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Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association

What is RMEHA?

Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association (RMEHA) was established in 1984 and is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Health Support Group. RMEHA is an association for all persons and their families and friends, whose lifestyle and/or health has been adversely affected by the environment.

The Purpose of RMEHA is to:

RMEHA has published a newsletter that had articles on a wide variety of subjects that are of interest to EI's plus coverage of many current developments in the areas of health and the environment. Titles of the articles in the newsletter are for a index. The articles often included World Wide Web addresses (URL's) where more information and research could be done. These URL's are available in this web site.

RMEHA supports Universal Healthcare for all citizens. The current system too often camouflages health costs by hiding them in individual costs instead of being spread over the population. By many accounts, the total net costs to our society would be less with universal healthcare.

RMEHA supports comprehensive and full access to medical facilities for all citizens, and especially for people with Environmental Illness. For example, the current system of often cleaning rest rooms with fragranced or petro-based cleaners means people recognized as medically disabled do not have realistic access to a medical facility.

A true effort is made to direct members toward answers, and members' sharing of current and developing health-related information. New ways are learned and old ways are shared in helping to ease the exposure situations, eating styles and home environment adjustments which are necessary for true health.

Follow the links below to learn more about RMEHA and Environmental Illness.

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