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Re: intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge

MM ()
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:46:57 -0600


Scott brings up a point about the issues of drought being a human concern may be
a good transition into our discussion about fires in the Boulder area.
Precipitation and climate cycles and related cycles of fires and floods naturally
occur...and in the past 140 years or so the region has experienced both
human-caused fires (including big ones before the turn of the century triggered
by railroads) as well as fire suppression.

What, if anything, do we know about wildfires in the region prior to, say, the
1860s and how do they relate to the drought cycles?

Before we launch into discussing issues around fires, though, I wanted to mention
some information that we've just added about streamflow of Boulder Creek that Lee
Rozaklis and his colleagues at Hydrosphere have put together using some of Connie
Woodhouse's dendro data. Please take a look when you get a chance:

All the best,
Mark McCaffrey

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