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Jim Waterman Center Developer

Notes on the Boulder Community Network Weather Center.

This center strives to provide Boulder County residents with pointers to weather information resources for both the local area and around the world. BCN does not currently maintain any weather information on its server nor does it currently collect any weather data but we strive to accumulate pointers to the best of the Internet's weather information.

The BCN weather center is maintained by BCN voluteers with no external funding. If you are a weather fan and enjoy surfing for this kind of information we would welcome your contributions as a BCN volunteer. BCN is a non-profit community service provided by BCN, Inc; a Colorado non-profit corporation.

We often receive requests from user around the world as to where they can find similar resources for their own community or region. We regret we lack the resources to answer many of these requests; but we suggest looking for a Community Network in your area. The Association for Community Networking may list such a local network. We also welcome any contributions that may assist users world wide in tracking down local resources. If you maintain a weather resource for your area similar to the BCN Weather Center, please let us know; we would be delighted to provide a reciprocal link to your site. Perhaps we can eventually provide global coverage based on community weather information resources.

Contributions to this center are very welcome. We ask that contributions stress user information and minimize (but not elminate) a marketing focus. We welcome pointers to commerical services however it is our intent to point directly at weather resources and will reject sites which require our users to navigate through splash pages, top level centers or site indicies.

If you maintain a weather resource on a commercial site (eg newspaper, radio or television station, etc) we urge you to consider supporting a independent URL directly to that resource. Such a direct link can prominately credit your organization and provide quick links to your home site. It is our observation that loyal visitors arise from tangiable, useful information; if your site cannot provide such information it unlikely to develop repeat visitation. Where suitable we will provide a direct link to your home page and credit your organizations contribution.

The BCN Current Weather Summary page is composed of data automatically downloaded from other area weather and information servers, including NCAR weather data updated every 5 minutes. Currently this page will instruct your browser to refresh every 30 minutes (if supported) to provide a reasonably timely summary of current conditions in the Boulder Area. If you know of additional time sensitive information you think would useful for this page please let us know.

BCN thanks the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Atmospheric Technology Division (ATD) for maintaining the two active online weather stations in Boulder which provide the weather information on this page. These two weather stations represent conditions on the NCAR Foothills and Table Mesa laboratories located on the northeast and southwest edges of the city of Boulder.

The Metro Clean Air Status indicated on this page is computed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 4:00 pm every afternoon during the Air Quality Season (Nov 1st through March 31st) This index indicates the daily status of the air quality in the six county Denver Metro Area, under a red advisory residents are requested to reduce driving and wood burning restrictions are in effect. See the State of Colorado, Air Pollution Control Division WWW site for more information.

The Lunar Phase is provided by Googolhedron , a www site maintained by Tim Beauchamp. Visit Tim's www site to find a full monthly lunar calender and other varied information.

The sun rise and set times are computed locally from a C program written by Robert Bond of Beaverton Oregon adapted from algorithms presented in "Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator" by Peter Duffet-Smith.

The BCN Weather Center is copyrighted by James R. Waterman, BCN Volunteer and may only be reproduced with permission from the author.

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