Local Civic Information on the Internet

One of a series of forums on "The Internet and the Community" created by the City Club of Portland's Technology & Business Issues Committee. 10 April 1996
Steve Johnson
Manager of Community Research, Center for Urban Studies, PSU
Donna Reed
Community Information System Program Specialist, Multnomah County Library
Neal McBurnett
(Moderator) Boulder Community Network; Lucent Technologies (AT&T Bell Labs)


The focal point for civic information in the Portland metropolitan area is RITNet: http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/ritnet/ - Regional Information Technology Network. It contains pointers, directly or indirectly, to most of the rest of this information and much more.

You can access the Internet either via your own account or from your local library, in person or via modem. See http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/ritnet/ritcit.html for specific pointers. Cafe's are getting into the act also, e.g. The Habit: http://www.habit.com/~habit/ is a cafe at SE 21st and Clinton with inexpensive access.

Other Civic Networks

Concrete Examples of Civic Sites

General Resources

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