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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

White House to assign political appointees to vet new federal regulatory policies and rules (1/30/07)
Months of unreported, unpermitted and uncorrected saltwater discharge nets Downtown Aquarium a "compliance advisory" from state (1/30/07)
Cause of 1,4-dioxane groundwater plume north of Lowry Landfill Superfund site still uncertain 3 years after detection (1/29/07)
Continuing accumulation of South Platte basin snowpack promising for 2007 water supply (1/27/07)
Water courts may include water quality issues before approving water rights transfers under proposed state law HB07-1133 (1/25/07)
Fish consumption warnings issued for 5 lakes and reservoirs due to high mecury levels; in addition to warnings in place on 11 other state water bodies (1/25/07)
City of Boulder's PACE program working to reduce mecury in wastewater discharges resulting from extracted dental amalgams (1/25/07)
Impacts of relatively heavy snowfall on native species varies (1/23/07)
Ambitious Aurora project will be Colorado's first large scale wastewater reuse system (1/23/07)
Recent Berthod annexations will expand development into floodplains (1/22/07)
Colorado has avoided infestation of invasive freshwater mussel; so far (1/21/07)
Unexplained death of 200 ducks at Denver wastewater reclamation plant under investigation (1/20/07)
Mead receives $1 million federal grant for controversial new wastewater treatment plant (1/19/07)
Delays in Congressional appropriations leading to layoffs at NOAA (1/19/07)
Impact of unreported salt water leak of 3000 gal/day from Denver Aquarium unclear (1/17/07)
Ice dams on the White River threatens flooding a large section of Meeker (1/17/07)
Farmers along South Platte hope to get ground water pumping reauthorized (1/16/07)
Relatively unusual December precipitation should boost Front Range reservoirs (1/14/07)
State Water Quality Control Commission adopts plan to create new stream temperature standards (1/10/07)
Three CU scientists receive federal grant to map 100 years of weather from past records (1/10/07)
The city of Boulder has issued a statement regarding downed trees and powerlines resulting from high winds (1/08/07)
Boulder County included in Federal State of Emergency declaration for Colorado's Dec 18-22 blizzard (1/08/07)
Wind driven ground blizzards and drifting closing numerous metro area highways (1/08/07)
Avalanche danger deemed considerable in Boulder County high country (1/07/07)
Governor-elect Ritter names Boulder environmental advocate Jim Martin as CDPHE executive director (1/06/07)
Trout Unlimited calls for quick adoption of new stream temperature regulations to protect native fish populations (1/05/07)
Erie learning it has little recourse over intrusive energy operations (1/04/07)
Interior department elects to reopen discussion on Gunnison Black Canyon water right rather than appeal court ruling (1/04/07)
Agricultural disaster feared as livestock is isolated on Colorado's snowbound eastern plains (1/02/07)
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