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European Robins Disoriented by EMR

An article in the June 2014 issue of Electronic Products, a major technical magazine that is found in many electronic laboratories, reports on research at the University of Oldenburg, in Germany, that demonstrated that exposure to very low levels of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) exposure wiped out the magnetic compass of European robins.

The article went on, with the claim that below a certain threshold value, "electrosmog" has no impact on biological processes or even human health. That was the state of scientific knowledge until now. But for the first time, a research team led by Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen, a biologist at the University of Oldenburg, has shown that the magnetic compass of European robins fails entirely when the birds are exposed to weak AM radio waveband electromagnetic interference even if the signals are just a thousandth of the limit value defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as harmless.

The researchers spent seven years carrying out numerous experiments to collect reliable evidence, in order to be absolutely certain that the effect actually exists. The most disorienting electromagnetic noise had frequencies matching those produced by AM radio stations. Their conclusion - "The effects of these weak electromagnetic magnetic fields are remarkable: they disrupt the functioning of an entire sensory system in a healthy higher vertebrate."

Also: "These findings should make us think both about the effects on migratory birds as well as about the potential effects for human beings, which have yet to be investigated," Prof. Mouritsen concludes.

By Jim Harrison, Technical Editor

The report in the Electronic Products magazine is at the following url -

The original paper was published in the scientific journal Nature. The url of the paper is -

Further information is available on the National Geographic site -

A petition is available to request that the President of the United States: HALT THE EMR NOISE POLLUTION HARMING HUMANS AND WILDLIFE, by Sandra Chianfoni

The Defense department's Advanced Research office has research is this area that hypothesizes that the birds are using quantum effects to achieve their extreme sensitivity.

Compare the above claims which ignore the research that Dr. William Rea performed in the early 1990's. He did several very careful double blind studies with up to 100 people who had electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), carefully allowing for pre-existing illnesses, such as MCS. The patients were then exposed to the electromagnetic radiation from a coil located about a foot from their feet. Frequencies ranging from 0.1 Hz to 5 Mhz were used. The responses included people who blacked out upon EMR exposures and had to be hospitalized! The paper came to the conclusion - "EMF sensitivity exists and can be elicited under environmentally controlled conditions."

The url of this paper is -

Another paper covering the same studies was delivered at the Summer 2012 Bau-Biologie conference and is at the following url -

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