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Last Update: October 25, 2000.

CP/M Operating Systems

CP/M - This was the original operating system for small computers. While totally obsolete by modern standards, this system pioneered much of the current microcomputer architecture that we deal with today.

The following names from old literature lists resources and addresses that may be able to provide further information about this system -

CP/M Software Archives,
Original Digital Research Software
The Computer Journal
P. O. Box 3900
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-3900
Tel: 916/722-4970
Fax: 916/722-7480
Product: CP/M Support Journal, CP/M Software
Discus Distribution Systems
8020 San Miguel Canyon Road
Salinas, CA 93907
Tel: 408/663-6966
Product: CP/M Programs, Languages
178 Phillips Road
Webster, NY 14580
Tel: 800/828-6772
Product: CP/M, TRS80, Apple, Atatri Software
Eliam Associates
P. O. Box 2664
Atascadero, CA 93423
Tel: 805/466-8440
Product: CP/M Software
Microcomputer Mail-Order Library
4209 France Avenue
North Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Tel: 612/533-3226
Product: CP/M, H/Zenith Manuals
Parts is Parts
137 Barkley Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011-3244
Tel: 201/340-7333
Product: Zenith Z-100 Parts and Service
P. O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
Tel: 541/683-6033
Product: CP/M to Dos Conversion Programs
Tilmann Reh
Autometer GmbH
Kaenerbergstrasse 4
57076 Siegen, Weidenau, Germany
Product: European CP/M Support
Trio Company of Cheektowaga, Ltd.
P. O. Box 594
Cheektowaga, NY, 14225
Tel: 716/892-9630
Product: CP/M Software
Walnut Creek CDROM
1547 Palos Verdes; #260
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: 510/674-0783
Fax: 510/674-0821

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