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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Trend towards increased biofuels production raises concerned about soil phosphorus levels (3/31/08)
Nevada funded report details 12 schemes to augument Colorado River water yeilds (3/31/08)
Siverton finds pine bettle pesticide (carbaryl) in wastewater treatment plant discharge (3/31/08)
Greely Water Court approves new water decrees for treated oil well discharge water (aka produced water) in northeast Colorado (3/31/08)
Ospreys returning to Boulder County nesting sites for breeding season (3/31/08)
Denver Water models of climate change scenarios finds significant impact on water suppplies (3/31/08)
Forest Service formalizes caps on Glenwood Canyon commercial rafting (3/29/08)
City of Boulder Utilites sends expertise to assist with Alamosa water system decontamination (3/29/08)
Forest Service closes popular public target practice area in Left Hand Canyon (3/29/08)
New climate coalition report finds western US temperatures rising faster than global average (3/28/08)
Colorado River water experts anticipate significantly higher flows this spring (3/28/08)
Broomfield approves 8 new natural gas wells within city limits (3/27/08)
Gov. Ritter signs public utility net-metering legislation at Longmont Farm (3/27/08)
Boulder hopes boater education will protect water bodies from invasive aquatic species (3/26/08)
Architect of Aurora's Praire Waters project resigning (3/26/08)
Calving of a 38 sq mi iceberg may initiate complete collapse of 220 sq mi Antarctic's Wilkins Ice Shelf (3/26/08)
Industry seeks to reduce ozone impacts of northeast Colorado oil & gas development (3/26/08)
GOA to study moving US Forest Service to Interior Department (3/25/08)
Boulder County salmonella problems usually related to food preparation (3/25/08)
Winter spill of indeterminate oil impoundment fluids above Parachute Creek beginning to thaw (3/25/08)
Opposition questions mass medication as Erie vote on public water fluoridation approaches (3/24/08)
Alamosa residents warned to minimize contact with tap water during system decontamination (3/24/08)
Opposition organizes to protect Poudre River as USCOE NIST project EIS deadline approaches (3/23/08)
CO Governor declares an emergency in Alamosa water supply crisis (3/22/08)
BLM extends comment public comment period on oil shale development PEIS (3/21/08)
Water and energy supplies becoming increasingly interrelated (3/20/08)
Salmonella outbreak tied to Alamosa water supply wells (3/20/08)
Severe storms bring extensive flooding to midwest's Ohio River valley (3/20/08)
Creede welcomes Superfund designation for mine drainage tunnel (3/20/08)
Colorado Water Conservation Board allocates $1 million to fight invasive Zebra Mussel (3/20/08)
US Interior Secretary releases 2008 Colorado River reservoir operating plan (3/19/08)
Longmont city council urges caution regarding West Nile Virus mosquito spraying (3/19/08)
Heavy mountain snowpack prompt state officials to warn of spring flooding potential (3/18/08)
CSU to host public colloquium Global Water: From Conflict to Sustainability on March 25, 2008 (3/18/08)
State wildlife refuges provide no refuge from energy development (3/17/08)
Boulder city staff recommend ending electrical grid municipalization study (3/17/08)
Most water districts hope for federal guidance over pharmaceuticals contamination (3/17/08)
Estes Park proposes to dramatically raise tap fees for all new water connections (3/14/08)
BLM rejects Roan Plateau energy development constraints requested by Gov. Ritter (3/14/08)
USBR and NPS declare Grand Canyon flood simulation a phenomenal success (3/14/08)
Uranium waste processor Cotter Corp pleads guilty in solvent spill related bird deaths (3/14/08)
Mixed use development proposal for Lowry Air Force Base site mute on radioactive contamination (3/14/08)
EPA's tightening of ozone AQ standard to 75 ppb likely to increase Denver's summer violations (3/13/08)
Salmon population crash likely to result in closure of California and Oregon fisheries (3/13/08)
Xcel selects Boulder for first "smart energy grid" prototype (3/12/08)
Proposed legislation SB 190 would require pharmacies to accept return of prescription drugs (3/12/08)
Colorado Senator calls for $500,000 study to prepare for a call on Colorado River water (3/12/08)
Regulators acknowledge no standards or regulations currently cover pharmaceutical discharges (3/12/08)
CO House Bill 1030 an effort to forgive past unaugmented South Platte ag well depletions dies in the Senate (3/12/08)
Preliminary research finds potential human health impacts from trace chemicals in drinking water (3/12/08)
USBR test finds Leadville mine drainage tunnel treatment plant can handle accelerated rate (3/12/08)
Presense of pharmaceuticals in Boulder wastewater effluent subject of ongoing studies, as described in a 2004 BASIN report (3/11/08)
Regulation of South Platte ag wells excerbates backlog in Colorado's water courts (3/11/08)
AP review finds pharmaceutical contamination of US water supplies widespread (3/10/08)
Denver Water confirms pharmaceutical traces found in Denver raw water supplies (3/10/08)
CO Interbasin Compact Committee acknowledges need for change in state wide water management (3/10/08)
Water conservacy districts board members remain unelected with defeat of CO HR 1330 (3/08/08)
NRCS snow survey confirms Colorado mountain snowpack remains healthy (3/08/08)
Boulder County comissioners conduct final public hearing on proposed house size limits regulations (3/06/08)
CoDNR investigating unreported releases of hazardeous drilling mud northwest of Rifle (3/06/08)
CU to receive $1 million Energy Dept grant to study biomass fuel (3/05/08)
Diverse group crowds Glen Canyon Dam to observe USBR's third spring flood simulation (3/04/08)
Healthy and still growing snowpack begins to raise spring flooding concerns (3/04/08)
Boulder County house size limits proposal remains controversial as it nears adoption (3/04/08)
LTER posts February 29, 2008 Snowpack report for Niwot Ridget (3/04/08)
Following completion a new outlet works NCWCD begins to refill Carter Lake (3/03/08)
Erie protests Broomfield's approval of development in open space buffer (3/03/08)
Efforts to address western water resource shortfalls may turn back to large dams (3/02/08)
Boulder County orders halt to unpermitted grading on Hogan-Pancost property over wetland concerns (3/01/08)
Despite numerous violations and record fines CDPHE renews Lyon's Cemex plant's operating permit (3/01/08)
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