until all are done. Serve hot.

Potato Pancakes
Crisp and brown, these are great with sour cream or yogurt, bacon and apple sauce.
Ingredients: (for nine 3 1/2 inch pancakes)
3 medium potatoes
1 tablespoon flour
1 tablespoon cream
1 egg, beaten
4 tablespoons bacon fat or oil

Wash and grate the potatoes.
Place the potatoes on a double thickness of paper towels, fold the towels around them and twist and squeezeuntil most of the moisture is removed.
Unwrap the potatoes and dump them in a bowl.
Add the flour, cream, egg, and salt and toss until mixed.
Heat the fat or oil in a skillet.
Put about 2 tablespoons of the potato mixture in the pan.
Press and shape the pancakes into a flat 3 1/2 inch cake. Repeat until pan is full but not crowded.
Cook each pancake about 5 minutes over medium low heat until the bottom is crisp and brown. Turn and cook the other side for 5 minutes more.
Keep warm in a 300* oven until all are ready. Serve.

Fancy trying or watching a pancake race?
Be part of the lunch break of the year!
On Tuesday 27 February come and have a drink and flip your pancake on the rink.
Support Colon Cancer Concern, a charity dedicated to increasing awareness about colorectal cancer, the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

£1,000 will give you corporate sponsorship plus benefits, or enter a team for £70. There will be exciting prizes for the winners and celebrity guests on hand to offer support.

For more information or a registration form please telephone Justine on 020 7381 9711 or email justine@coloncancer.org.uk. Colon Cancer Concern is a registered charity, no. 1071038.http://www.broadgateestates.co.uk/live/frameset.htm

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Name Arthur Equity Pinstripe McSharebottom

Recipe Wow. Uh so for pancake day I went to My Old Dutch Pancake House on High Holborn and ate pancakes with my friend Nicki and uh it was definitely the place to be - there was a queue outside all evening. I didn't go to the stock exchange though.
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Name Fatboy Lanky

Recipe I'm surprised there is no mention on this site of the Appalachian writer Breece Pancake. He was born in 1952 in South Charleston, West Virginia, but his family moved to Milton, West Virginia early in his life. After obtaining a BA in English at Marshall University, Huntington, WV, he taught for two years at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, then entered the masters program at the University of Virginia, where he is alleged to have recreated himself in Dylan-like fashion, fabricating for himself a poor, rural background, and changing his accent and clothes to match. He also wrote all his short stories there, until his death in April 1979, when he shot himself dead under a fruit tree in his back yard.
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Name Walter Burns

Recipe and one time? at band camp? i found some rocks that were meant to look like pancakes? but they didn't?. . . . . http://www.pancake-rocks.co.nz/rocks.html
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Recipe I am internationally famous for my pancake industry. A combination of a mild climate, rich limestone soils and crystal clean environment, topped up with lots of drizzle, has proved to be unbeatable! My pancakes have been exported around the world. They have won more classic races than I can count. And this is not to mention my world famous sporting pancakes, waffles & crepes. Who am I?
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Name The Riddler

Recipe Pancakes taste the best when u eat them with a fork.
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Name ME, who else?

Recipe I have been griddling pancakes from the Al's Breakfast (mpls) recipe for years. Lost the recipe that I got out of Gourmet magazine. Can't do it from memory (Oh..I've tried.)Can someone e-mail it to me at compound@uslink.net? Please save the day...jason
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Name jason

Recipe Hmmm, through careful analysis of the entries on this site I think I can deduce that many of our contributors are all suffering from the SAME disorder; it's very unusual. It could be possible that these people are already known to each other, and perhaps are in cahoots with each other, having met through their wild pancake fantasies. If I were to do a profile of these people I would imagine them to be male, late 20s, possibly highly creative in some way, and frustrated in their current roles. My advice to these people would be to give up their jobs and follow their dreams. And eat more pancakes.
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Name Dr K Kolowski

Recipe You know, Doc, you may be onto something there. (I had to phone McSharebottom to check he didn't post that.) FYI, job relinquishment and dream pursuit are shhhheduled for early autumn.
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Name Nikko Erewego

Recipe what's going on here?
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Name Abdul Mohammed Jabar-Rauf Kareem Ali

Recipe still want details of this site
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Name tpraju

Recipe you say POTATO and i say HYENA, you say TOMATO and i say GORILLA; potato, hyena, tomato, gorilla, let's call the whole thing off. you say VANILLA and i say VAGINA, you SASPARILLA and i ARGENTINA; vanilla, vagina, oh pancake, marzipan, let's call the whole thing off. but oh, if we call the whole thing off then we must part; and oh, if we ever part then that might break my heart... so if you go for OYSTERS and i go BANANAS, i'll order NOODLES and cancel the WALRUS - for we know we need each other so we'd better call the calling off off: let's call the whole thing Bough.
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Name Frank Bough

Recipe Our food of choice packs an Edwardian head mixture (8)
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Name Mr Crossword

Recipe I am the cultural, administrative, economic, employment, educational, and traffic center of the wider region. I am waiting for the elephant man. I developed at the junction of Slovenske gorice, Dravsko polje, and Ptujsko polje and also cover the area of Haloze to the south. I smoke cheroots, drink sweet rum, and enjoy the music of Barry Manilow. According to the 1997 figures, I have 32,043 residents and cover about 118 km2. I wear a wig. I lie 232 meters above sea level and have an average temperature of 9Χ C and an annual average precipitation of 890 mm. Who am I?
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Name The Riddler

Recipe I am glad to see Mr Erewego is in agreement with me on my diagnosis. I have a couple of points for him though: 1. Early autumn is not the same thing as August 31 2. Quick fix 3. Bonne chance a Paris. Karrrrrrrl
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Name Dr K (Karrrl) Kolowski

Recipe Mr Earwig has requested my adjudication in a date-related matter, and I am happy to confirm that summer in most of the northern hemisphere runs approximately from the end of May, so that June, July and August are the summer months. Autumn therefore starts around the end of August or start of September. It is, consequently, quite correct to refer to 31 August as early autumn; some might even call it late summer. Today, meanwhile, is 6 March 2001.
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Name Dateman

Recipe Oh jeez. I mean, hot diggety. 1. Oyesitis, as Dateman has kindly confirmed 2. Yebbut how fukked is this 3. Merci 4. Wonder how you know the 31/8 date.
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Name Nikko Erewego

Recipe I've got lots of money at the moment so I can afford to buy lots of pancakes for all my friends. But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.
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Name Budgie the Helicopter

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