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Last Update: July 19, 2006.

Internet Center

The Internet Center is a master compilation of information and links to many BCN resources about using and publishing on the Internet.

Here is a comprehensive directory to the sections in this center -

How to publish a website on BCN

Want to publish a website on Boulder Community Network? Here is an introduction to some of the options that BCN offers -

And how do you develop and install a website? Here is a class that provides the practical details -

Yes, there are requirements and legalities. Here is the Information Providers Contract that everyone publishing on BCN is required to sign and return to the BCN office -

Here is a page of suggested header and trailer HTML code for writing pages for Supported Organizations that are posted on BCN -

Here is a page of suggested header and trailer HTML code for writing BCN Information Center pages -

There are people who use the web who do not have full use of all the senses that most of us enjoy. Here is a summary of what can be done to design your web pages to be useful and meaningful to them -

If your web site even potentially collects information from children under the age of 13, be aware that there are privacy regulations, such as COPPA, that must be observed. Here is a brief introduction to this subject -

Once you have developed your website files, they have to be installed. Here is the procedure to upload these files to BCN -

Want to allow your readers to talk back? Here is a Reader Response Form capability that allows you to replace the old mailto and setup a form the reader fills out and sends an email message to you -

For an example using the Education Center, replace the mailto with a link that looks like this:
Send comments to

Using the following URL -
<a href="/cgi-bin/safemail.cgi?nickname=educationCD">

This is on contrast the the previous suggested procedure -

How many people have visited your web page? Here is an access counter that you can activate on various pages to keep track - As of October 30, 2003 -

We are no longer using counters, since they don't really reflect the usage of BCN centers. The TAC group has created a statistics page for each center and BCN overall. TAC and BCN executive management would appreciate it if you were to include a link to your Center's web stat page in your header.

An example for the Community Center can be found in its header shown as Web Server Statistics for the Community Center and linked to

An examination of this page will show you that far more detailed information can be seen by visitors than from a simple counter.

Each Center Developer can find their own stats page by looking though the root of the stats pages at
. Once you find your associated directory, pick the analog_short.html file in your directory.

Additionally, you can find out about dead links in your Center by reviewing the stats for your own Center by examining the details of the Failure Report subset.

For example:
shows a list of dead links that visitors could not reach in the Community Center.

In years past we always had to run special reports for CDs trying to do house cleaning. This report is standard and is running all of the time. Anyone who knows where to find the reports can figure out what isn't working, and hopefully fix them.

This in contrast to the previous procedure -

Many people need access to computer systems to use the Internet. Here is a list of public access systems throughout Boulder County -

Internet-related User Groups

The Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group has three email lists - "rmiug-jobs," "rmiug-discuss," and "rmiug-announce". These lists are oriented to jobs, Internet-specific discussions and announcements of RMIUG activites related to the Colorado area.

Linux-related User's Groups -

The Rocky Mountain Webmasters Guild has monthly seminars about web site design issues -

The Windows on the Rockies User Group has monthly meetings about Windows Operating System issues -

The Rocky Mountain Wireless & Pocket PC User Group has a monthly meeting on wireless applications -

If you know of other Colorado-based Internet-related user groups or email lists that are worth adding here, please let us know.

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