So how does it feel to be 40? (And welcoming James Wyman!)

Neal McBurnett (
Thu, 24 Jul 97 12:26:44 PDT

Well, after receiving fake "subscription" requests from
literally hundreds of evil "spammers" who just want to make other
peoples' lives hard, I got what looks like a real subscription
request from an old classmate!

James Wyman <>

Welcome! How did you find us?

So I've been reflecting recently on passing the latest decade
mark, and it occurred to me that I know a bunch of other folks
who've "been there, seen that" recently. Any thoughts, updates,
etc since our last flood of mail (over a year ago...).

I'm mainly bummed because hardly anybody noticed, partly because I'm
still telecommuting from Oregon to Denver where most of my roots and
buddies are....

This is probably a bad time to start this conversation, since
I'm headed out on vacation next week, but ya gotta start sometime...

As always see the home page, archives etc. at
(yea, yea, in need of editing...)


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