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Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association

RMEHA Resource Guide

Since upwards of thirty percent of people with Environmental Illnesses cannot realistically use the internet, which has become a major source of information for our society, RMEHA publishes a printed resource guide for our members that contains many web active citations for obtaining further information.

This allows our members to call their local library and ask the librarian to bring up the RMEHA.ORG web site, go to the Resource Guide, get a printout of the guide, or specify the url/information for getting a printout of specific information.

This Resource Guide is available for open access and printing. If non-members do wish to print this Guide, we ask for a contribution of $10.00. Please send a check to -

Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association
P. O. Box 181
Ward, Colorado

Download the RMEHA Resource Guide in a *.pdf file for printing and your personal use.

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Here are links to several search engines in case you wish to do more research from this page -

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