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Last Update: May 11, 2001.

Computer Hoaxes

This page is the beginnings of a resource that will give you information about and links to resources to help you deal with Internet abuses, such as scams, fraud and hoaxes.

Directory to sections in this page -

This information is presented as a public service by BCN and is not to be considered an endorsement. And yes, web addresses do change; please notify us of any changes or erroneous listings. Or, if you have a resource that you think would be worth having on this page, please send a note to coordinator[AT],us.

Computer Hoax Resources

Every so often we see yet another "Very Urgent!!!!!!!" warning to be on the watch for a new very deadly virus. Instead of panicking, check out the following links - they keep track of such things. (And you just might save yourself the embarrassment of alerting the world to another ancient hoax.)

See the following page for a spoof on this theme -

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

Have you suffered a loss or been victim of loss because of some kind of Internet activity? The FBI has opened an Internet Fraud Complaint Center for you to file a complaint and begin the process of getting restitution -

Internet Fraud Watch

Having on-line problems? Check with Internet Fraud Watch for information about protecting yourself and solving problems -

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau now has resources to help you resolve on-line problems -

Other Fraud Resources

For some pointers on what you can do to about fraud in general, check the following links -

Contact all the following credit record companies to periodically get your current credit record for checking -

Other Internet-related information available on BCN -

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