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Last Update: October 23, 2000.

Internet Center

Resources for further reading and background -

This page is a list of links to resources for information about using the Internet -

You can specify colors in the HTML coding; here is a resource that explains the technique and has examples -

Graphics are a very important part of web page design. Here is a collection of pictures and how to get more information -

How do you translate text into web page format? Here are references to several products that do that -

Once you have coded your web page and made a few upgrades, is it still valid HTML? Here are links to several resources that check your files -

Here is an extensive set of tutorials (albeit a bit dated - circa 1994) that explain many basic concepts about the Internet -

There are many tools to help you use the Internet. Here is a collection of some of them -

The Javascript language is becoming widely used for web page design. Here is a collection of links to much more information about it -

The Internet is divided into "upper-level-domains" - abbreviations that signify the entity, be it country, commercial, or governmental, that is using the address. Here is a list of the current assignments plus links to many of the user-lvel domain name registars -

The HTML web coding language has some very detailed and exact requirements. Here are references to more information -

The Lynx Browser is a simple non-graphic web page capability that can be used to check what your pages look like without graphics or from a handicapped viewer perspective -

Here is a summary of some of the Telnet-level Unix operating systems commands you may encounter -

Here is demonstration of how the number of *.gifs in a page affect loading time -

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