Hello Summit

Bill Beauchamp (beachm@gramercy.ios.com)
Thu, 09 May 1996 14:35:27 -0700

Hello Old Friends -

Yes we are getting older aren't we? On to brighter subjects.

Very interested to see where the paths of life have taken all of you.
Most of what I see ( all of it ) makes me very proud to have been
associated with such an intelligent and hardworking group. Special thanks
are in order to Neal McBurnett for organizing a site on the Web for this
sort of thing. I did manage to find this page again after Maggie had
given me the address the Brunch Morning of the reunion. We didn't make it
due to my "geezing". Yep - For you Doctors out there, I had a herniated
disk at L5,S1. A laminectomy was done and I was in recovery. Past
reunions fell on my Wedding Anniversary... November 29th. "Jean Shelby"
Beauchamp and I have been married 16 years now. WOW. Always loved that
girl! Everybody probably remembers me as an Artist.

I went to Parson's School of Design in New York and started developing a
nice freelance illustration business. One thing lead to another and in my
final semester at Parsons I was hired as Senior Art Director for the
Pharmaceutical Advertising Firm of Simms Associates in Bridgewater, NJ.
Simms Associates lead to another job with the Pharmaceutical Advertising
firm of MED Communications located in Woodbridge. That was followed by a
brief stay at DMB&B in New York where I was hired away to join TRL
Communications in Rutherford. The company moved to Parsippany and so did
I. My position was VP, Associate Creative Director until about a year and
a half ago. At that point I formed my own affiliate company which I am
President of. I named it "Spectral Fusion".

All the time that this creative process was changing, I became more and
more aware of the new technologies. Interactives, Websites... the works.
Anyone who works with "Painter", "Photoshop", and 3D Rendering Programs
knows that I found more than enough Creative outlets merged with
technology. :) The possibilities are unlimited. I managed to bring the
company over to a data dependent platform and I'm still trying to break
the Computerphobia that so many have. Anyone in this area of business
certainly knows what I mean. When does the press say anything about the
Internet without discussing Pedophiles or Hackers? What message did "The
Net" send or "Hackers"? That's right... nothing of relevance here - just
trash. I don't think so. Meanwhile we'll chug along and attempt to
convince the Pharmaceutical and other Corporate Giants of the viability
of a 24 hour "virtual" salesforce to augment daytime operations. My other
personal ventures that I am President of are "Ionosphere Publications,
Inc" and "Multimedical Communications, Inc."

Jean and I have two boys. Thomas Forbes Beauchamp is 13 years old and is
rather "Hormonal" in his developmental stage. Toys one day, experiments
the next... He is very gifted and has fortunately inherited his Mom's
study skills (good thing). He is at the top of his class. Matter of fact
he just tested highest in his school for an appearance on "Carmen
Sandiago". Maybe your children will see him :) Tom has become
accomplished on the trumpet and his school's "Jazz Band" lead by Mr.
Loreti, - YES - small world, (son of the Music teacher that many of us
had while growing up), will be the opener at the Waterloo Jazz Festival
in June. He will solo.

His 12 year old brother Jonathan Cauffiel Beauchamp is a lot like his
Dad. Sort of in his own little world, yet getting the job done. He loves
to draw and is interested in Art just like I was. Uh oh... He's the
family drummer and has a Heart of Gold.

Jean worked for Prudential after graduating from Fairleigh Dickenson up
until Thomas was born. Once Jon reached an age of being pretty
independent, Jean went back to School and is now a Registered Nurse at
the Medical Center at Princeton. She's very active with the Church and
with Scouts for the boys.

For those who knew our parents Jean's Mom, "Alice Shelby" passed away in
1982. My Mom, "Janet Beauchamp" passed away in November of 1994. Jean's
Dad remarried and lives in Chatham where he is currently building a
biplane. My Dad lives by himself, alternating between his two homes,
Wilmington, Delaware and Ocean City, New Jersey.

Siblings -
Ted Beauchamp, my older brother, his wife Joyce and their 3 cats live in
Roselle Park, New Jersey. "beacham@village.ios.com"
Ken Shelby, his wife Janet, and their son Isaac, moving soon to Somers,
New York "KEN S@datalogix.com"
Joe Shelby, his wife Sue and their 3 sons James, Bryan and Alec live in
Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
Laura Shelby, her husband Jeff and their 4 chidren Emily, Becky, Ben and
Abby live in Southwest Harbor, Maine. "royalpro@acadia.net"

So that's what going on with the Beauchamps and Shelbys. Oh yeah... I
have time to write this as my first back Surgery failed and I had a redo
a month ago. Looks like I'll be back in the office in July if the healing
goes well.

I'd love to hear from any of you and we have Internet Phone and CUSeeMe
on the Computer here so say when and how and we'll virtually get
together! Live Webcam on my homepage soon.

Visit the Web Page at http://gramercy.ios.com/~beachm
It's always changing.

Best of luck to you and unlike some alumni I PROMISE NOT TO TRY AND SELL
YOU ANYTHING. These contacts are for FUN!

Take care,
Bill Beauchamp


Bill Beauchamp
254 East High Street
Somerville, New Jersey