mailing list and web page set up for shs '75

Neal McBurnett (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 00:18:59 -0700

OK, OK - I've seen enough interest to set up two things:

1) A mailing list - send mail to
and it will be forwarded to others on the list.

I've already signed up David Luberoff (even though he made no fewer than
four spelling errors in my name - no interviews for you, Mr.
journalist!), Tina Seelig and Dan Garlen. I'll sign up anyone else on

2) A World Wide Web page to store an archive of the conversation, etc.
late comers.

Come join us! 503-727-4690 AT&T Bell Labs, Denver
World Wide Web:
PGP key fingerprint: 5F 4B FA 72 CB F7 3C 48 96 19 74 56 4D BE 51 CA