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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Questions raised over water requirements for future oil shale development (2/27/07)
New South Boulder Creek study adds hundreds of homes to 100 year floodplain (2/27/07)
Rocky Mountain Clean Air Action files intent to sue Cemex over failure to upgrade emmission controls (2/27/07)
USGS and CSU to study source of Fountain Creek E.Coli contamination (2/27/07)
Loveland to consider contributing to South Platte River endangered species protection (2/27/07)
Colorado Springs considers opening municipal watershed on Pikes Peak to recreational access (2/26/07)
Loveland studying Big Thompson Canyon reservoir and NCWCD Yampa project for future water supplies (2/23/07)
National Research Council report confirms past variability in Colorado River flows and anticipates increased drought severity (2/22/07)
Reduced Colorado River flow projection raises questions regarding new reservoirs (2/22/07)
State groundwater commission rejects Box Elder Creek groundwater basin proposed by South Platte well irrigators (2/20/07)
City of Boulder offers new online tools for water conservation (2/18/07)
COB Water Resource Advisory board to review most recent South Boulder Creek floodplain analysis (2/18/07)
New NOAA research finds mountainous regions have warmed faster then lower elevations (2/16/07)
Cause of debilitating waterlogging of ducks around Metro WWTP remains unknown (2/16/07)
Draft report finds Colorado greenhouse gas emissions increased at more then twice the national average over last 15 years (2/15/07)
COB contracts Broomfield's MWH Global to develop "source water strategic plan" for city's municipal water system (2/15/07)
USFWS rejects ESA listing of De Beque milkvetch despite planned Oil & Gas development around 17 remaining populations (2/15/07)
Proposed bill HR 1037 will fund statewide tamerisk control efforts and tap into matching federal funds (2/14/07)
Plea bargin expected over Left Hand Canyon vandalism to halt off-road use of National Forest road (2/13/07)
CO Air Quality Control commission approves plan to reduce power plan mercury emmissions (2/07/07)
White House 2008 budget proposal resurrects plan to sell off National Forest land (2/07/07)
Denver Water and a consortium of Western Slope water interests hire a mediator to facilitate stalled closed-door water sharing negotiations (2/07/07)
Despite heavy metro area snowfall statewide mountain snowpack remains below average (2/06/07)
White House 2008 budget proposal includes $5.14 million increase for Colorado national parks and monuments (2/06/07)
Cause of continuing waterfowl deaths along Front Range remains undetermined (2/03/07)
Suspended South Platte irrigation well users seek water court resolution (2/05/07)
IPCC report suggests climate change may increace frequency of western droughts (2/03/07)
Owens era IBCC water roundtables given 60 days to recommend conflict resolution strategy (2/03/07)
IPCC report asserts human causes of climate change are "very likely" and ties to increased extreme weather event intensity "more likely than not" (2/02/07)
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