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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

South Metro Water Supply Authority identifies 15 potential sites for new or expanded water storage (3/01/05)
New study suggests widespread perchlorate contamination in human breast milk (2/25/05)
Revised James Creek Fuel Reduction Project apppears to do little to address concern over new roads and risks from windstorms (2/25/05)
Denver Water considers another rate hike as conservation persists (2/25/05)
Senate Bill 05-062 proposed to limit recreational water rights (2/18/05)
Unusal approach proposed to eradicate New Zealand mudsnails from Boulder Creek (2/18/05)
USBR to convert tax subsidized water resources into agri-business entitlements (2/17/05)
USFS to drop protections for lynx and instream flows from White Forest Management Plan (2/13/05)
State Water Quality official tied to allegations of illegal sewage discharges (2/14/05)
South Platte well owners granted extension to mitigate impacts on surface water rights (2/10/05)
Survey alleges political interference in Endangered Species science at USFWS (2/10/05)
CU Rally calls for reinstating Environmental Studies professor (2/10/05)
House Bill 1177 proposes voluntary framework for negotiating trans-basin water diversions (2/8/05)
CU Environmental Studies dismisses controversial activist professor (2/8/05)
Boulder closes Open Space hoping to restrict spread of New Zealand Mudsnail (2/4/05)
Rocky Flats begins to filter radioactive holding ponds while the source of the contamination remains unknown (2/4/05)
Western Slope water users form coalition to negotiate on Front Range Diversions (2/3/05)
Boulder County, anticipating validation of authority over CU's South Campus, drops appeal of court ruling (2/3/05)
Several Water Bills introduced in the State Legislature (2/2/05)
EPA clears Valmont Butte for city of Boulder development plans despite past mill contamination (2/2/05)
INSTARR Snowpack report from Niwot Ridge for January is now available (2/1/05)
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