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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Interior political appointee alleged to have overrode scientists on ESA decisions (3/30/07)
Late March snowstorm offers little boost to Front Range reservoirs (3/30/07)
Lafayette city council votes initial approval of a new stormwater utility (3/29/07)
Longmont optimistic about water supply while Loveland concerned by dry March (3/29/07)
Boulder County hopes second aerator will mitigate Gaynor lake H2S odor (3/29/07)
Cause of heavy oil leak from Xcel's central Denver Zuni powerplant into the South Platte unknown (3/28/07)
Boulder test of emergency sirens signals start of flood risk season (3/27/07)
Southwest Weld county communities to meet with commissioners in another attempt to coordinate growth management (3/27/07)
Boulder implements online camera to monitor Arapahoe & Foothills roadwork (3/27/07)
New Pine Brook Hills dam receives award for innovative design/construct approach (3/26/07)
Morgan County asks Gov. Ritter for moritorium on South Platte ag well shutdowns (3/23/07)
EPA releases 2005 Toxic Release Inventory including data on county's top polluters (3/23/07)
Front Range creek flows climbing as snowpack begins early meltout (3/23/07)
Colorado Supreme reinstates Summit County cyanide mining ban (3/22/07)
Jefferson County commissioners reject new groundwater rules for mountain development (3/22/07)
Unusally cold water blamed for bacterial and solids violations at Longmont wasterwater plant (3/20/07)
Colorado volunteers work to bring safe water to Hatian villages (3/20/07)
Growing population stressing groundwater resources throughout the Front Range (3/19/07)
South Platte snowpack holding near average but spring snows critical to summer supplies (3/19/07)
Increasing population and traffic prompts DrCog to discuss transportation planning with southwest Weld County towns (3/16/07)
Unexpected pressure surge during routine maintenance causes failure of 11 water mains in Gunbarrel and east Boulder area (3/15/07)
CU's Niwot Ridge research station to be added to National Ecological Observatory Network (3/15/07)
Axelson property adjacent to Boulder Reservoir closed to protect Ospreys nesting sites (3/15/07)
EPA proposes dropping superfund status for most of Rocky Flats (3/14/07)
Colorado wastewater treatment plants anticipating upgrades to meet stricter ammonia standard (3/12/07)
Water courts can now consider on water quality when reviewing water transfers (3/09/07)
New study finds Colorado losing millions by failing to assess fees in accordance with the Clean Air Act (3/08/07)
CSU study of 75,000 dams finds greater flow control reduces river ecosystem diversity (3/08/07)
City of Boulder approves controls on non-West Nile mosquitos short of spraying pesticide (3/07/07)
Gaynor Lake odor returns as solar-powered recirculator slips its moorings (3/07/07)
The INSTARR Snowpack report from Niwot Ridge for February is now available (3/06/07)
Boulder County seeks comment on adding sustainability goals to Comprehensive Plan (3/06/07)
Boulder to consider extending mosquito control efforts to non-West Nile carriers (3/05/07)
Douglas County finds potential in rainfall interception complicated by Colorado water law (3/05/07)
Colorado and Nebraska Sentators team on South Platte habitat recovery funding bill (3/03/07)
Further testing still finds no cause of duck waterlogging at wastewater plants (3/03/07)
Unusual Colorado snowfall pattern raises some concern for summer water supply (3/01/07)
Proposed changes to Oil and Gas Commission would significantly change focus (3/01/07)
Club 20's Water Committee non-commital on proposal to pipe Flaming Gorge water to the Front Range (3/01/07)
Longmont to grow to 116,000 if all current development proposals approved (3/01/07)
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