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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

USFS Rocky Mountain Regional Forester suggests increasing National Forest clear cuts to improve water resources yeilds (1/28/05)
Boulder volunteers continue to move aquatic species from Xcel supply canal (1/28/05)
Metro area water conservation surpass expectations and may persist (1/25/05)
Boulder County discovers environmental liability on new open space purchases (1/24/05)
USGS report finds widespread chemical contamination of Colorado water resources (1/20/05)
State Wildlife commission restricts fishing on Boulder Creek to control New Zealand Mudsnail (1/14/05)
Legality and safety of state type iii modifications of water quality standards questioned (1/14/05)
Invasive New Zealand Mudsnail leads State Wildlife commission to consider fishing restrictions for Boulder Creek (1/7/05)
INSTARR Snowpack report from Niwot Ridge for December now available (1/6/05)
Rocky Flats retaining ponds found contaminated with plutonium deritive (1/3/05)
Competing water demands result in declining trout populations in Blue River (12/30/04)
Indian Ocean Tsunami toll climbs above 175,000 lives in 12 countries (12/30/04)
Boulder City Council approves new municipal water fee structure from staff and advisory board alternatives (12/22/04)
Lost expertise, frequent waivers and industry involvment allegedly undermining state water quality regulation (12/20/04)
USBR sets deadline for Colorado River drought contingency plan (12/18/04)
Volunteers scramble to save hibernating aquatic residents of Xcel supply canal (12/18/04)
Longmont encounters problem with waste water treatment plant expansion (12/16/04)
Jefferson County grants emminent domain authority to privately funded water district (12/15/04)
Semi-rural development complicates regional growth planning efforts (12/15/04)
Failure to address fish impacts stalls James Creek Fuel Reduction plan (12/15/04)
Colorado to pay Kansas $29 million to settle Arkansas River water dispute (12/08/04)
Access Fund negotiating for city water to maintain Boulder Canyon ice climbs (12/06/04)
Boulder ranks 12th in Colorado on the EPA 2003 Toxic Release Inventory (12/06/04)
USFWS unveils recreational management plan for wildlife refuge at Rocky Flats (12/03/04)
122 acre expansion of Erie's regional landfill faces neighborhood opposition (12/02/04)
Assistant Interior Secretary for Water and Science Bennett Raley resigns (12/02/04)
Funding to cleanup Colorado Superfund sites uncertain (12/01/04)
City of Boulder and contractor headed for mediation over Lakewood Pipeline (11/26/04)
USGS study confirms 2002 drought as most severe on record (11/24/04)
CODOW finds invasive New Zealand snail in Boulder Creek (11/24/04)
Bouder County Commissioners vote to regulate CU South Campus development (11/24/04)
Fire officials work to establish escape routes for mountain subdivisions (11/22/04)
Is increasing agricultural efficiency a solution to future municipal water supply ? (11/21/04)
South Boulder Creek flood mapping study receives ACEC award (11/19/04)
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