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Publishing Your Web Pages on BCN

BCN provides free web space for non-profit organizations in Boulder County. Organizations can publish their information via one or more of the following mechanisms:

If you have an existing web page on another server, send your URL (web address) and a one-line description to the appropriate center developer(s) and request that a "link" to your site be added to the center. You can contact center developers thru the BCN Comment Form.

If you have put together a web site (or need assistance developing a web site) for your organization and would like it to hosted on the BCN server:
  1. Step One: Send us a signed copy of our Information Provider Contract.
BCN's information is categorized into Topical Centers. Your site will be housed under one of these centers. On the information provider contract, please indicate which center you would like to call home. A site may be linked to more than one center, but can only reside in one.

BCN encourages organizations to update their web site often, unlike printed material, the web allows you to showcase your organization on a timely basis (ie. meetings, fundraisers, events, newsletters, etc). Therefore we encourage you to use DIPP, a quick and painless way to update your files.
  1. Step Two: Register for DIPP.
DIPP is a process designed to automatically update your site once the files have been sent to BCN. This can be done as often as you wish, and gives more than one person the access and ability to update.
  1. Step Three: Notify the BCN Coordinator that you have completed steps one and two.
Please help us serve you by completing Step Three. If for any reason your Information Provider Contract gets lost in the mail or your DIPP registration does not go through this is the only means we have to know to get in contact with you.

For page developers: You might find some of the items on the Page Developer's Resource page helpful.
  1. Step Four: Optionally you can register your own domain name. BCN does not directly host custom domain names, but many domain registrars offer web site redirection (also known as web forwarding, web hopping, and even the misnomer "domain name forwarding") so you can advertise your own domain name and users will automatically wind up at your BCN site. Note that there are also services which provide email addresses under your domain. Some inexpensive options we've been happy with include (which also provides some free third-level domain names) and
Please at any time send comments or suggestions about the overall process of getting your website on BCN to the Volunteer Coordinator.
Thank You.

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