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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

NCWCD NISP proposal EIS released by the Army Corp of Engineers (4/30/08)
Boulder's flood impact mitigation programs may further increase discounts on FEMA flood insurance premiums (4/30/08)
Western Slope communities continue to prepare for potential spring flooding (4/29/08)
Longmont council members hear residents concerns over WNV adulticide spraying (4/28/08)
Some smaller water providers stuggle with tightening water quality standards (4/27/08)
Rising price of water rights changing economics of Front Range agriculture (4/27/08)
Western water district, goverments and businesses team to monitor Piceance Basin water quality (4/26/08)
Boulder County Public Health warns of Hantavirus risk from deer mice (4/25/08)
Agreement on sediment control allows Roan Plateau gas pipeline constuction to proceed (4/26/08)
St. Vrain Anglers work to restore trout fishery between Lyons and Longmont (4/24/08)
UCS survey finds hundreds of EPA scientists report political interference (4/24/08)
Red Flag Warnings indicating critical fire weather conditions raised for much of Colorado including Boulder County (4/23/08)
Denver Water confirms summer outdoor watering restrictions to begin May 1st (4/23/08)
Weather modification experts call for more federal research funding (4/23/08)
HR 1280 , a bill protecting water rights temporarily leased to maintain instream flows, signed into law (4/22/08)
Fire district officials concerned over similtaneous fires work to improve pressure in Mead's water systems (4/22/08)
High winds results in drowning of recreational boater on Boulder Reservior (4/21/08)
Firefighters quickly control 2 acre wildfire in Settlers' Park west of downtown Boulder (4/21/08)
Colorado Collage has posted the 5th annual State of the Rockies Report for 2008 (4/19/08)
Poudre River added to most endangered rivers list over NISP project (4/17/08)
Erie begins design phase of new water reclamation plant to come online in 2010 (4/16/08)
Colorado AG seeks halt of Roan gas pipeline over sediment runoff concerns (4/15/08)
Above average mountain snowpack prompts concern over spring flooding (4/15/08)
Salazar shepherds "produced water" bill though Senate to encourage use of CBM water (4/14/08)
Two legislative efforts (HB 1030 & HB 1044) to assist suspended South Platte ag wells both failed in 2008 session (4/12/08)
NCWCD increases Colorado-Big Thompson transmountain water diversion quota to 70% (4/12/08)
Proposed CO Senate Bill 08-221 would authorize state backed bonds to water districts for forest management projects to protect watersheds (4/11/08)
US Senate passes funding for interstate Platte Recover plan (4/11/08)
Proposed Clean Water Recovery Act to restore federal jursidiction over nations surface waters proves controversial in western US (4/10/08)
NCWCD sets 60% quota & reports cautionary optimism regarding summer water supply though soil mostures levels are well below average on the eastern plains (4/10/08)
Longmont utilities assure residents water supply is safe from pharmaceutical contaimination even without testing (4/10/08)
Federal afficals and NAS convene study on CBM impacts on surface and groundwater (4/09/08)
Gov. Ritter names three CO Water Conservation Board appointees including veteran river rafting outfitter (4/10/08)
USGS research suggests glacier melt may be a source of increased RMNP aquatic nitrogen (4/08/08)
Approval of energy development near Project Rulison nuclear blast site appears questionable following open records review (4/08/08)
Controversy over NISP Glade Park Dam proposal clear at public forum (4/08/08)
Effectiveness of houshold water filters on trace pharmaceuticals uncertain (4/07/08)
Reaction to USFS plan to restore native trout to Long Draw reservoir mixed (4/07/08)
The LTER March, 2008 Niwot Ridge snowpack is report now available (4/04/08)
CU and city of Boulder plan first of monthly flood alert tests for Monday, April 7th (4/04/08)
Plague infected fleas detected in prarie dogs colonies near Gunbarrel (4/03/08)
Boulder's Environmental Affairs report city only half way to achieving Kyoto Protocal emissions targets (4/03/08)
Erie voters approve water supply fluoridation (4/02/08)
Draft of controversial new oil & gas development regulations released (4/01/08)
Colorado Supreme court upholds ruling regulating withdrawals from confined aquifer (4/01/08)
Douglas County master plan envisions 5150 new urban acres with 7,000 to 11,000 new homes (4/01/08)
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