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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Colorado River states to submit new water supply drought management plan to Interior Secretary (4/30/07)
Rising temperatures and stream flows raising recreational hazards as evidenced by three weekend drownings (4/30/07)
Denver would exceed ozone standard more frequently if EPA adopts new standards prompted by recent research (4/30/07)
New city of Boulder water rate structure results in a revenue jump of over 50% (4/29/07)
Bear Creek channel project under investigation for violating wetlands and wildlife protection ordinances (4/28/07)
Poudre River snowpack melting quickly under rapidly rising spring temperatures (4/28/07)
Power outage at COB treatment plant results in breif spill into Boulder Creek (4/27/07)
Upslope storm provides brief surge in the South Platte River and St. Vrain Creek (4/26/07)
Despite the late season storm, statewide snowpack remains below average (4/26/07)
Failure of temporary drainage stuctures renews Broomfield neighborhood flooding (4/26/07)
Density of domestic wells tapping mountain aquifers raising concerns about foothills development (4/25/07)
District court upholds HOA obligation to irrigate neighborhood park (4/25/07)
Aurora city council adopts summer outdoor watering restrictions (4/25/07)
Longmont plans reservoir expansion to accomodate relatively rich water portfolio (4/24/07)
Flaming Gorge pipeline project allegedly moves beyond proposal stage (4/24/07)
EnCana announces intent to drill 6 additional natural gas wells within Erie town boundaries (4/24/07)
Boulder emergency agencies conduct Boulder Creek flood emergency excerise (4/23/07)
Invasive V.H.S. fish virus spreading rapidly though Great Lakes (4/21/07)
Cuts in federal wildfire funding a significant concern given dry conditions and widespread pine beetle infestation (4/20/07)
Front Range water supply prognosis cautiously optimistic given relatively healthy reservoir levels (4/19/07)
New South Boulder Creek floodplain map forwarded to FEMA for approval (4/18/07)
New South Boulder Creek floodplain map doubling homes considered at risk to be presented to city council (4/16/07)
NCWCD has revised the 2007 CBT quota to 80%, diverting 248,000 acre feet from the upper Colorado River to the Front Range (4/15/07)
USBR schedules reconstruction of Carter Lake outlet works to address year round municipal water demand (4/15/07)
New city of Boulder water rate stucture results in 53% increase in revenue (4/15/07)
Boulder County's Keep it Clean Partnership receives EPA Region 8's Environmental Achievement Award (4/13/07)
Federal climate scientists promoting formation of a National Climate Service (4/13/07)
City investigating whether work on Bear Creek drainage channel violated wetlands and wildlife ordinances (4/13/07)
Colorado College has released its 2007 State of the Rockies Report Card; including a specific review of the implications of water transfers from agriculture to urban use (PDF) (4/11/07)
Boulder County Public Health plans more proactive mosquito control strategy against West Nile virus (4/10/07)
Denver Water and Western slope water interests restart talks with nuetral mediator (4/10/07)
Colorado Supreme rules water facility immunity not retroactive in ditch drowning cases (4/10/07)
Denver Water and the Colorado River Conservancy District consider water swap to reduce recreation impacts (4/10/07)
Climate change predicted to lead to warmer and drier conditions in Colorado (4/07/07)
Southwestern Colorado water seminar greets proposal for Front Range diversion from Flaming Gorge with skepticism (4/07/07)
CDOT cites numerous factors in dieoff of roadside trees (4/06/07)
EPA alleges Lyon's Cemex plant expansions since 1997 have violated the Clean Air Act (4/05/07)
Weld County ranked nation's second fastest growing metropolitan area (4/05/07)
NWS predicts low river flows across Colorado following initial spring melt (4/05/07)
The March 2007 Niwot Ridge LTER SnowPack report is now available (4/05/07)
Growth and drought lead western states back to large water project proposals (4/04/07)
Upcoming IPC report predicts longer and more severe fire seasons for Colorado (4/02/07)
Supreme Court rules Clean Air Act obligates EPA to regulate green house gases (4/02/07)
Federal permit approval expected for new Douglas County Rueter-Hess reservoir (4/02/07)
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