Re: So how does it feel to be 40?

Neal McBurnett (
Thu, 24 Jul 97 13:55:52 PDT

Wow - this thing still works!

But the addresses for Ted Senator and Walter Zengerle don't work
(perhaps more bounces to come....). Anyone have any updates?

Dave, you're right on! I seem to recall telling someone here
at work in Oregon that my birthday was coming up and he said
"we should have a party" and I automatically responded with
my "nah - no need to bother" stuff.

Contrast that with my wife Holly, who two years ago made it
very clear that stuff should happen. And I got a bunch of folks
together and it was great. Then somehow I expected her
to reciprocate, even though my constant message is "don't bother
with presents, christmas, etc. - just help keep up the great
relationship we have every day...."

So this weekend (only 5 weeks after-the-fact) there is a party and
then a private surprise in store....

As for summing life-so-far up in brief :-)

I guess I keep wishing I had found a good mentor who would push me to
get more done. I feel very happy with what I've contributed to Bell
Labs and the community, but I know I would have more fun if more of my
bright ideas had turned into finished projects. If I was
collaborating more of the time rather than satisfying my constant urge
to just hole up, read and learn and plan what "could be".

So I hope I'm not too old to still be someone's protogee....
I figure there's another good 40 years to come if I keep a
positive attitude.

I do wonder how quickly the hair over my temples will continue to
recede. But I often feel very lucky in having a wonderful wife, a
great job, lots of fun friends, having gotten good early advice to
start saving money, etc.

Come visit me live at Diversity University some time. I hang
out in the MOO as "NealMcB":


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